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I got a letter from Paris!
asparkles98 - 9-8-2007 at 04:28 AM

YAY! Today I got a response back from Paris with a signed picture of her and I am so excited!
What a sweetheart, she actually took time to thank me for writing to her when she was in jail even though she got thousands of letters.
And she sent a personalized, autographed photo!


MyLastView - 9-8-2007 at 04:44 AM

That's awesome!! Congratulations! :)

Princess - 9-8-2007 at 07:04 AM

wow lucky you! congrats

Django - 9-8-2007 at 10:12 AM

Congratulations :D Wish I'd given her my address, but I suspect project at another fansite for someone to pass on people's emails to Paris while in jail, probably fell through and didn't happen anyway. I'm glad that Paris did recieve so many letters of support and sympathy from around the world anyway and they had a positive effect on her.

hiltonlover - 9-8-2007 at 12:16 PM


enbis78 - 9-8-2007 at 04:25 PM

That's amazing! I'm really happy for you! I wrote when she was in jail. I live in England though so didn't think there was too much chance of a reply. It was so cool to hear her say in the Larry King interview that letters from her fans had helped her through it, I really felt I'd made a difference. And the fact so many people got replies really shows how much she cares and appreciates the support we give her. Just an amazing person!

Heiress - 13-8-2007 at 04:54 PM

You lucky thing! I wish she's gonna answer me too when I write a letter. But she IS a sweetheart, I read one letter last week which was posted to web.

asparkles98 - 13-8-2007 at 07:17 PM

Well, I wrote her a great letter because I was in her situation before, being in jail for a driving infraction, and not belonging there being a sweet young white girl amoung the dregs of humanity. I am super surprised she wrote back and very appreciative! it was the highlight of my day

thewaymouth - 23-8-2007 at 10:11 PM

Not to toot my own horn -- yeah, right, ahem -- but Paris DID receive MY postcards sent to her in jail. They told her that
* PARIS is the best album of the past year,
* she was the artist of the year.
I asked her
* when does the most fabulously fun tour in the history of pop start.
I told her
* she can sing, she can dance, she can clown, she can bring it on w/everything & more till there's nothing left to lose out on the floor but herself in our l.o.v.e. for her.

I can't say that she read my cards, but she must have received them because last week I received her form thank you letter -- a copy of the one that the "fan" got & showed the media before she got out. I was disappointed not to get any kind of personal, individual response at all. Then again, I was happy because I know she received my postcards, someone had to read them to get my address off them, and finally there was the what came with: a signed pic, w/hugs & kisses of course (my name isn't mentioned but I still accept the love). The picture she signed & sent is a b&w version of the photo on her website, which is was set up solely to promote her promotion of her music.

Now she's working on a new album & planning to tour.
Win, lose or draw your own conclusions.