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The Genius Of Stan Lee!
Django - 17-7-2007 at 04:55 PM

Now we know that a project between Stan "The Man" Lee and Paris "The Heiress" Hilton is actually going ahead.

However, as it's a movie, it would seem that any "Striparella/Pamela Anderson" ideas are wrong.

So what does everyone else thind? Animated or live action? Based on Paris as superhero or something completely different?

kevinareblind - 17-7-2007 at 09:03 PM

Ehh, I'm not really interested in this. So is it a movie that's going to big screens or a show that's going to air on MTV and I don't even know what Striparella is.

I want a live action film by Paris, the super hero movie sounds genius but I think she's doing a live action movie with Brett Ratner (sp) who directed Rush Hour 3 and I think X-Man's too.

Django - 18-7-2007 at 05:51 PM

Stripperella was a cartoon series created by Stan Lee and featuring the voice of Pamela Anerson (and with the main character resembling her). It was about a stripper who also has a secret identity as a crime fighter and seems to have made a lot of jokes at the cliches of the superhero genre.

I'd never actually watched it before but I checked out the first episode on You Tube today... and then found out that the third and final instalment of the episode isn't up!

thewaymouth - 23-7-2007 at 02:08 AM

Hilton Set for Cartoon Series
By WENN | July 18, 2007

HOLLYWOOD - Comic book guru Stan Lee is working with Paris Hilton on a new cartoon series for MTV.

Details are sketchy at present but the Marvel Comics superhero creator admits he's delighted with the project so far.

He tells TV Guide magazine, "She won't be your typical superhero. It's a very refreshing and compelling situation comedy.

"I like her, she's a very nice, lovely girl."

I applaud the praise of Paris given by Mr. Lee, obviously. But then I already think the same.

So it is a cartoon after all. I do like the idea of Paris as a Superhero. She already is one to me.

I would prefer live action. Because if this cartoon is anything like "Stripperella," I won't be compelled to watch much. I just saw some of Strip on youtube & it's as subtle, funny & refreshing as a car wreck.

[My own animated tribute to a legend of a song of a siren]

cosmogirl - 25-7-2007 at 10:23 PM

Do you love it?

Seriously though, what do ya'll think about La Lohan being a coke whore? Who could not see THAT coming from a mile away?!

FenixConnektion - 25-7-2007 at 10:33 PM

There are/were unsubstantiated rumors of Paris being the next "Supergirl" floating around. Being both a comic book and Paris Hilton fan, I'd die to see that.

But alas, it must be in the same vein as an animated series. One can only dream though!

Django - 26-7-2007 at 09:58 AM

FenixConnektion: I remember seeing a story about Paris being cast as Supergirl, but I think it was supposed to have been revealed as one of those April Fool fake stories shortly afterwards. Of course I do think Paris would make as good a Supergirl as anyone, although I get the feeling that any version of Supergirl nowadays would get treated as a postmodern ironic comedy or something rather than being treated like a new Superman movie. However, if made properly I'd love to see producers having that kind of faith in Paris.

Now me, I'd have cast her as Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie, facing off against Angelina Jolie as Megatron and possibly with Elisha Cuthbert as Bumblebee. But we all have our fantasies and maybe sometimes they should stay that way ;) But personally I think anyone could have come up with a better Transformers movie than the one that hit the screen.