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Has Paris Hilton Changed Since Her Jail Sentence?
Enkil - 18-9-2007 at 11:49 PM

Maybe, it's too early to ask this question, but I wonder what you guys think so far. I mean she said everything we expected to hear from her. It's just that saying she wants a baby by next year seems a bit irresponsible to me, but I'm sure she wasn't serious.

I'll make a definitive decision after 3-4 months, but so far, I personally think she's doing fine. What do you think?

Be sure to tell us what you expected her to change.

terrellezell - 18-9-2007 at 11:59 PM

Hell yea she has changed...she wasnt bad before either imo. I love Paris! And that person that said that about her will get hers. Karma is a bitch.

Enkil - 19-9-2007 at 12:04 AM

Originally posted by terrellezell
Hell yea she has changed...she wasnt bad before either imo.

Ah yes! I agree with you partially. But I guess I was asking if she has become a bit more responsible, because you know since her album release, she was pretty much out and having fun.

You know it's funny, when people ask me "has Paris changed?", I always need to ask them "change what exactly?" because a lot of them have the wrong image of Paris.

Anyway, to me, that's what she needed to change.

parisfan - 19-9-2007 at 12:09 AM

She still seems like she's out all the time. She just gave it a couple of weeks after she got out of jail before she returned to the party circuit. It seems like she's doing most of the same stuff, but she's just a bit more careful about what she's seen doing in public. I guess that could be maturation.

She also seems to be returning to the "dumb act" a bit. Witness the Aguilera baby announcement. It seemed staged. Almost like someone said you'll get a lot of media attention if you "accidentally" call Christina pregnant. Of course, the press then followed up with implied or explicit stories of "dumb" or "mean" Paris exposing Christinina's pregnancy.

Enkil - 19-9-2007 at 12:32 AM

Hrmm, no, I think she used to party and go out a lot more before her jail time. Now, it's rare to see her party like hardcore. Or maybe, I just haven't noticed it. I remember, after September 2006, every week TMZ and X17 were showing videos of Paris bascially going out and ignore her music and tour. She was still very famous, but she wasn't doing anything much let's just say. It kinda feels the same now, but I think it's because she's now working on her projects.

Hope I'm right.

kevinareblind - 21-9-2007 at 01:51 AM

When I get in trouble I'm sweet and nice to my parents for a while then go back to my normal ways, this happens to EVERYONE.

And also yes, she has dropped the dumb act. It's very obvious.

She seems to be focusing x3 more on her career too. A girls still allowd to go out and have fun.

Originally posted by parisfan
She still seems like she's out all the time. She just gave it a couple of weeks after she got out of jail before she returned to the party circuit. It seems like she's doing most of the same stuff, but she's just a bit more careful about what she's seen doing in public. I guess that could be maturation.

She also seems to be returning to the "dumb act" a bit. Witness the Aguilera baby announcement. It seemed staged. Almost like someone said you'll get a lot of media attention if you "accidentally" call Christina pregnant. Of course, the press then followed up with implied or explicit stories of "dumb" or "mean" Paris exposing Christinina's pregnancy.

enbis78 - 21-9-2007 at 03:53 PM

I don't think anybody who saw the Larry King interview could really doubt that she's changed. An experience like that would change anybody, especially considering that she went from a very protected lifestyle to the horrible harsh reality of prison.

I think one way she has changed is that, as she said herself, she's more grateful for what she has, and has maybe a deeper understanding of what some people have to go through in life. It seems like she's really taking her charity work forward more than ever, maybe as a result of her experiences.

She also is seemingly more focussed on her projects. Witness Repo, the clothes line, new book and album planned. I'd like to think that this is due to an increased understanding of her responsibilties to her fans, as she was clearly blown away by all our letters in jail. The fans helped her through that, and I think she appreciates us more than ever, which makes her more determined to give something back.

I'd like to emphasise that I never felt she NEEDED to change (not personality wise, maybe just in terms of focus). I loved her before jail, and will continue to love her after jail, but a traumatic experience like that will always change a person inside. And in her case, it's part of the experience of growing older and becoming more responsable. I would hate Paris to stop partying. It was her free-spirit partygirl ethos that many of us fell in love with in the first place, and she has a right to live her life and enjoy herself.

I feel Paris has grown as a person, and become calmer, more focussed, and more spiritual, but part of her is still the same fun-loving beauty of before, just older and wiser.

parisfan - 21-9-2007 at 05:01 PM

Of course, she can have fun, but there is a happy medium. On Larry King she said that it would no longer be the mainstay of her life. Just a casual glance at tmz or the e tv network shows her out a lot. She talks about how she likes to go to movies, or go bowling, yet it looks like she's at a club most nights. It looks very much like the pr strategy used after the release of her sex tape. She was quiet for a bit, than went out some, then was out all the time. That's not a criticism, but all of the partying led to what she has called mistakes, immaturity, and/or poor judgment. I'm just hoping that she doesn't repeat the mistakes for her own sake.

