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What Producers do you hope will work on the second album?
kevinareblind - 14-7-2008 at 07:16 AM

What producers do you guys want Paris to work with on her second album? I think she's not using any mainstream producers like Timbaland, Danja, The Clutch, Bloodshy & Avant, etc so I really wonder what producers she is going to use.

We all know Scott Storch is going to be one of them and wasn't it confirmed earlier that Slash was producing her first single? Anyways I hope she continues her work with Kara Dioguardi, JR Rotem, and Scott Storch. I hope she really mixes it up!

When she says "dance music" does she mean something like Britney Spears?

cantinflas - 14-7-2008 at 08:37 AM

hope she works with the same producers she worked with last time because they know beats and they are really good at producing tracks.but If she chooses other producers it might be a risk because u never know, they might not be up to par with the others she has worked with in the past. All I know is that Paris will always deliver whatsoever.

Enkil - 14-7-2008 at 04:24 PM

Yeah, I agree. Scott Storch should definitely be one of the producers. I know some people think Scott Storch and his beats have been "overused," but personally, I think when he works with Paris, they both pick the best beats!

I'm also going to say that I hope Paris' second album will be a bit more mature than her first one. I say, drop all the "hot" and "sexy" words. Keep the word "kewl," though. I like it! ;)

I just want it to be more mature like other artists (not that I find their albums better), but it absolutely has to be as GOOD as the first album for me to support it to the max.

xXxParis_for_PresidentxXx - 8-2-2009 at 09:39 AM

She definitly has to work with Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, Scott Storch, Jonathan Rotem. That would make her album to a million seller, I mean, all of them (eccept Storch) worked with Britney, and her CD is doing that well.

And maybe she has to work with Max Martin; He wrote worlwide hits like "baby one more time", "oops i did it again" for Britney. "I kissed a girl", "hot 'n' cold" for Katy Perry, and look at it, the both singles of Katy are worldwide hits as well, so working with Max Martin is just a good thing.