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February 18, 2009 - 03:11 AM

  Happy Birthday !!!! always stay as you are now:smart,beutiful and adorable.kiss for you sandra
February 17, 2009 - 01:09 PM

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! wish your sarah from germany
February 10, 2009 - 11:36 AM
Kelly Rose

  Hey paris, I really think you are a great role model. My daughter is 10 months old and I'm trying to get her into modeling. I have know idea where to begin or how to get started. I was really wondering if you would be able to help us. It would be an honor if I could here your experience on modeling and what ideas you would have on how to start Eva in modeling. Please I would really love your advice. Thanks So much
February 10, 2009 - 08:08 AM

  Hello Paris, never thought I would be doing this, but can't get out of my head what we have in commen.....We share the same birthday February 17th, same shoe size 12, same height,cant say about personailities not to sure what is real unless I were to meet you. anways just thought I would share. Have a wonderful day lovely. (When are they going to cater to the women with size 12 shoes????)
January 27, 2009 - 06:19 PM
`ME$$Y JE$$Y

  Dear Mz. Hilton ,
`Paris! I had no idea that my `fanmail would be published online immediately . I was really just hoping that it would somehow get to you through whomever might be screening these . But I don't mind as long as it's okay to you . $o , let me just say ~ Hi " to everyone and ' Thank You for this opportunity to prove myself in such a wonderful and pleasant way . You're The Best ! And I'm sorry for the sketchy email but I am very busy and was in a bit of a rush . One thing I wanted to say was that the whole thing has been catered to `you specifally for you because I don't believe there is any other person in the world more suitable to be the subject of this masterpiece . For the fact that your sister as well is also an artist , socialite , actress and I'm guessing even a bit of a musician . . . and because there is a reflection in the 2 , 3 , and 4' dimensional versions of the main image , yet the main character is really two { you'll see what I mean later } I contacted Nickey's people as well in N.Y.C. for your Family in the very beginning . Another reason for this is in moving it from The Art World to the Mainstream I want her to help with critique and artistic vision in order to perfect it overall and customize it to your Mother's professional tastes and experience . It will probably wind up looking alot like her with both your faces reflecting and overlapping each other in that way through the crystal ball and `window to the world . And you guys don't have to do anything because I can work from prexisting photos of your choice anyway . Then , if you like what you see and you are intrested in the rest of it , and there's a whole lot more to it , then ~ you can when you can . The ultimate goal is to establish a Carnival Casino Showplace and Hotel in the mountains of Lake Tahoe with skiing , snowboarding , sledding , tubing etc. + waterslides in the summertime all in one place ---> But , all this as a model prototype incorperating Environmental Architecture and Green Industry with Self Sufficiant / Self Sustained Agriculture utilyzing Solar and Artificially Generated Energy to maintain complete and total independence as a real shelter able to withstand any and all natural / man made disasters . Starting as a spiral staircase built around a giant circus tent pole and then later built around this framework structure to become a tower ~ for The Princess ~ and as a center for the ice castle ontop of the snowy peak - so as to stay true to the most entertaining theme I could come up with . In Las Vegas it is a giant sand castle with the most insane miniature golf course ever and amusement park rides that are unlike any others ever invented . But it all starts with this picture and story . The real life story is for everyone to read on the back now , but the story : The Mad Dr. + The Infinite Garden is to raise the funds , because I can't ask for money although this will get it anyway that way too . The show opens , hopefully , with the grand opening of CBGB's in Las Vegas and was really supposed to be done in N.Y.C. to help them stay open but after having to miss the Halloween the year before they had to close the following year on Halloween . Anyway , after that introduction there is an interactive CD DVD Rom and Website where the people are invited to participate and help create this for themselves and everyone else worldwide . There will be a reality TV / Internet program and ongoing documentary the whole way . For my Dad'd magazine and The Family's publishing company we have the basis , structure and foundation of the main image being that of a landscape showing the silouette of a woman lying down for the four seasons . Our magazine comes out 4 times a year so one is her on her back , two on her side , three on her stomach , and four on her other side showing all the positioning of the stars and celestial astrology along with the seasons colors changing . This is beyond the `window to the world on the horizon behind you and before your other image and reflection . That's what I forgot to say in the first email to you here . $o now , you are even more of An American Princess and this will be your castle away from home . A monument to you for all your help already even . And a place to save the lives and show how to for The People just in case this Nostradamus Prophecy comes true and if not ---> Apothus's impact April 13 , Friday 2029 ! I'm using the Nostradamus obscession to help promote this like a sick advertisement so I hope you don't mind my disstaste but I'm a really nice guy as you've probably guessed already . Also , for the screen actors guild , this place for you to be immortalized will catch their attention for the subsequent issues following where and when I will need a different celebrity for each one and each episode serial and illustrated novela / comic strip screenplay of sorts . But you are the 1$T cuz you're #1! I luv you Paris and I'm no stalker with a crazy crush either . I know we're soul mates and meant to be ---> Ha ha ha . . . just kidding Bad joke , sorry ~ but what you guys go through with that is crazy enough let alone how crazy some of them get about it , but I'll protect you ! You'll be okay with me , I don't even get high anymore . Now , I'll write more later but something really should be done about the number of emails here ! We have to start attracting more interest and a more positive view of whom I already know to be a truly beautiful person ! Maybe you should buy me just to make it more politically correct ? Give me a call at my apartment 24 / 7 ( 908 ) 769 - 8051 And that goes for anyone who want to help save the world , and me . . . THANX !
January 25, 2009 - 02:56 AM
Jesse Q. Becker

