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cc17 - 12-5-2008 at 05:32 PM

I have been watching this couple from day one and now I a feeling that this may not be the "real deal" and fake. Before I state my reasons why I like to say that I am not a Paris hater but I do have a right to speak my mind.

1.THE MEDIA:Early this year things was very bad for Paris, the hottie and nottie movie did not do to good,and there was alot of wild rumors about her .Everybody knows that Paris loves the media and the attention also she likes to play with the media,thats one of the reasons why she is famous today.When Paris hooked up with Benji that was when things started to change for Paris in the media department, tv and magazines are talking about her more.Please remember this topic.

2.THE RINGS: When Paris and Benji started to wear those PH and BM rings it was cute at first but I have notice that Paris was wearing the ring on her left ring finger and using the ring to gain more attention. Like I said Paris likes to play with the media and she knows by wearing the ring on her left ring finger people will think she going to get married.Remember when paris was on that pop fiction show if you do go back and watch it again because you will hear Paris tell that guru that she was going to put a ring on her finger so that the paparazzi will think she's getting married. When she said that it made wonder if that's what she's doing now. If you go back and look at some of the pics from the beginng to now you will see that paris loves to put her left hand up to her face and there are some pics where if she see the paparazzi she will make sure that some way the ring will get in the shot, it's kinda like if she's rubbing in are faces.There are even some pics that show that while Benji is wearing the ring all the time, Paris was only wearing the ring only if she is going to events and if she is going some place where she knows the paparazzi will find her other than that she won't wear it. Now today if you notice, every week Paris is wearing a new ring and people are asking if that is that the wedding ring and like I said Paris loves attention and loves to play with the media. Last week when she was in New York she was wearing a ring and said that benji gave it to her as a "gift" but when she got back to L.A. there were some pics of Paris not wearing the ring that benji gave her and she was wearing a diffrent ring. When Benji was with Sophie Monk there were some reports saying that she never took off ring not even for a movie or a photo shoot. So next week expect to see Paris wearing a new ring and more people asking if she's getting married.

3.NICOLE RICHIE:Alot of people are saying that it was nicole that hook Benji up with Paris but I find that not true. Last month I was watching E! news and they asked her about Paris and Benji and she AVOIDED the question.I do feel that Nicole and Paris not on good terms any more and Nicole is trying to get away from her and start a new life with her baby.Have you guys notice as of now Nicole has never said anything about Paris or Benji and there are no pics of Paris and Nicole together?? We all know that Nicole has a nanny so she can go out if she wanted to. Paris, Benji and Joel always say that she and Nicole are friends but I feel that they are just saying that so the media won't find out there is a feud.Paris also said that she went to her house to see the baby but I also find that not true, we all know that the paparazzi follow Paris every where and the only time we seen pics of Paris at her house is when Nicole threw a birthday party for Joel and Benji. Is Paris copying Nicole?? I say yes because when Nicole met Joel last year he took her on tour just like this year Benji and Paris, also last year Nicole took Joel to New York fashion week and this year Paris took Benji to her sister fashion show.

4.BENJI : I don't know if he "loves" Paris or if he's part of the game but there are some things that don't add up. When Paris first started dating Benji she was wearing the DCMA clothing line, I didn't know that Benji and Joel had a clothing line. Then later Paris said she was going on tour with him, I didn't know that Good Charlotte was going on tour. Then it hit me, is Benji using Paris to promote his clothing line and tour??We all know that whatever Paris wears people will talk about it and buy it, and when she went on tour with them the media was not really talking about the band, they were focus on Paris. When you see pics of Benji it looks like he's mad or upset to be around Paris, is happy or sad?? If he hates the paparazzi then why go out with a girl who loves the paparazzi?? When he was with Sophie Monk he did not have to worry about them.Alot of people are saying that Benji dumped Sophie for Paris but that is not true, there is a report saying it was Sophie that dumped benji. I do know that Benji and Sophie are not together but does he still loves her and is he using Paris to make her mad so she come crawling back?? Does he want to be more famous like his brother Joel?? Good Charlotte has a website where they post stuff about whats going on in their life, and you see that Joel always talks about Nicole and even post pics of her and tells us how much he loves her but as of now Benji never post any pics of Paris nor does he talks about her.

