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Author: Subject: Paris Hilton's Pictures Thread

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[*] posted on 4-9-2007 at 05:15 PM
Paris Hilton's Pictures Thread

Post your favourite pictures of paris here! Its cool to see what are everyone favourite pictures, and we can keep posting more and more pictures in this thread! I'm sure there are pictures I never saw so post hehe

Here are mine:

This is so cute!

So Beautiful
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[*] posted on 4-9-2007 at 10:57 PM

My fav pics of Paris are in my signature!
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[*] posted on 5-9-2007 at 03:55 AM

All my favourite pictures (or almost) come from her debut album. They're so well done and very creative.

And so many others! It's impossible to post all of them. I also love her studio videos even if she's just acting. They're so well done. I admire them a lot and hopefully, one day I can do something with them and present it here.
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[*] posted on 27-9-2007 at 11:10 PM

Great choices, Princess. I especially like your second one from the top, the one w/the pony tail & the green sweater.

As any true Paris lover knows this shot is from what has to be the best set of candids ever, of her, of anybody. If you can call them candids. They are candids off an impromptu runway. The most blissful paparazzi shots ever...

Paris is released from jail.

.... Even just writing that date, even over three months later...
*I'm getting a little verklempt*

Talk amongst yourselves.
I'll give you a topic.

Which is more beautiful, Paris the city, or Paris the woman?

Like there is anything to discuss.
"Cherchez la femme, cherchez la femme...
dans la nuit, dans la nuit."

...There. I feel better.
It's quite silly. I'm quite silly. I quite like Silly. Of the Sanasa's, that is. AKA Paree.

The pics of her walking out of jail have become my favorite holiday pics of all time. 06.26.07 is I'm sure, one of the most meaningful holidays of her life. And after what she went through, what we went through in support of her, feeling for her, it's the same for us, for me.

As horribly painful and totally wrong as her jail time was, it did bring us closer. She became family.

An aside: one reason I am tearing up just now, is anticipating tomorrow night's appearance, her first live interview since her jail experience. I wish I could be there. David Letterman had better be generous, stand up and applaud her when she walks on, and that Late Night crowd better cheer their damn asses off.
But I digress...

Those jail release photos are among the most gloriously radiant pics of anyone ever. Thanks for including one in your collection, Princess.

And of course, I'm w/you, too, Enkil. Her pro shoots are over the moon, but esp her sessions for her album, PARIS.

Emotion once again plays into this because I just love that CD. It is easily one of the main reasons I love her so much... until her jail experience brought it to a whole 'nother level.

Not only because her CD is the best thing she's ever done, but because she took so much shit for it... and because I loved her music, that shit she took made me feel like I was taking it too, & so then I went on a one-man crusade to defend the artist and album of the year.

Just to complete my thought, and as anyone paying attention knows by now I am obsessively completeist. If you will allow me...

This past year was m'affair de Paris. First came the album PARIS last August, which tied my heart to her. Then came the damn hype the following month from the media haters that she is the Number 1 most hated Hollywood celebrity (w/my beloved Lindsay coming in at # 2).

That hate just went right to my head. Being an old time punk/romantic/feminist, THEIR hate only made me mad, at their outrageous misogyny; made me defend my love for Woman, for Innocence, for Beauty; made me fight for my right to celebrate whosoever I choose. It just made me wear my heart on my sleeve, raise it up high and hold it up to the light, to shout it out into the night...


MY love grew and became ever stronger.

Then when she was sentenced, and went to jail, and was released and sent back to jail, and finally released, that all just sealed the deal. Tight. Forever. She is now as close to my heart as anyone or anything in this or any other world. I wish I was but I'm not IN love her. But love for her is so IN me... My heart is hers.

Which brings me now to my photo choices for you...

This is a great & yet almost impossibly tough subject you threw out on the table, Princess. That is why I held off on responding to this topic at first. The subject encompasses so much splendor. There are so many pictures of Paris, w/such a remarkably high percentage of them being so wonderful, it is so hard for me to wrap my head around the subject, to pick just one.

Since you Princess and Enkil have already shown love for the PARIS CD & 6/26 pics, I have to bring something new. Before I discuss my choice of a Paris solo shot, I must say some of my fav pics of Paris, are shots of her & Nicole together.

They are my absolute fav captures of two girlfriends showing love to each other. So they simply MUST be represented. I don't know if that's cheating. I don't think so. Nic Noc rocks but Paris is the one.

As far as one solo picture of Paris, there was this one wonder that has been on my MySpace profile page, and it is still blogged on my space. A pic that I have sent out to all my friends and to all the big media that I regularly email. The shot was part of my annual, emailed Thanksgiving card/extravaganza. This original collage came out last year. It was sent out on Black Friday, and entitled...


The original reason for including the pic in the TG card: I was so grateful the shot, for her beauty and radiance, for how much she moves me, that I wished to share the joy captured in the photo. I was so grateful for Paris enriching, affecting my life so dearly, w/her album that was all to me, that I wanted to spread my fabulous feeling to everyone. To anyone open minded enough to dare to believe in Goddess.

This Thank You card was also largely my reaction, my defense, my professed love, my personal thanks for the most hated Hollywood celebs. And my acknowledgment to the haters for forcing me to step up to the plate to declare my love for the ones they hated most.

So here we go. Along with my own comments, here are three of my fav Paris & Nicole pics, followed by my single solo shot.
BTW, it may not STILL be my single favorite ever solo shot, but hell's belles, it'll do.
Drum roll, please...

Foxy Lady Fireworks Turn On The Dream Works...

In a brilliant display of warmth & charm, Nic Noc dares extend her fab open heart. Grateful to be so blessed, Masha's happy heart smiles open wide...

The world's superchicks stand together as one for all the world to see. Up close, in tight, so sleek. Front to front, heart to heart, cheek to cheek. Heaven, I’m in heaven, in my blue heaven... A kiss of bliss in the dream doll house. Purrfect partners never part their hearts for long.

On A Clear Day You Can See That Love Can Last Forever...


This the living end def definition of when The Hollywood Glitz Twins sample The Simple Life:

1) Stars 'n' hearts 'n' bows 'n' dreamboats all afloat on the invisible wings of real American fairy doll princesses having one hell of a heavenly ball...

2) Celebrity skin shining in the sun, sitting pretty on the hood of a hunk of old metal melting pot, a lavender funny car traveling @ the speed of light fantastic w/out even moving, only pulses race all over the planet from staring into the face of such fast friends...

3) Golden hair surprises licking good humor beneath sweet designer sunglasses & over pink halter tops on down to short shorts revealing tasty treats of light brown tans & legs that go on for daze...

4) Girls Rule, Boys Drool.



"What light through yonder window breaks?"
...On a room w/the most spectacular view of the most photogenic woman of all time?
Must be the magical magnificence that is

& this is how my Thanksgiving card concluded,
w/a pic generated by me:

America's best atheist, thewaymouth AKA Demoncrat SubGenius
Rev Dr Mike Burns, has left the church on fire for you...

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[*] posted on 28-9-2007 at 07:52 AM

Great pictures thewaymouth. I especially love that top picture of Paris and Nicole. So adorable, so them, such a picture that I should have seen a million times before and yet it's new to me.

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