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PARIS appears, albeit briefly, in new Smashing Pumpkins video
thewaymouth - 30-8-2007 at 08:15 PM

In honor of Paris Hilton Day, my first ever NEW TOPIC post on THE Paris Hilton Forum...

Dedicated to the one I love.
Paris, je t'aime.

The following I posted on a MySpace blog for the
Smashing Pumpkins.

First a little background I grabbed off the net: Zeitgeist, the first new Smashing Pumpkins album in seven years, came out this past Tuesday (July 10), as previously reported. The CD booklet features Paris Hilton in a series of photographs taken by Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan himself.

Hilton’s face also adorns the cover of the band’s U.K. single for the song “Tarantula”, to the dismay of Pumpkin fans and bystanders alike [and thedevilish delight of punkin fan, thewaymouth almighty].

Corgan explained how he got the notorious (this is where Mr Paris Hilton Site would draw lines through the words of hate) party girl and ex-con to pose for him.

“Actually the original idea was we were gonna see if Lindsay, Britney and Paris would all shoot,” he said. “But ultimately we decided that that was probably gonna be too prohibitive ‘cause then you would get into, like, those girls fighting amongst each other. Paris I knew personally, and hung out with her a few times, and so I asked her. I said, ‘Would you be willing to do this?’ And God bless her, she came, she showed up at 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, sat in the chair, got made up and shot her. So anybody who thinks that those aren’t real photos, those are real. We took those photos.”


Smashing Pumpkin blog Wednesday, August 29, 2007

14:39 - Brand new video for “That’s The Way (My Love Is)” on myspace now!

Blog comments from

It reminds me of “Tonight Tonight.” Cool space travel look. To boldly go where no love has gone before…

Excuse me if I’m overwhelmed here by my favorite bit. Pardon my focusing on the brief appearance my dearest. That’s the way MY love is. I love it this video the most because the most fair is in it. It’s only for two seconds, and I’m sure it’s two seconds that most would call a double trouble damn disgrace. If they only knew…

There @ 01:45, following the first chorus, and after the next verse’s second line, when the girl on the motorbike looks back over her shoulder, there up on the flying video screen it is: the Paris Hilton bubble. With an atom bomb exploding behind her, Paris fixes her black driving gloves and puts her hands on her hips… Now everyone was saying Paris was going down this year, & good riddance. But it’s the world that is doomed here. Miss Lovelight is alive & bright, looking foxy cool & in control. That’s damn hot.

First she’s on the cover of Tarantula, the first Smashing Pumpkins single in 7 years, and now she’s in the second video off the new album. “That’s The Way My Love Is” is the way your love is, Billy. Beautiful, bold & brave. You got big blonde brass ones for showing love to the most hated.

[from SP lyrics for “That’s The Way (My Love Is)”]
- “They’ll say your life’s a crime…”
- “They’ll say that nothing matters
Not even your will to survive…”
- “They’ll say you’ll lose your nerve soon
To claim identity
Disgrace our sacred promise
With no belief
Oh, how I believe in you
That’s the way my love is
That’s the way I care
You should call on me baby
I’m always there for you
Yeah, I’m always there for you”

Even Paris Hilton’s got it.
She shines out like a diamond delight in the night against the fashionable fascism of hate.
- Betch, don’t confuse hate with jealousy.
- Oops, I did it again.
She can sing she can dance she can clown she can bring it on with everything and more till there’s nothing left to lose out on the floor but herself in our l.o.v.e. for her.
You gotta FIGHT for your RIGHT to PARIS!
Paris is the new back in black.
Will not be stopped, cannot be topped.
That’s the way her love is.
Paris is punk.
The Mighty SP is bringing sexy back.
Loves it.

PS This video premiered here on MySpace August 29.
Paris Hilton Day.
Or better fate than ever?

The mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar B. Goodman, declared August 29, 2006 as Paris Hilton Day in honor of her debut album “Paris”. The mayor also handed over the key to the city to the pop star.

One year after releasing the album of the year, Paris, along with her sister Nicky, was back in Vegas, dancing the night away at the Pure nightclub. Paris, taking a break from the making of her second album, fulfilled a promise she made last year, to party in Vegas on August 29, 2007. Perhaps she was also celebrating the unveiling a friend’s new video.


…That’s the way MySpace love is…

Here's the link to the video:

thewaymouth - 30-8-2007 at 08:49 PM

PS I just posted the above blog on Paris's most recent MySpace blog, from Thursday, July 05, 2007: Teen Choice Awards 2007 Nomination

I introduced my comment above w/the following note.

That was not nice of the Teen Choice Awards freezing you out, Paris.
Their loss.
You are too big for them.

Well, here's a winner for you.
This was just posted by me (who else?) on the best Paris Hilton Forum on the best PH Site there is. The link:

[Then there is the body of my blog.]


BTW, mine is the only comment on her Teen Choice Award blog that consoles Paris on being locked out (& wishes her a Happy Paris Day).

PPS Did I mention that I am apparently the only one in the whole damn world, outside the Pumpkins, the director, and possibly Paris, who is aware she is in the video?

There are 95 MySpace comments ahead of mine on the Pumpkins blog, and no one mentions it. Plus, I did a search on Google and could find no mention of it. Granted, the video was released only yesterday on MySpace, and Paris is in it briefly.

But I had no idea she was going to be in it & I recognized her immediately. I couldn't wait to post on it.

I just love firsts!

My tribute to a legend of a song of a siren

Django - 31-8-2007 at 09:27 AM

Well spotted :) To be honest I seriously doubt I'd have spotted it without knowing to look out for it.

I like the new album. It was the Tarantula cover that made me curious to hear it, although I've been meaning to check out the Pumpkins before in the past.

terrellezell - 3-9-2007 at 08:21 PM

Paris doesnt sing it it does she?

Django - 3-9-2007 at 10:07 PM

No, it's just a very brief appearance in one of the background TV screens. No vocals from her.

terrellezell - 4-9-2007 at 10:50 PM

^Oh Ok thanx!

PARIS-HILTON-LOVER™ - 14-9-2007 at 03:57 AM