5. PARIS: If Paris is using Benji then it's not the first time she has done this. Remember Alex Vaggo, not only she help him to get a job as a model but she was also using him to make Stavros mad.Last year she went out with Alex but when she went down to Miami and met with Stavros there were pics of them making out, but something happen and it didn't work out, so when she got back to L.A. she was seen with Alex. Paris said that she Benji were friends for a long time and he is the one for her , but if that is true why didn't she hooked up with him earlier?? if she did, she would been already married and had kids by now. Her parents also say they like him but I don't think they even know him.Kathy (Paris' mom) said that he don't smoke and he is a vegetarian but thats a lie, Benji does somke and if you go to the Good Charlotte website you will see a pic of Benji eating seafood.Plus Kathy was just saying that because they was a story about how she asked Paris if she was using Benji to make Nicole mad.There is also a story about Benji and Paris wearing a necklace saying the "Property of Paris Hilton" and " Property of Benji Madden", this is not the first time Paris has done this, remember Jason Shaw?? He and Paris was wearing the same necklace too.Have you notice that every week Paris talks about benji and when she talks about him she always say the same thing?? "We're happy","we're in love", I'am sorry but she has said before about all her other boyfriends.We all know the stars call the paparazzi and stage photo-ops, so I feel that sometimes Paris calls the paparazzi stage photo-ops with Benji (like I said Paris loves the media and the attention).When Paris and Benji go out it looks like while Benji is trying get away from the paparazzi Paris is smiling at the camara. Did you guys seen a movie called "Can't buy me love" or "Love don't cost a thing" ?? The movie is about how a nerd asked the hot girl in school to help him become cool by going out with her and after they went out, they staged a "break up" and after that he became the cool kid in school and he was going out with girl and stuff.I feel this just like the movie, Benji might feel that he might not find another girl like Sophie so Paris is helping by going out and saying nice stuff about him and later they will break up and Benji will come out as the good guy.Last year Paris said that she want a baby but now she said that she wants to focus on her career,Then she said she wants to get married but now she said that she is happy the way the relationship is now.

6.PDA: When Paris was with Nick Carter, Paris Latsis, and Stavros there were always pics and stories of them making out.All we see is Paris and Benji holding hands trying to sell their relationship and when you look really close it looks like while Paris is hold his hand real tight, as for Benji it looks like Benji isn't holding her hand real tight.

These are some of the why I feel like Paris and Benji are not what they seem to be, but like I said I'am not a Paris hater. It's just that don't but surprise when they break up and if they do get married it's not going to last long.I do feel that Paris is searching for happiness but she needs to know that this quick hook up is not the way to go, she really needs to take it slow.She also needs to know that Nicole is happy with Joel because they took things slow and they did not do all the stuff Paris and Benji are doing now and that does not mean that she will be happy with Benji. Paris needs to know that even though Benji and Joel are twins, they are diffrent people. I know you guy are her fans but sometimes you have to read between the line and as you know I'am not the only one that feels the same way about them.

FallenMorgan - 12-5-2008 at 07:34 PM

I hope that your assumption is correct. I hope oneday I can be more than a fan...

hiram_hilton - 13-5-2008 at 12:09 AM

wow you really got into that!!! and what you explain is really really reasonable, I just hope you are right and this is only a play or sth, even Benji and Joel are twins, I find Benji realy ugly, but I think Joel is hot, besides Nicole and Joel make a good couple, Paris and Benji not.

