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Another CALL for another BOYCOTT - This time of the TV GUIDE to HATE
thewaymouth - 5-6-2008 at 10:11 PM

The Nicole/Paris comparison is fun & funny.

The Paris' bio is such BS.

PARIS has parlayed Paris, not her getting laid in that "sex tape."

That sex tape, that she did not release, has caused her so much more harm than help.
She has succeeded as much as she has in spite of it and all the shit she's taken for it.
Paris' beauty, personality, talent and hard work is what won her fans. That's how she made her millions.

And then Paris never said she was going to devote her life to charity after she got out of jail.
But she has been involved in quite a number of charitable actions.
But of course that just gets ignored.

Turns out TV Guide is just another hater-media.
Get in line...
To be shot.
...With a Mike Burns 4 U Boycott. Pink Floyd "Run Like Hell" (live) [& some Paris tossed in]

itsnicole - 6-6-2008 at 12:06 AM

ew. :p

I hate when people say "oh she never does charity work...blah blah"
There is proof that she does charity work! I believe she recently visited an orphanage in Moscow!

FallenMorgan - 6-6-2008 at 12:23 AM

Why does everyone pick on Paris about the video? Why not Rick Salomon, the bastard who took advantage of a 19 year old girl, purely for her money and her body, and then made millions off of a disgusting video.

Why? Because in western society, it seems that a guy can have sex on camera and be a lucky guy, while the girl is a whore or something. First of all, let me say rick salomon is disgusting, both in appearance and personality.

It's sad that he was probably her first boyfriend she had after the age of 18, the first boyfriend that we know of. Her first adult boyfriend was likely this disgusting 32 year old man (he was that age back then). I hope he dies a painful death.

Enkil - 6-6-2008 at 01:41 AM

Whoever wrote that bio is not only a hardcore hater, but also a complete media-brainwashed person. Yeah, I get angry when I read things like that. :mad: We've seen it so many times before.

Andrei - 6-6-2008 at 08:12 AM

Eh, Paris My sweet girl...
I For a long time already has noticed,that she very love Nicole as a friend...
When they was together,she did not appreciate friendship, Sometimes she spoke bad about Nicole , sometimes she flirt with her boy...
After Simple Life they dispatch by the own roads...And Paris starting to feel lonely...
- I think it was every evening from Paris to Nicole... Paris on the phone to Nicole: " Let's go to the club " , " Let's go somewhere else " , " Can I come to you on a visit ? " ... But Nicole starting to ignore Paris , And one day Paris start to think strategy - her helper was Benji , And I think her relationship is not only PR step, but to be more close to Nicole and to cover absence of own relationship... But that thing only made worse her friendship with Nicole...
Paris must ignore Nicole for some time, and someday she will call to her... This is sense ...
I really see many things , couse I have brains... Paris if you read this , Believe me, I wanna only better to you, I very Love you...And you know just some words, and I'm at you...
Don't be fake , be a real human...