  `Paris!I've finally gotten to you after last speaking with your manager.I don't know if you even heard,but since you were approved of by The White House and Washington D.C. for this Project For The People I have for your Family as a true work of art and masterpiece your sister Nickey can critique with joy no doubt. . .I am moving from Untitled to Paris Hilton in order to further secure this most valuable and important lifes work of mine for you . My choice to use the entertainment industry in order to bring important info to the masses worldwide , as a U.S.U.N. Peace Corps Volunteer working on my application to be a U.N.V. once I'm old enough has lead me to The Hilton Family for their knowledge and expertise first . It is what I call a Hi Fi Sci Fi Fantasy titled : The Mad Dr. for it's retro all ages style . This will get their attention regarding things like eco friendly technologies and alternative holystic medicines when otherwise it might just come across as booring and uninteresting . Now , you wouldn't have to do anything because I can work with pre-existing photos . I don't want to without your consent but I will if I have to in order to meet the deadline of CBGB's grand re-opening in Las Vegas . It is for the cover art and of a blonde ghost looking into and through a chrystal ball within a windows frame reflecting light and your image { if you say yes } otherwise it's just another blonde , maybe your Sister or Ivanka Trump - but you are better for the part for all the work you've done which has so impressed me since I had you in mind again when you started The Simple Life . But it was as a little girl on T.V. that you impressed me for this image which has haunted me so wonderfully since I was just a boy . I would love it if Paris Hilton Entertainment would take me under their wing , at least to help make sure I don't mess up . I am building a Garden Gallery in the mountains of Las Vegas 2 miles high in order to function as a working prototype example for everyone to see and learn from ~ showcasing an indestructable shelter for any and all natural and man made dissasters above the 2 mile high watermark which N.A.S.A. says the waters might rise to with the impact of Apothus on friday The 13th 2029 . I volunteered for them also . I want to have it ready for the 2012 Nostradamus Prophecy soon . I can perform the entire piece live and online as a monolog at first . I was a performance artist in N.Y.C. . There is music also I have written which I now you will also like . But this is not a business proposition , it is a gift , tho I will be writing to that email address next . And since it strted with The Simple Life and I had spoken to all the different talent agencies you were with and for Nichole then too , after meeting my best friend / girlfriend - again ( an x postal worker / Michael Jackson fan ) I decided to try and get their pictures in there for the evil nurse and madd dr. . I told her I would try to introduce her to him and maybe help him with what I studdied out in California and in N.Y. regarding alternative medicine and holystic healing techniques . She's going out there soon to flip houses with Armando Montalongo on T.V..I might go with her if that's what she wants but I have my family out here helping me and my Dad's magazine and their publishing company is a big deal for this right now maybe . He's also helping with the music . The main image behind this work is for the four seasons titled : Mother Earth and his magazine Pure Inspiration comes out 4 times a year . It's all about Yoga and Meditation and Positive Thinking etc. ~ they got an interview with The Dali lama and Joel - my favorite preacher next to Melissa Scott - maybe we can get one with you ? You'll be saving the lives of countless millions all over the world and helping to secure peace worldwide for generations to come ! Here , let me prove it to you over lunch in N.Y.C. or maybe the phone and or internet Paris ? I live so close to the city there and you're a deciding factor in my relocating to Las Vegas or L.A. if I can't do it all from here . Anyway , thanx for your time and sorry for all the misspellings but since my last injury it has suffered even more . I'm a genius but you're smarter than me in ways important to this and I really like that about you . I promise not to let you down . You'll be proud to own me someday . By the way , I don't have any crushes on you or silly dreams and I'm no stalker . You will always be a little girl to me . Luv ~ ME$$Y JE$$Y `
January 14, 2009 - 05:09 PM