I really hope they won´t get married... that would be a shame

FallenMorgan - 13-5-2008 at 05:32 AM

Does anybody here think it's generally silly that they're dating brothers and everyones going all "aww how cute" over it? I think it's stupid.

rebecca - 13-5-2008 at 10:43 AM

I agree with you and the reasons you give and there are many more. These two hooked up right after Hottie flopped and the bisexual rumors about Paris were going wild. Many on this board and elsewhere thought she needed to "slow things down" if she wanted to be taken seriously. Right on cue, less than a week after Hottie flopped, these two became inseparable.

Also, while Paris may not have had many sexual partners, she's hooked up with enough people to fill a small city in China, but she never hooked up with Benji?! I mean she says they've known each other for years and she thinks he's hot, but they never hooked up. When they do hookup they have so much chemistry that they become life partners in a week. BS.

This is also Paris' standard get out of trouble routine. She needs to drop the party girl image so something happens to "change her life." The sex tape made her "re-evaluate" her life and she wanted to not "party" as much. The greek guy she was engaged to "changed her life" and she just wanted to stay in with him. Jail made her realize she didn't want to go out as much. Benji changed her life (again) She always "calms down" for a couple weeks/months and then hits the party trail again. After jail she stayed calm for a couple of months (publicly) and then was seen swinging from pipes and falling out of cars. All of this is fine and I actually like her party girl ways (mostly) but it's definitely part of Paris' media management.

It is also hard not to remember all those pics of Paris and her prior bf's kissing and hugging and hanging all over each other, but with Benji it looks like a strain for both of them just to hold hands. Even with guys she wasn't dating there'd be pics of her kissing him in a club. There were pics of her kissing like three different guys and that was just this December? January?, but no pics of her and Benji kissing. I haven't even seen them hug.

Anyway, it looks so fake to me, I just wonder how long they'll keep it up. Maybe until her products are launched and Repo comes out and his tour and album no longer need promotion?

I also doesn't think it makes someone less of a fan to think that her and Benji aren't a real couple or at least as close and they portray themselves to be.

Andrei - 13-5-2008 at 11:32 AM

all people who must know that , know that...
If this really fake, I think it must looks like it's real...
I think she do it for fans,and for people who interesting with her...It's her deal , I think she know,what she do... Don;t destroy a program ;)

FallenMorgan - 13-5-2008 at 03:53 PM

If they broke up, I'd feel hope again...

cc17 - 15-5-2008 at 12:04 PM

Here's a new pic of Paris and Benji.Even though it looks like it's been staged, but when I look at this it's like Paris looks happy but Benji looks like he don't want to be with her.

cc17 - 15-5-2008 at 12:16 PM

I have also notice that some of the magazines have kinda stop running stories on them, maybe they know that this maybe fake too.

parishiltonfan4life - 15-5-2008 at 03:58 PM

I believe this is fake about as much as I believe I'm going to grow wings and fly. Neither one of 'em has ANY reason to fake this especially not Paris. Her using the bathroom is practically a huge media event. And Benji has had a successful career with his band, Good Charlotte, for YEARS now. Now I do believe people wish it were fake for their own selfish reasons. Also just because a person doesn't smile in every pic doesn't mean they're miserable or wish they weren't there or something. I know I don't smile in most of my pics. I just don't like my smile and stuff. I've heard the things Benji has said about her and definitely believe he truly loves and adores Paris and vice versa. Also just because they're not all over each other about to hump each other doesn't mean it's fake. And the jewelry? Some men are sweet like that and like showering their women with nice things.
I also think it's quite selfish to wish they'd breakup or hope that they do.

FallenMorgan - 15-5-2008 at 03:58 PM

She looks so dang beautiful. It makes me sad that I'll never have a chance, ever, to let her know how I feel about her. Her smile deeply warms my heart, even when the smile is caused by her relationship with another. I feel depressed at times, though

rebecca - 15-5-2008 at 04:13 PM

Changing her image is one reason why she'd fake it, among others. They've both done certain stunts b/f for image reasons.