The rampant drug use, the seemingly shallow "friendships", the number of people going to rehab, getting dui's, or just acting like idiots on the hollywood club scene amazes me. ( That doesn't mean that I think she's doing drugs, but it's not a very constructive crowd/place to be with/in either.) Most of that crowd strikes me as losers. People who may be on a hit tv show or in an "it" band, but will never be heard from again in a year or two. Sort of like the high school football captain who later realizes that his life peaked at 17. Some are just wannabes. She, herself, has called the hollywood club scene dark and depressing. I really don't care, it's her life and I hope she is having fun. However, for her own sake, I hope that she finds fun in something else besides partying.

thewaymouth - 21-9-2007 at 05:05 PM

Let me answer that question with another:

Has & will her jail sentence, ever end?

(AKA, Is any of us ever truly free?)

I submit the following evidence in support of why I still wear my "Free Paris" t-shirts, button, and bumper sticker. Then I will feedback on the personal attack with my own reply.

Paris and the Puddle of AIDS

Posted Sep 17th 2007 1:02AM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Wacky and Weird, Paris Hilton

Apparently, you can get AIDS by stepping into a puddle -- at least that's what Paris Hilton thinks.

TMZ caught the heiress leaving Les Deux last night, where she was swarmed by paps -- with the resulting crush causing her to step into a puddle. After someone screamed, "You stepped in sewer pee!" at her, Paris can be heard telling one of her buddies, "Oh my God, I have, like, AIDS." Nurse!

September 18, 2007 at 10:50AM
filed under Paris Hilton |

Paris Hilton Has, Like, AIDS

We have yet to encounter an object, living or inanimate, that is dumber than Paris Hilton. We bet if you found a still-steaming pile of cocker spaniel feces in your front lawn, with enough determination you could teach it the alphabet, give it a press pass, and send it to The Ivy to conduct a one-on-one interview with Paris. And when reporter poo pile asked Paris about how involved she was with designing her new clothing line, she'd just say, "You're stinky. Gross." And in case you're thinking that we're being too harsh on Ms. Hilton, let this item from MSNBC crawl into your brainpan and fester:

It was the Princess and the Pee, reports TMZ, when Paris Hilton stepped in a puddle of sewer water after exciting an exclusive nightclub. When an onlooker announced that the puddle might very well be urine, a perturbed Paris made a misguided announcement regarding communicable diseases. “Oh my God, I have, like, AIDS,” she exclaimed. Gee, maybe she should have stuck out high school a little longer, if only for a semester of sex ed.

We thought the one subject Paris would be well versed in would be sexually transmitted diseases. But then again, maybe she thinks, "Aw, f*ck it, the herp ain't that bad, so what do I care if I get another?"

Paris Hilton Thinks Stepping Into Urine Will Give You AIDS - That's some news... Has Paris broken into an ultra-secret research lab and got hold of that information?

By: Monica Gaza, Entertainment News Editor

In case you've decided your life is pretty dull and you need a daily portion of excitement and adventure in it, and yet you find it difficult to leave your computer behind, here's a thought: subscribe to a newsfeed about Paris Hilton, and your life will never be the same again. You can accompany the blonde heiress on her meandering road through bushes, club bathrooms and fashion shows, watch her leap over fences, battle dangerous gossip rivals and emerge smiling successfully (and dumbly) with the satisfaction of having made your life – and hers – a little better.

Now, we all know no one beats Paris when it comes to STD knowledge. The woman knows her diseases, that's for sure, having been intimately familiar with some of them after she became infected from her various boyfriends. So, you see, there's a lot she can teach us all about how they are transmitted and how to keep yourself safe. It comes as no surprise, then, that she believes that stepping into someone's pee could give you AIDS.

Paris was just on her way out of one of those exclusive nightclubs which she so frequently attends, when she accidentally stepped in a puddle of what looked like sewer water. One of the people watching however noticed that it was probably urine. Paris' reply is one of those things that echo into your mind for all time, across ages of human ignorance. "Oh my God" – she exclaimed – "I could have, like, AIDS".

Yes, people, Paris Hilton and probably some nomadic tribes somewhere out there in Africa still believe you can get AIDS by stepping into pee. And I do have some serious arguments about why Paris should have stayed in school a little longer. Well, if she had, she had also learned that AIDS is transmitted mainly through human intercourse, that is sex, and I think she would have liked the thought – I mean, if you will end up with a deadly disease, at least getting it should be fun, right, Paris?

And while we're all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping the puddle Paris stepped into was not AIDS-infected pee, I think she should be more careful about the other routine stuff she does. I heard climbing over fences will give you herpes – and partying till dawn more than once a month is a sure way to get Chlamydia. I wonder what being irreversibly stupid will do to your genitals though. But I'm already in Paris' territory now, can't go in any further or I might catch something, too?

In case you missed it: the link to the video footage:

While everyone else is still stuck spinning their wheels down in the puddle of vomit of mud of their own making, Paris rises above it all

Comment from thewaymouth
(right about now)

“I fake it so real I am beyond fake.”
- Hole

Unfortunately loser media/bloggers are having a field day with this video. They are claiming that Paris really thinks she could get AIDS from the puddle. When clearly Paris is making an off-the-cuff remark, a damn joke in response to the guy who yelled out that she had stepped in sewer pee. If she really thought she had the remotest chance of getting AIDS from the puddle she would not have smiled and laughed it off.

