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Rene's new movie
phfan - 21-12-2007 at 09:16 PM

She must have one coming out because she just bashed Paris again and that's a sure sign of wanted publicity.

Is Paris treated the worst of anyone in Hollywood, especially by other celebrities? On this board, there's lots of discussion about the injustice of her jail sentence, as there should be, but she also gets a continual bashing by "real" stars (actors) when they want to promote a movie or an album. Unfair.

from hollyscoop:

"Actress Renee Zellweger won't be joining the Paris Hilton fan club anytime soon. Renee has slammed Hollywood socialites who use their partying lifestyle to become celebrities.

When asked what she thinks about Paris, Renee said: "I can't bear that scene. People work so hard to get where they are in this business, so it makes me angry when I see someone making a mockery of what we do, just trying to make five bucks."

Apparently she didn't get the memo about how you don't need talent to be a celebrity in Hollywood. Duh! The 'I'm famous for no reason' trend came in a close 2nd this year after getting knocked up for press. "


aussies - 22-12-2007 at 12:39 AM

actually it's kind of worldwide. This was in the Herald Sun on Friday. They make it seem like her jail sentence helped her. the media and celebs just want to bash her as a "no talent" celeb who found a way to make money without talent. Ignore them.

"Celebrities like Paris Hilton cash in on Notoriety"

NOTORIETY rather than talent has become a hot asset, with a growing demand for washed-up Hollywood stars and wannabes to appear around the world.

The so-called celebrities are cashing in big-time, charging exorbitant fees to keep up their lavish lifestyles.

A chocolate commercial here, a perfume launch there, jewellery store openings, award ceremonies, sometimes just a big party -- and organisers seem only too happy to line their pockets.

The new fame game is led by notorious party girl Paris Hilton and her sister, Nicky, who are said to be asking more than $500,000 to show up at a club this New Year's Eve.

"Paris and Nicky are shopping their partying ways to Vegas," an insider said. "Only they have the guts to ask for that kind of money.

"Paris will party at a few spots and Nicky will bless the lucky host with a fashion show of her wares."

It wasn't always so for the Hilton sisters. When they were brought to the Melbourne Cup by Channel 7 in 2003, they were largely unknown in the US -- let alone in Australia.

According to a Seven source, they were not paid a fee but were happy to attend the Spring Carnival on an all-expenses-paid basis.

That's not cheap, with first-class air tickets, five-star accommodation, limousine service and designer clothes.

The Hiltons were also promised a Gold Coast holiday at Palazzo Versace as an added incentive.

"Their phone bill was astronomical," the Seven source said. "Everybody wanted to give them clothes, and there were problems when many of them were not returned."

When Paris Hilton returned to Australia for New Year 2006 for the launch of Pure Blonde beer, her fee was a cool $250,000 -- on top of other sundry expenses.

And that fee continues to rise with her jail farce this year.

Enkil - 22-12-2007 at 01:01 AM

She's just stereotyping. Only clueless non-fans will identify and agree with her comments. And it's not Paris' fault if her jail time made her more popular. The public makes her more famous for the wrong reasons.

Django - 23-12-2007 at 11:01 AM

Oh dear, I wonder if Renee Zellweger is jealous that she wasn't asked to be the less attractive friend in The Hottie And The Nottie? :P LOL, wonder if anyone would leave their house just to see Renee host a Las Vegas New Year party or something similar?

Regardless of whether you like any of this person's movies or not, does anyone in the world actually care what this person has to say on anything? Would anyone think of her as an icon, an interesting person or someone who stands for or represents something? I'm just going to rob the rest of the world of freewill and say "NO!" on their behalf ;)

When these boring celebrities try to hitch a lift on the relevant wagon by bashing Paris, it's just like they're standing on a street corner peddling their wares to passers by (except actually doing that would be more honest, would take more guts and would be less hurtful towards their fellow humans).

Paris however is a sweetheart and a true example of celebrity. She doesn't need to bash others in order to get attention for herself or her latest product/cause. Paris takes her knocks and moves on. She doesn't do a wah wah wah like a Dave Grohl or a Renee Zellweger. She just moves on, involves herself in projects and enjoys life for what it is. And she is the one who stands out as an icon of the age she lives in, while being a good person to boot. Viva la Pah-ree!