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Princess - 27-8-2007 at 03:23 PM

Yesterday on fox they showed all the simple life 1 and than after it they showed the simple life reunion! some one have that show please? I have all the dvds but I don't have the simple life reunion! if somone have it can you pls upload it for me bc I felt asleep haha and I didn't see it all and its seemed good

b3njee - 27-8-2007 at 05:53 PM

It's on the UK and Australian DVDs, but not the U.S one. If I could upload it, I would.

Princess - 27-8-2007 at 07:55 PM

:( I don't have it on my dvd! i realy hope if someone can upload it for me will bc its seemed so good and I felt asleep grr silly me hehe

Paris89Hilton - 3-9-2007 at 09:32 PM

I have this episode, because in Italy there's not the DVDs of TSL and so I download all episodes from internet...if someone explains me how i can upload this file i'll try to do it...

Princess - 4-9-2007 at 04:59 PM

really? omg thank you
go to this site and you have to login than click upload video :) thank you sooo much