She's a caution, a riot, laughing all the way to the bank. She plays off her audience's expectations, and they fall for it every time. She knows her audience so well. Meanwhile from the look on her face it is so obvious she's goofing. Paris after all plays SILLY, in the group, the Sanasas. Not only is Paris smarter and funnier than people give her any credit for, but because of that fact that they either don’t get it, don’t get her — and I think a lot of them actually do get it but won’t admit it, because they don’t want to admit it, they don’t want to get her, don’t want to give an inch of credit to her for anything, or are afraid if they admit they really really like her, they'll be ostracized from their mean people suck club -- THEIR denial of the actual evidence of the truth, in the end just makes HER look so much cooler & smarter & more real than them. Of course, to me she is. Quite.

Despite what everyone says, so cruelly, that she’s like this walking STD slime-ball idiot witch, a reckless monster dragging and spreading her disease on everything she touches or comes near, an evil stain that’s soiling the world… It is quite obvious that Paris is actually a very clean person. She’s actually my immaculate conception of a star.

She is amazingly calm, courteous and generous with the media, considering that they swarm all over her all the time. They are the sleaze-bags considering what leeches they are. They praise her all the time in hopes her guard will let down around them and she’ll say or do something that they can exploit and make money off of from making her look bad.

Here, she’s being pulled along by her friends, and all the lights are flashing in her face. Because of the tight quarters due to the paparazzi, her handlers don’t do a good job and lead her right into the puddle. She didn’t lose her damn footing. So she got caught off-guard and got upset, like anyone would. Even more so someone as neat as she is. Besides, she’s on constant display and so naturally wants to always look her best.

But then immediately as she venting, the diplomat inside her pops up. She smiles through her anger. Her outrage becomes just another part of the business of showtime, her larger than public life that is her grand performance.

She’s a class act. She is so funny and sexy, so cool she's so misunderstood. No matter what Hilary Duff or anyone else thinks, Paris has dignity. She is damn dignified. She’s a one hell of a lady.

Life is too short to waste time hating/being jealous. Paris is so sweet, she wouldn’t hurt even a fly. Meanwhile the world wants to swat her down like a bug and pull her wings off, then hold a magnifying glass over her and burn her to death. But inside Paris I see wings beating, a soul firefly, a warm wonderful wonder that shines on and out and through all the world’s dark shit.

A video like this one that makes people take out all THEIR inner ugliness on HER outer beauty, just shows them up, not her. She is constantly faced with the cold hard bars of people’s pride and prejudices, yet she’s constantly breaking away from them. They are trying to imprison her with their own hellish disappointments with their own life while she’s too busy being free... trying to find, to create and to have one heavenly time. They are trying to pee all over her parade, but they can’t catch her up in it. They're losers. She's a winner. She's an artist who really does know the art of war.

No prison can hold Paris. She’s gentle yet determined to have her way. She’s kind but she’s not crazy. She is not stupid. She just keeps it simple. Simply absolutely fabulous. . She’s a one in a million dollar talent. A material girl with the most spirit in the material world. She’s Miss City of Lovelight. She’s the Eiffel Tower of Pop Power. “Try and tear me down.” But why? Why try to beat her when you can join her, when you can’t win but you can instead come on along and enjoy the sweet ride?

Maybe I’m crazy. Or just crazy from her heat. She ultimately reminds me more than anyone, why life is worth celebrating. She reminds me to keep rooting for the underdog, protecting damsels in distress, fighting for truth & justice. To “let love rule” and “jump up, jump up and get down!”

She IS changing. My princess is becoming my queen.

enbis78 - 23-9-2007 at 05:54 PM

Wow! Another great post from thewaymouth. It's incredible because I saw that video a few days ago and thought nothing of it, but it's incredible how one nothing comment can get picked up and twisted by so many haters. It shows what she's up against, and the shit Paris has to through due to the horrible jealousy of the world. Never forget Paris - WE LOVE YOU!

thewaymouth - 24-9-2007 at 05:33 AM

[Thanks, Enbis78! I like your work, too.]

UPDATE: As I feared/expected, over the weekend on TV, The Best Week Ever ran w/this, too, as part of The Sizzler. It was awful. They tried to make her look such an idiot. They said you can't get AIDS from a puddle. Unless you're having sex in a puddle. Which of course they said she probably has done.

So of course I was bummed. But despite everything, I can't get enough of the tape on its own merits. Other reasons not mentioned above, I love when she stretches to get out of the puddle and only naturally flashes some thigh. Hey, I'm a leg man, and she has the most gorgeous pair. Just another reason I love her.

And again, to me this video shows she can be silly, but also quick and funny. Besides the "OMG!" being hilarious, how about the comment at the end, when they are pulling her along fast, and she yells out, "RUNNING WITH THE BULLS." Brilliant!

Unfortunately for her & us she also has to run with the "Bullshit." Well, keep on outrunning, out-gunning, & out-funning them all, baby.