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Paris hosts a Madhouse Party this Thursday night
thewaymouth - 29-1-2008 at 03:40 AM

Paris Hilton has a busy next 3 days. She will be in NYC to appear on TRL tomorrow, then films her Friday night appearance for David Letterman on Wednesday afternoon, and then hops a plane to Scottsdale AZ, the site of the Super Bowl. She will host a party there Thursday night. Although there is one newspaper story that has her listed as even performing, but that's not what is advertised.

Here a couple of ads for the gig w/Paris on them. I found these at the 944 magazine MySpace page.

For those of us that can't go, while we await the inevitable cellphone videos of Paris captured in action at the Super Bowl, here are links to my two favorite Paris club videos of the past year.
Paris hosts party @ LAX on NYE '07
(The guy in the wheelchair is an old friend who was paralyzed in an accident some years ago. Paris has helped support the charity he is associated with in the past.)
Paris & Nicky dance it up @ Pure on a Hot August Night in '07

Enkil - 29-1-2008 at 04:24 AM

Thanks for posting this. I also have a feeling that she won't be performing.

So it looks like she's going to have a busy week, especially since she has to promote the movie after Super Ball/whatever. It's also going to be fun to watch all her interviews and of course, "Hottie".

Though I know you're not too excited about "Hottie", thewaymouth! lol