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New Britney Spears single here!
terrellezell - 31-8-2007 at 06:45 AM

Here is the new Britney single "Gimme More"!

MyLastView - 31-8-2007 at 04:59 PM

I don't like her, or it :/

But the beginning rocks. "It's Britney, bitch."

Enkil - 1-9-2007 at 04:43 PM

I like the song. It sounds very modern. It's definitely the type of song that you'd want to hear.

But it's nothing compared to Turn It Up and Turn You On, and it does remind of them. I've played those songs a zillion times, but maybe, I'd play 4 times a month this one.

If you agree with me, do you actually think the public would've gone crazy if TIP or TYO was released like did they for Britney's "Gimme more"? Of course not, we're talking about Paris Hilton's songs.

Mat - 2-9-2007 at 01:44 PM

Love this song I've played it a billion times. However, I think the lyrics and the beat are a lil' bit too similar to "Turn You On"

Princess - 4-9-2007 at 05:01 PM

I love that song so much! and i don't think its sounds like any song of paris!

Enkil - 5-9-2007 at 02:38 AM

Here's another leaked song:

Well that's it. Britney's new album is no "Paris." See this is what I hate about our generation. Artists who think it's OK to put one good song in their album and the rest, blah. I really hate this. And Britney just did that.... again!

But you see, Paris' album all the songs are excellent and super catchy. How can you enjoy a song if the beat is mediocre (some do actually), unless if there's something really special about it.

I talk about this many times and I use Paris' album as an example, but maybe only 5% of the public understands what I'm saying.

Some people might also say that this song is as good as Gimme More or Turn You On.

God, how can't you see the difference! :)

kevinareblind - 7-9-2007 at 05:31 AM

These songs are so dumb. The beats sound so 90s. The beats are over-used and so are the lyrics. Very plain and boring.

I loved Toxic and Do Something, she needs to release catchy upbeat songs.

TIU TYO > Gimme More