Oh yeah, on gc's site here's a pic of "doesn't drink or smoke" benji, drinking and smoking. (he's a huge poser and whether the relationship is fake or not, he is.) My opinion only.

rebecca - 15-5-2008 at 04:20 PM

also, didn't say they had to hang all over eachother, but that's been paris' history for years.

parishiltonfan4life - 15-5-2008 at 05:53 PM

Originally posted by rebecca
Changing her image is one reason why she'd fake it, among others. They've both done certain stunts b/f for image reasons.

Oh yeah, on gc's site here's a pic of "doesn't drink or smoke" benji, drinking and smoking. (he's a huge poser and whether the relationship is fake or not, he is.) My opinion only.

I'm pretty positive that's a pic of JOEL and NOT Benji. Joel's the twin with the facial hair NOT Benji (which is one way to tell the two of them apart).
Yup Joel's the one with facial hair and Benji's the one without facial hair.

FallenMorgan - 15-5-2008 at 07:09 PM

WITHOUT facial hair? They both have facial hair.

rebecca - 15-5-2008 at 08:18 PM

They both claim not to smoke or drink . Also, it looks like Benji to me. Read the comments. All his fans think it's him. look who posted it, Benji not joel. They're posers

thewaymouth - 16-5-2008 at 01:10 AM

LESTER ANNOUNCER: "And it's a street fight here at Lester. And we're expecting the result any moment now. There with the returning officer is [Paris Hilton & Benji Madden], the Sensible candidates, and next to them is Jethro Q. Walrus Titty, the Silly candidate, with his agent and his silly wife."
OTHER L. ANNOUNCER: "Ah-he-hem, There's the result for Lester: [Paris Hilton and Benji Madden] ("Sensible party"): 30,612. Jethro Q. Bonwacky Bozzits to Bonbood Walrus Titty ("Silly party"): 33,108."
GERALD: "Well there you have it, the first results of the election there, and the Silly party held Lester. Norman?"
NORMAN: "Well, pretty much as I predicted, except that the Silly party won. I think this is largely due to the number of votes cast. Joe?"
JOE: "Well, there's a big swing here to the silly party; but how big a swing I'm not going to tell you."
NORMAN: "I think I should point out that in this constituency since the last election a lot of very silly people have moved into a new housing estate with the result that many of the sensible voters have moved furthur down the road the other side of, number, uh, uh, twenty nine."
GERALD: "Well, I can't add anything to that. Collin?"
COLLIN: "Can I just say that this is the first time I've been on [Paris & Benji... Fake Couple]?"
GERALD: "No I'm sorry there isn't time, we're just going straight over to [thewaymouth]..."

[thewaymouth: "I'd like to be straight w/you all before someone gets upset w/me for not taking this all seriously enough, instead of only just wanting whatever makes Paris happy. And as far as that picture above from Moscow, Benji just looks like a rock guy, playing it cool while having fun, and Paris just looks sublime, simply divine. Loves it.

Opposites attract: Paris must really love Benji just for the amount of time and hard work she has already put in, looking at all of his massive tattoos and listening to all of his massive Good Charlotte music, and even falling on her chin when she was out with him.

Opposites subtract: But then again, maybe it's real, but only for now. Because how long can a gorgeous princess with such lovely clear skin stand to look at all that ugly ink, and listen to all that awful emo-punk-whatever-rock shit when all she wants to do is dance, and how many times can she fall flat on her face over some guy? But then I don't like tats at all nor Good Charlotte nor falling on my face over some guy - a girl, maybe.

Ultimately, I side with Sabrinia here. For Benji says he loves her, and Paris says she loves him. I don't know much about him, but I'm a Paris believer. I believe her. And I believe in love as the best thing there is, so more love power to them. What we say doesn't matter at all. They're both saying all the right things about each other, about themselves together.

