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Why I Love Paris Hilton
Django - 7-5-2009 at 09:50 PM

While going back and reworking this entry I wrote in my MySpace in 2008 (in an attempt to explain my passion and interest), I decided I might as well post the new version here too:

Why I Love Paris Hilton

I never actually planned on becoming a Paris Hilton fan. It just happened. A happy accident. Unlike many of the people who attack her, I never even heard of her until I saw a mention of her starring in the then forthcoming House Of Wax remake. Therefore, unlike all the people who trot out their lazy and unresearched "famous for nothing" or "she doesn't do anything" bull, I've always known of her for doing something. Even then, the short article I saw didn't even have a picture of her and later, when I heard the odd little thing of people dissing her, I just thought "well, I don't know anything about her, so I don't have an opinion" (plenty of other people clearly still don't know anything about her - not really - but unlike with me, it doesn't stop them having an "opinion" anyway - bandwagons are fun and it's always nice to be able to blame everything on someone else or to have a figure of hate).

I know that it was starting to watch The Simple Life that turned me into a actual Paris fan (just one episode was enough to have me saying "That's Hot!" and "Ewww!" afterwards, lol). Paris was so sweet, friendly and unassuming compared to the criticisms I'd heard about her beforehand (and ever after of course *eyeroll*). But it's harder to pinpoint exactly why I became such a big fan, so passionate, obsessed and fascinated with her. Of course there's other celebrities that I like, but not anywhere near the same extent of constant daily interest and without the special worship I have for Paris. I probably don't fit the average profile of the type of person that becomes a Paris fan (if there is such a thing - but I know I'm not the teenage girl who loves to shop that tends to dominate at some of the store signings captured on video) but I know from my favourite Paris site (a favourite of Paris's too) that I'm not the only old punk or older fan to be won over in this way.

I know that a big part of it down to how Paris makes me feel. How often she's cheered me up when I was feeling let down or depressed. When my cat Sylvester had to be put down for ill health, watching the first season of The Simple Life on DVD helped give me something to laugh about. When I was in hospital with a broken leg, after being attacked, I still made sure I caught the last two episodes of season three on hospital TV and then when I got out of hospital but was pretty housebound for a while, Paris's autobiography and more Simple Life DVDs were among the things I ordered from Amazon, to keep me occupied.

Another part I guess is that I guess Paris comes across as more fun and carefree than other celebrities (and unlike the legions of celebrities that bash her when they have a new product out, Paris doesn't need to put other people down in order to get attention or feel good about herself - something I've always liked about that other blonde bombshell Deborah Harry too). The fact is that while some "friends", beliefs, curveballs of life, romantic pursuits or other things may have let me down over the last few years, Paris never has. I lost my belief in a god entity with the suffering and loss of my mother in 2006, but Paris is the one person that I do have a kind of spiritual faith in. She after all has a kind of strength and spirit that I could only dream of (no matter how much people bash her or find ways to obstruct her or otherwise ruin things for her, Paris never lets it get her down for long or stop her from doing what she wants to do or being who she is). She does projects like acting, music, reality TV and various business ventures because she enjoys them and wants to make her own mark and way in the world (while the usual lazy and unresearched detractors whine inaccurately about Paris "living off her daddy"!). Paris does do some charity work, gives generous donations and tries to raise awareness about various issues in her own way (maybe not as much as Angelina Jolie but there's no law that says she has to do any at all and the haters will never give her any respect or thanks for it), but often we fans hear of it from the charity organisations themselves, while Paris just does it without any need to boast about it or wave the fact around for attention every time like some people might. Just as Paris doesn't have to do the charity work she does, no one is forcing her to be a nice and gracious person (and so many hateful and uninformed people would love to insist otherwise against the considerable evidence). And yet so many times I've seen video footage or heard fan stories of just how friendly Paris is, even when others might feel a bit harassed. The simple fact of her existing and my knowing about it makes being stuck in this empty world that much more bearable and more exciting (and consequently it makes me hate her detractors and critics even more because they are after all trying to take from me one of the few genuine joys in my life). With all the entertainment, joy and happiness she's given me, the bottom line is that my world would be a very empty and miserable place without Paris in it. So if in time, she has become one of the people I most care about and feel most loyal to in the world that is why. I've felt so disappointed and deserted by so many people and things in the world, especially since my mother died and the world can seem such an uncaring and worthless place. But Paris keeps on shining and that at least keeps me smiling.

Thank you Paris, for being a gift in my life :)

Enkil - 10-5-2009 at 02:11 AM

Ah! That's pretty much a summary of what you've said in the past. It's amazing how Paris can personally mean a lot to someone.

I know it sounds strange sometimes, but she has also had a similar impact on me that goes beyond what I do with, in a more personal way. Being a fan also means that in some way, the person whom you like has some influence on you. Anyway, that's a bit personal.

But I agree, most fans on are not like those "at some of the store signings." Most of them like her for different and sometimes unimportant reasons. They just fail to see her the way we do.

Django - 10-5-2009 at 08:52 AM

I don't mind a lot of the more casual uninformed fans, as at least they can turn out to support Paris some of the time or they can add to the ranks of people willing to come out and say that they like her (sometimes a brave act when you're in the minority of one in a group and others can't respect your view). These people at least can show Paris some love at signings or online and can remind the haters that not everyone shares their hateful approach to life.

But it does annoy me when some of the more uninformed "fans" seem to buy into the myth of Paris being unpleasant and a trainwreck and actually think that that's the reason why everyone is drawn to her. And of course it can be a little disappointing when you see people in line being asked why they like Paris for TV and they don't seem to know themselves or don't bother to mention any of Paris's creative pursuits or best qualities.

I've seen some people have trouble with the term "hater" with me elsewhere. They seem to think it automatically applies to everyone who isn't a fan. That's inaccurate of course, as I'm sure just about any Paris fan around here would know. There's people I'm not a fan of, am indifferent to or dislike to some extent. But I don't go around making nasty comments at every opportunity or turning up at sites, articles or forum threads just to bash people who aren't doing me any harm.