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New Paris Hilton Song Clip!!!
nice.very nice.
28-8-2008 at 09:01 PM
by: cantinflas
I Saw Paris' My New BFF Sneak Preview!!!OMG And I heard The Song!!!
where and when did u see this??? was this like a commercial on mtv???
27-8-2008 at 02:33 AM
by: cantinflas
Not An Hour Has Passed & Paris Is All Over The News!
I know right? she's all over the place. change the channel and there she is again.its amazing. i lo ...
9-8-2008 at 03:04 AM
by: cantinflas
New Fragrance First Look!!!!
nice!!! cant wait for october.
9-8-2008 at 02:46 AM
by: cantinflas
What Producers do you hope will work on the second album?
hope she works with the same producers she worked with last time because they know beats and they ar ...
14-7-2008 at 08:37 AM
by: cantinflas
Radio Interview with Paris, July 11
I missed it too. f*ck!!! Why did I have to wake up late that day, Out of all days!!! Lazy ass. Don' ...
14-7-2008 at 08:17 AM
by: cantinflas
Simple Life Poll
I would watch it. Reason why I would watch it is only because I know for a fact that they will menti ...
14-7-2008 at 07:55 AM
by: cantinflas
Favorite singers/bands?
paris hilton and madd glock click.
13-7-2008 at 05:12 AM
by: cantinflas
Is Paris Still The Most Searched Person?
she is the most searched because thats all i do all day every day.
13-7-2008 at 05:09 AM
by: cantinflas
on david letterman
It had to have been the one that was aired in the month of may because there is no way we would not ...
12-7-2008 at 09:31 AM
by: cantinflas
Isn't it Paris?
its true.every song.who told u it wasnt her singing???
10-7-2008 at 09:05 AM
by: cantinflas

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