  Dear Paris hope you are doing well, I hope they catch the thief, I work in the area and did not appreicate being qestioned by police
January 11, 2009 - 04:26 AM

  I'm a big fan at are a princess,you look very nice and you are a good person.I like you very much,and i wish you the best :*:*:*
January 05, 2009 - 02:46 PM

  Hi Paris,

I am not really a big fan but I came up with this great movie idea that would be so perfect for you. With the kind of lifestyle you have, your the one that I could see staring in it. I can't say here what the plot is about but I can tell you the tittle that I have in mind... "Uptown Girl". I hope you or your people will hear me out. I am not a well known writer nor do I have any experience in the movie business but I think you will love this story.

January 05, 2009 - 02:27 AM

  Paris you are a very good person.You are amazing````i'm your fan and i like you very much,i love you :*:* YOU look very hot
December 30, 2008 - 03:58 PM

  "bottoms up"*
December 30, 2008 - 10:14 AM

  I want to ask you a funny question Paris.
I assume you do not respond because you are busy at present.

You know in the movie "bottom up" so says Owen to "Big Earl" that you are so beautiful, nice and everything, but also that you are so horny also: P

Is this to normal, too?

I just kidding.
But, I think you are so beautiful Paris.
I think you are something of a person.

I think you will remain the good work and good luck further in life.

Kisses from a big fan of you from Norway
December 26, 2008 - 11:31 AM

  The comment below ,i forgot to add :im 16 years old and i come from england hehe sorry i forgot that x karl
December 26, 2008 - 11:26 AM

  Dear Paris i never thought id be writing to you and i do hope you are ealy paris and not just some person to answer all of your mails for you .
but i wanted you to know some things about how much of a no1 fan i am about you ,ok my best friend got me hottie and the nottie and your 09 calendar and made me a paris xmas card! that really made my christmas speacial and now i get to see your beautiful face every day for the next year ! i realy am passionate about you and im doing performing arts in college and im going to be famous just like you and im going to move to america !i have all your male fragraces apart from HEIR and im buying it with my christmas money! Dispite all the people that dont like you ,i do! and i even filled my local bowling alley with the sound on your voice STARS ARE BLIND !But i wish they could make a Xbox 360 game about you and im sure it would sell well ,then all your fans cos play you and go shopping and go clubbing ,it would be awsome ! you could pay a game producer to do that !
people are realy surprized on how much i know about you and i cant wait for you new album to come out ! sorry if this all sounds confusing .
you truly are extremly special i love every thing about you you are an insipration to me as well and the thing i love the most about you is that no matter howmany critics put you down and say horrid things about you ,you are ALWAYS STRONG! and dont let it bring you down, you trully are a magical woman and i can ensure there cant be a bigger fan than me (dont wanna boast) i also want to meet you in person i would be extatic if that happend and my dream would have come true! ,and there will never be another celeb that i truly honor as much as you ,just so you know these words i have written have come from my heart and i hope they reach yours! i love you soooo much lots of love today and always , lovable hugs and candykisses till the day i die .love Karl Broad xxxxx
December 20, 2008 - 06:30 PM

  i love youim a girl i wan tot kiss you in the check your hot
December 20, 2008 - 06:28 PM

  i love paris hiton she does great you tube stuff
December 19, 2008 - 06:12 PM

  God, you gotta feel sorry for the poor gal, she gets shit on from every height and guys muck her around, I would give my left nut to have her in my life :-) and now I have just read that her place got ripped.. If you want a break to normality Paris, come an stay with me down under and we could do that normal person thing, who knows, you might actually enjoy yourself... hope the new year brings her better luck anyways, I can't help but feel sorry for her...
December 14, 2008 - 07:03 PM

My 16yr old daughter LOVES your fragrance 'Paris Hilton'. Have you considered designing a body spray for young men?
December 09, 2008 - 02:20 AM

  Paris you are a princess u look very good:*:*.i kiss u and i'm your fan:*X::X:
November 29, 2008 - 08:59 PM

  hi paris you are the rolemodel that i look up too. your pretty and i love your confidence my name is lizzie and it would be super dooper cool to be ur bff!!!! xD i hope chu can write me backs i lvoe you PARIS!! and i baught ur heiress diary and its amazing i love it i need some advice on love stuff to i hope u can help me hehe well talk to you soon love you!! =]]

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