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nicole and paris
pizzaguy - 4-12-2007 at 01:37 AM

Came across this bit below regarding nicole and paris. I thought that Paris had been doing pretty well. With Brandon Davis around and Britney back in the picture, I wonder if Paris will have the willpower to keep the "pharmacy" closed. I wonder if it's already opened a bit. (never really thought she gave up the suspicious cigs, but x17 mentioned Britney's frequent bathroom trips at the event/party over the weekend. That's trouble.) Don't care that much about the shots, Paris likes her shots/alcohol and isn't driving after taking them. Hope she finds a way to keep the pharmacy closed and stay on the right track.

Ted Casablancas, eonline, regarding the reformation of nicole richie and Paris "Anyhow, N 'n' J have even scheduled a press conference at the L.A. Free Clinic here in Hollywood today and are hosting a private baby shower for mothers in need. So, how does this latest development in Saint Nic’s life stack up against Paris’ burgeoning halo?So far, Paris has volunteered at a hospital, planned a trip to Africa that she didn’t take and said she was getting a green, hybrid car that we have yet to see her drive. Oh yeah, and she started dating a broke, foreign model named Alex Vaggo and got him an agent.

Meanwhile, Nic got herself knocked up and looking healthy, stopped going clubbing and quit drinking and smoking. She already gets points over Paris, who’s still sparking suspicious-smelling substances and doing shots. And the fact that Richie’s gone and started her own friggin’ foundation is just icing on the charitable cake. Time to step up your do-gooding game, P!"

Hang in there and step it up Paris.

Django - 4-12-2007 at 08:11 AM

Oooh yeah, getting pregnant automatically makes someone a saint!

Maybe Paris could be doing more, but she also has her own life to lead, is entitled to enjoy herself and doesn't actually owe anyone anything. You can be a good person without constant attention grabbing charity antics.

The Rwanda trip was postponed because of the organisation, NOT PARIS! This has been stated by both the organisation and Paris, but I guess noticing that obscure little fact would give you one less thing to be holier than thou about. I'm not an expert on the Hybrid story but wasn't Paris's model meant to be getting designed according to her specifications? Whatever, I'm sure if she had realised it was so important to you, she would have gotten it ready by now (I know how much she hates to disappoint you). I'm not even going to credit your drug allegations and as long as Paris is healthy and knows what she's doing I don't care whether she takes a toke now and then or not (oooh, EVIL!).

pizzaguy - 4-12-2007 at 03:29 PM

When you write "you" do you mean eonline? Most of the post was a quote from their site, not something I wrote. It's interesting how the media views them.

Also, not sure why hoping that she doesn't open up the "pharmacy" means that she can't enjoy herself. I think she still has gigantic amounts of other options to enjoy herself. I did wonder about the environment she may be jumping back into with Brandon Davis and Britney Spears, neither one is exactly up for rehabber of the year. Do they have about 4 or 5 trips to rehab between them in the last year? That's why I wrote hang in there at the end.

I didn't read it looking to jump on anyone's back, so I found some of it interesting. I know this is an international site, so I don't know if English is your first language. If you can comprehend the quote, then contrast Nicole Richie with Britney Spears. It makes me glad that Nicole and Paris are friends again.

Django - 4-12-2007 at 05:37 PM

Sorry, despite the "came across this bit below" I didn't realise that was a transcript from another site. So in that case I did mean eonline. I don't like their tone and the having a go a Paris angle is so typical of how the media treats Paris.

But there you go, Paris is not known as a major drug user and yet that is how they are trying to portray her (and these sites never acknowledge that the Rwanda trip postponement is nothing to do with Paris). The whole favouring Nicole angle just reminds me of how some haters deliberately seem to say good things about Nicky Hilton as a way of suggesting that Paris isn't in the same league.

I personally wouldn't regard Britney as any kind of poster girl for having it together, although the media and many people would be loath to suggest that Paris is handling herself better between the two of them. However I'm not a fan or avid reader of Britney and therefore maybe not in the best position to judge, as I know the media isn't exactly reliable with facts (in other words I'm neutral on her and certainly don't want an argument with her fans ;)).

MyLastView - 5-12-2007 at 03:35 AM

To be honest, I wouldn't write Paris doing drugs totally off. She very well could be, and I wouldn't be surprised.

pizzaguy - 5-12-2007 at 04:11 AM

I would definitely write off this casablancas guy. He's not worth reading. I got tired of the normal sites and checked out eonline. I thought his piece about Nicole was borderline ok and interesting. Well today he has another bit about Paris where he says that the Entourage guy that she hung out with this summer said some rough stuff about her. He won't write them until tomorrow and I wouldn't post them here anyway. Have any of these people heard of if you can 't say something nice don't say anything.

Mylastview: Paris' drug use is most probably in her past. She seems like she's doing ok. I did write that I hope she stays on the right track and isn't sucked back in by Britney and Brandon and that crowd. The hollywood club crowd is rough regarding drug use, maybe prescription drug abuse more than anything (ok, some cocaine). She likes to hang out with that crowd and does seem to like her funny cigs. However, I do think and believe that she's stronger than to go back to that entire lifestyle. She just likes those people, apparently some of them are lifelong friends. Can't begrudge her that.

Hang in there Paris, you've been doing well.

enbis78 - 7-12-2007 at 05:29 PM

Personally, I don't care if Paris is doing drugs or not, but if she is, that's her choice. There's a big difference between using and abusing, and I can say from personal experience that with most recreational drugs, as long as you remain in control of how much and how often, and are well informed of potential risks, there isn't usually a problem (although admittedly some people have more addictive personalities than others).
And if she's doing anything (which she may not be), she's not forcing anything down people's throats (I don't mean literally!) and talking about it, so I don't think there's a problem with her influencing young fans.
As for this knobhead from eonline, he can **** off. They aren't engaged in some kind of race to the sainthood. Paris and Nicole are going about their lives, each of them (commendably) doing things to help others. Let them get on with it.

thewaymouth - 9-12-2007 at 02:35 AM

To Paris, & to me, & to a lot of people all around the world, pot is not a drug.

In the sense of a bad drug, that should be criminalized. It can be abused -- hell, food can be abused -- but pot can be a beneficial as well. In fact, the people in my home state, Massachusetts, will be voting next year on an initiative to decriminalize it.