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Repo! The Genetic Opera (New Movie)
Enkil - 27-7-2007 at 08:04 PM


Saw series mainstay Darren Lynn Bousman reunites with Twisted Pictures producers Oren Koules and Mark Burg for this futuristic shocker detailing a terrifying epidemic of organ failures. The denizens of planet Earth have been devastated by inexplicable and widespread organ failures, and as a result scientists begin planning a substantial organ harvest. Though an innovative biotech conglomerate subsequently offers the fearful public a means of maintaining their health by enacting a series of hassle-free organ payment plans, things begin to get messy when it's revealed that the financed body parts are subjected to legal default, and that failure to maintain proper payment will result in forceful repossession of the organs. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

So what do you guys think about this movie?

Personally, I'm VERY excited about it. It sounds so weird and disgusting that I just love it. What's really amazing is that not only Paris will be acting, but also singing. The only bad news is that it is currently rumoured to be released in 2009! It should out by 2008, not 2009 :(.

"Hottie" will be out in 2008!

I think Paris is picking very carefully her movies. "House of Wax" was a good choice in my opinion.

Paris is definitely back on track and working harder. The biggest news so far is her second album! :)

hiram_hilton - 27-7-2007 at 09:04 PM

yeah I´ve just read the whole thing at the site.. I dont even know what to think I mean it´s great she´s still on the movies when she has received such bad critics... I´ve never ever seen any movies of her, the only one that has been in theathers here in mexico is house of wax but everybody says its a bad movie, I´ve just seen the scene where she dies with that thing in her head from TSL4 when she´s with the biurtons and it looks completely fake, the maniqui even looks like her, anyway...

that movie obviously will bring a soundtrack so we´´ll have more Paris songs but I´m not sure about the movie I mean looks so bloody and violent... and it says it will make saw looks like disney stuff!!!!!!

I just hope nobody steal Paris´ brain or heart or arms or whatever that would be so so gross she´s so cute to be all stained with blood and be desmembered or whatever is the name for doing that LOL

Django - 28-7-2007 at 08:53 AM

hiram_hilton: Although different people will have different opinions, personally I thought House Of Wax was a hugely enjoyable movie with some clever surprise moments (on first viewing at least) and some macabre black humour. It does have some nasty moments for those of us who enjoy a little gore but mainly it's a rollercoaster ride of a horror movie with a brilliant setpiece finale. I know quite a few other Paris fans around here and elsewhere think of it as her best movie and far more professional than some of the others.

Personally I'm excited about this new project. A lot of it will depend on how well a musical transfers to the screen of course and the overall quality of the songs. But I like that Paris is being involved in a movie that sounds more offbeat, out there, less mainstream and very different from the typical projects she gets attached to. It could be a good way for Paris to branch out and hopefully open up casting directors and the public/media's minds. Don't get me wrong, I do want to see The Hottie And The Nottie get released and hope it will be enjoyable. I don't mind Paris doing things like romantic comedies, snooty bitch roles or whatever but I'm just pleased to see that she's not just doing the same old stuff over and over and being stuck in the mould that others have cast for her. I happen to think of Paris as multi-talented and multi-media (like David Bowie or Milla Jovovich) and I'd love more people to see that aspect of her too.

MyLastView - 28-7-2007 at 09:29 PM

This will definitely be an interesting role for Paris, but she always surprises. I'm sure it will be great.

Mat - 29-7-2007 at 10:31 PM

You know, it's a bit too Tarantino for my taste, but it doesn't mean I won't like it. I also found a new song. The quality isn't that good, but it'll be better in the movie, for sure.