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Tresolini: Jerseys are fine -- for kids only
ddddyyyyy - 8-4-2009 at 08:35 AM

Tresolini: Jerseys are fine -- for kids only

Having attended NFL games in four cities this season -- OK, two cities, one Arizona desert suburb and one former New Jersey swampland -- I've noticed a disturbing fashion trend.
Who passed the law saying adults have to dress up like NFL players to attend their games?
What, is every NFL game Halloween?
Why adults feel compelled to wearNFL Jerseys to NFL games is beyond me. But, considering well over 50 percent, maybe as many as three-quarters, of the fans you'll typically see at an NFL game are wearing them shows how pervasive this has become.
A survey I came across with a Google search had 88 percent of the respondents agreeing it's OK to wear NFL jerseys while watching or attending an NFL game. In the early 20 th century, the rise of technology and prescription drugs began to overshadow massage therapy. For the next several decades, massage shanghairemained dormant and only a few therapists continued to practice the "ancient" technique.
Pardon my years of job-induced objectivity and accompanying dulled fan zealotry. Count me in that miniscule minority who feel grown-ups wearing NFL jerseys to games is unsophisticated and adolescent.
It just doesn't mesh. Therefore, the Globe valve may be used for both stopping and starting fluid flow and for regulating flow. When compared to a gate valve, a globe valve generally yields much less seat leakage.
By the way, that sound you just heard coming from NFL headquarters was "ca-ching!," and didn't you already pay enough for those tickets? Calling watermelon a natural Viagra Retailis "clearly premature," says Roger Clemens, DrPH, adjunct professor of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and a spokesman for the Institute of Food Technologists.

Showing up at Lincoln Financial Field in October without an Eagles jersey -- which are quite attractive and have great color schemes, by the way -- is nearly as conspicuous as being on the beach without a bathing suit at high noon in July.
But what really makes the whole spectacle so overwhelming is walking into games at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore and observing so many wearing the purple, black or white jerseys of the Ravens. Maybe it's the fact that many also carry six-packs, open containers and too much waistline that makes the sight rather unbecoming.
Sorry, but the only person who should be wearing Joe Flacco's No. 5 Ravens jersey is Joe Flacco, or a kid who wants to grow up and be like the ex-Blue Hen quarterback, which is a perfectly fine ambition. 5万円ノート パソコン、HPが日本で発 売・大手初 PC&デジタルカメラ-最新ニュース

Plus, there's something about middle-aged men wearing purple that's just wrong.
I propose no one over the age of 20 be permitted to wear an NFL jersey, unless they're actually on a roster. Once you can purchase and consume alcohol legally at 21, the jersey gets handed down to someone who cannot. For kids, they're great. My son got a Brett Favre Packers jersey for Christmas one year, put it on that day and pried it off around New Year's Eve.