I only wish those two the best... And yet I too am a selfish Paris fan, in that I only wish she would work on her new album and tour behind it, but instead she tags along on his tour. So we may never hear any more new Paris heaven, as her music career fades into rear view. But perhaps she'll get the urge to show him just what she can do, and he will urge her on to strut her stuff for him and for all the world to hear and see.

She owes me nothing but to be free. Bonne chance avec Bonne Charlotte - Paris, je t'aime!

While we wait for the final results, which could take a long time, let's take a closer look at some more of the apparently puzzling evidence to some, so far.]

Benji Says Paris is Wife Material

April 25, 2008 - Source

Benji Madden is really loving Paris in the springtime.

Turns out the smitten Good Charlotte rocker has always thought of the platinum-haired hottie (of and the Nottie fame) to be a “great girl” and, as far as he’s concerned, “wife material.”

Or, at least, “serious girlfriend material,” he told Yo on E!’s Michael Yo. And Madden couldn’t even come up with one bad habit to peg on his newfound love.

So does that mean the couple will be engaged within six months?

“Wow, alright…Well, I’m not going to bet against you on that, but I don’t know,” Madden stammered, er, said. “We’ll see. I’m very, very happy right now.”

So we hear. With Good Charlotte releasing its first love song—”Where Would We Be Now,” off the band’s new album, Good Morning Revival—Madden thinks his relationship with Hilton has given the punk-pop group even more credibility because “people love Paris.”

“[Our fan base] is like a big family,” Madden said. “When someone comes in everyone’s like, ‘Welcome to the family.’ And now our fans are even supporting her.” (Which should come as good news to the makers of Repo! The Genetic Opera.)

“It’s hard, because in my relationship, you just want to get on top of a mountain and go ‘I’m in love!’ but your fans would probably make fun of you. So you have to try to hold back as much as you can, but it’s hard sometimes.”

At least Madden has picked up a trick or two from brother Joel, who was supposed to be interviewed alongside his twin but had to report home for diaper duty, pronto.

“With Joel and Nicole, everybody wants to know, so I got a pretty good understanding on how to navigate interviews, and now I’m pretty relaxed and I’m not on edge, really.”

And the bond built between the parents of Harlow Winter Kate Madden has also been good for Uncle Benji and would-be Aunt Paris.

“They’re really rooting for us,” Madden said. “Joel and Nicole have an amazing friendship. She is like a sister to me. So you have to be with someone who wants to be a part of the family. We’re in probably the best situation anyone could ever be in right now.”

____________________ Paris & Benji Paris Hilton and Benji If Benji's happy with Paris, I'm happy... Paris Hilton at Good Charlotte concert Paris Hilton injured in Prague Paris Hilton on Late Show w/ David Letterman May 8 2008 pt1 Paris Hilton on Late Show w/ David Letterman May 8 2008 pt2

cc17 - 16-5-2008 at 01:33 AM

well......I guess we just have to wait and see.

FallenMorgan - 16-5-2008 at 02:08 AM

Honestly the idea that "opposites attract" is pretty off. She is a thin, blonde, tan, clear skinned beautiful princess, while he is every opposite of everything I said. I hope it doesn't last long. I love her, yet I can't be happy for her for some reason. It has to do with how as long as she's with Benji, I have no chance to be more than a fan.

Also, Benji seems chauvinist in some of his actions. I have a side of me that thinks it's fake, because of the way, first of all, she never talked THAT MUCH about her boyfriends, as she does with Benji, and none of her boyfriends have talked so much about her. That might be a sign though of "true love."

People tell me that if Paris, the angel in my darkness, were to read this, she'd hate me and whatnot. I don't know what to do, and I hope she'd understand. All I want is for her to know I exist, and that I care.

Princess - 17-5-2008 at 04:54 PM

I don't think they are faking their relationship. I'm so happy they are happy and I only wish them the best.

If they get married I would be very happy. I can't understand why many people make such a big deal out f everything!