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Video: Sneak Peak Of Paris Hilton’s Brithday Home Party!

Click Here To View Video For the first time in a long time, Paris Hilton did a short interview with Extra’s Lara Shriftman and invited the crew to visit her second Birthday Party which was celebrated at her own house. We haven’t seen many interview with Paris Hilton lately, mainly because there’s no new project […]

Posted: February 28th, 2007
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Paris Hilton Comes Out After POSSIBLE “Violating Probation”

TMZ is continuing to report false information about Paris Hilton’s recent incident. Unfortunately, they’ve found a bias writer at the moment penning down every line with assumptions. They are reporting that Paris Hilton has violated her probation when in fact, it has not been confirmed. Paris Hilton, a day after this incident, was filmed emerging from […]

Posted: February 28th, 2007
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No, Paris Hilton Was Not Arrested!

More information is coming as the day passes. Associated Press has released a new report which doesn’t mention the word “arrest.” Blame it on TMZ, always overexagerating and assuming, and they getting away with it. This turns out to be a huge misunderstanding. Paris didn’t do anything wrong to get arrested. She only received a ticket […]

Posted: February 28th, 2007
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Paris Hilton Arrested For Driving On A Suspended License

Paris Hilton, Frontpage on! Yes, Paris Hilton was arrested again last night over driving issues, but this time, because her driving license was suspended. They first stopped her for speeding (but not according to Paris’ publicist, Eillot) and driving without her headlights. But there might be a twist here. The media such as TMZ is reporting that Paris […]

Posted: February 28th, 2007
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Soul Singer John Legend Wants To Record A Song With Paris Hilton

  Soul Singer John Legend has admitted that he is a fan of Paris Hilton’s music and would like a record a single with her. In an interview with Star magazine, Legend said “I bought her single Stars are Blind. I thought it was a great song and should have done better even than it did. […]

Posted: February 27th, 2007
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Brandon Davis Causes Chaos At Paris’ Brithday Party And Makes Her Cry!

What was Brandon Davis thinking? Is this guy really out of control? Well, once again, Brandon trashed Paris Hilton’s friends,  “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul and Courtney Love to a point where both of them in rage left Paris Hilton’s Brithday Party at her house over the week end. Paula Abdul, who is one of Paris’ idols, […]

Posted: February 26th, 2007
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Paris Hilton Celebrates 26th Birthday Again With Nicole Richie and Paula Abdul

Paris Hilton celebrated her 26th birthday — again — last night with her friends, family and a whole pack of paparazzi. After rocking out in Vegas last week on her actual birthday, Paris dined with the likes of Nicole Richie, Courtney Love and Paula Abdul at The Prime Grill. The party then moved to Hilton’s […]

Posted: February 25th, 2007
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