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Author: Subject: Nicole Richie's Early Release Should Show Something Obvious
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[*] posted on 24-8-2007 at 08:57 PM
Nicole Richie's Early Release Should Show Something Obvious

Well, Nicole Richie spend less than two hours of her four days in jail. Why? Because the jail where Paris also went to is overcrowded. This is a perfectly normal situation, and Nicole should be treated just like any other inmate, something that the hyprocrites in the media always bombard us with.

Nicole Richie was served right. She was treated like any other inmate, but NOT Paris Hilton. Paris was not treated like her fellow inmate. No, she wasn't! When they released Paris a few days after she went to jail, the reason why they released her was not only because of her medical condition, but also because the prison was overcrowded. Paris wasn't supposed to go back to jail because her offense was minor compared to other real criminals.

Why didn't the hyprocrites in the media and celebrity haters complain about Nicole Richie's case? They did, but they didn't create a circus like they did for Paris. In fact, so many celebrity have been treated fairly in the past, unlike Paris.

The media and the public didn't want Paris to get fair treatment because she represents everything they want. Paris has a much more powerful image, but a distorted one. They think she's a billionaire and real spoiled brat.

They think the same about Nicole Richie, but they pay far more attention to Paris. And in fact, Paris is indeed one of the most powerful and famous celebrities of our time.

I think this is true injustice, but that's the way it is.

Do you guys agree with this?
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[*] posted on 25-8-2007 at 04:54 AM

Yes, it is totally unfair. Paris should get a public apology from that dumb judge.
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[*] posted on 25-8-2007 at 09:00 AM

poor Paris! yeah I agree it is totally totaly unfair:(
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[*] posted on 25-8-2007 at 09:36 AM

Of course I do like Nicole and wouldn't want her to suffer, but I can't help feeling a little annoyed about this (more than annoyed when I think of what Paris went through!). I know this happens to others, including actress Michelle Rodriguez, but a jail sentence should be more than just a few hours if it's to act as any kind of deterrent. Two hours or less is just like she filmed another little segment of The Simple Life. It also highlights how just about every celebrity gets treated better than Paris and I wish more people could see how unjust her sentence and treatment was. I agree that it shows up what hypocrites much of the world are with regards to celebrity "justice".

I know Paris will probably be relieved that her friend didn't go through more than she could handle, but I hope this isn't an upsetting reminder of the vile illogical hate she gets subjected to, even from the so called law makers.

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[*] posted on 26-8-2007 at 01:54 AM

As LeAnn Rimes sings in her jail break video, "Nothin' Better To Do":
"Nobody hurt, nobody harmed
Nobody's business but my own."

I am damn happy for Nicole. She was treated fairly. She had a good lawyer and went before a fair DA & judge & sherrif. She received & served a fair jail sentence. It is a statistical fact, one that the haters will ignore. Meanwhile, the probation she received is strict. Justice was served.

Paris went before a bad DA & judge. She was screwed. It's a statistical fact. She should sue. She was going to sue when they sent her back to jail after first being sent home. But she knew if she did she would be subject to more hate, even if she won the case. Instead she gets some, nowhere near enough, small credit for withdrawing her suit & serving her time.

She is hated mostly because of the riches she was born into, and the skeletons in her closet: One Night In Paris & Paris Exposed.

Paris got thrown to wolves & torn apart to the point where was she breaking down. But she gathered herself together and came out of it like a champ. She had her triumphant release. She was grateful for her supporters. She said she would learn from this experience & so far she is showing she has. The way she has gone about her life since has been a success: the endorsements, job offers, career plans, her charity, her open love of her fans.

She's more famous than ever. She lost a battle she should never have had to fight, and it perhaps left her with deep scars, but she won the damn war. The haters & doubters are still out there lurking, but she's loved more than ever. She is shining brighter than ever before. She came through it smelling like a rose, with her head held up high. She earned her badge of courage. Paris has made her own justice out of her injustice.

Nicole will get none of this publicity, good will or credit. She is going off now to have her baby. Her career has been stalled, detached from the Paris express. She is derailed for now.

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