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thewaymouth - 23-9-2007 at 07:03 AM

I repeat, this is NOT a repeat.
PARIS HILTON is the featured guest on
LATE NIGHT with David Letterman,
CBS, Friday, 09/28/07, 11:35 PM ET

- Why sure! As it is I am already a


Enkil - 23-9-2007 at 04:06 PM

Thanks a lot for this info.

terrellezell - 23-9-2007 at 06:52 PM

What is that big picture?

Enkil - 23-9-2007 at 07:04 PM

That's Paris Hilton in Repo! I think. :)

thewaymouth - 23-9-2007 at 11:13 PM

1), Yes indeed, that's Paris as her Repo! character, Amber Sweet.

2), You're quite welcome re: the announcement about Paris on Dave.

Yeah, I just found out about it yesterday, in the TV Guide. Actually got something out of it for once -- I get it delivered to me, why, I don't know -- I never ordered it. Anyway, I found it listed among the late night TV talk show guests for that night.

I read it w/a combination of mostly excitement, mixed w/some sadness and disgust. It was definitely an emotional moment. Her first REAL TV appearance since her jail experience, if you ask me. Don't even get me started about Larry King.

So this is sure to be an amazingly great appearance, no? I can't wait till she walks out on that stage. They better cheer her big time!

But how does TV Guide announce it? Just like how they do anybody else's talk show appearance? "Joe Schmo will discuss his new album blah blah blah..." For Paris, is she on to discuss her jail time, her new clothing line, shooting her movie scenes this week? Of course not, silly. Here's the quote:

"Paris Hilton promotes herself."

The BS never ends... Paris has been mostly neglecting her MySpace blog, again. She needs to get someone to blog announcements for her, so her fans don't miss out, so they don't have to read all about her in such a negative way.

Anyway, even if Dave & the crowd don't care or treat her mean, this appearance is gonna rock my world!

kevinareblind - 24-9-2007 at 10:20 PM

Hmm thanks for telling us this, I better tune in!

Enkil - 25-9-2007 at 12:16 AM

She did this interview today in New York! Let's see if this was a good interview, but since David is one heck of a clueless interviewer, he'll probably ask her the same questions he asked her in previous episodes.

You'll see. He will ask her questions about her boyfriend and clubs. I can even bet on this!

thewaymouth - 25-9-2007 at 01:02 PM

I'm expecting a lot of questions about her jail experience.

What I don't want Dave to do is talk down to her, like he did back in June when he repeatedly dropped crap on Nicole Ritchie. Kept giving her the old fogy's lament of, "I don't know what's the matter w/you kids today, wah wah wah..."

Paris did her time, time she didn't deserve to serve, so let it go.

Besides, Dave is a hypocrite. I was a big fan of his back in the 80's when he was cool. When he was not such a holier than thou but instead celebrated rebels like himself. When he was a frequent Connecticut speeding ticket recipient. He always drove way above the speed limit. He got so many tickets he started using radar gun scramblers to evade the law.

He could have killed someone. So enough the wave of the finger, bitch.

thewaymouth - 29-9-2007 at 03:16 PM

Well, that sucked.

With a side of suck.

I am so damn mad… She should NEVER do his show again. EVER. That was so insulting.


Dave sucks. Now I watched him loyally every night back when Late Night began in 1982. He was damn funny back then. He hasn’t been funny since he before he went to CBS. I’d say his show started growing stale in about 1991.

He’s never been a great interviewer. But he’s so terrible now. He was utterly awful last night. He’s so old & in the way.

This was worse than I imagined it would be. Asking on & on about what she ate in prison! Never mind that it’s well known she didn’t eat most of the crap they served.

He talked down to her the whole time. Treated her like a bad child. She looked mad and bummed out.

I have to give kudos to Paul — he complained to Dave, saying that’s how you start off, asking her “so how was jail?” Dave wouldn’t let it go. Kept going on about her being in jail... “That was really ugly.” The crowd groaned. Like, enough already.

When she said she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, the crowd applauded loudly. The crowd rocked when Dave just dogged it. They didn’t blame her one bit for wanting no more of his insinuations. He was torturing her.

The absolute worst was this crap Dave was spewing about her being a role model, for having a designated driver from now on when she drinks. “In all seriousness, this could be your legacy, to the young people.”

She should have walked off the stage right there & then.

Thankfully a guy in the crowd yelled out right at that moment, “I love you, Paris.” Such perfect timing. She was so cool in returning the love.

Dave complained after the break, that the interview didn’t go as planned. Because you could tell he wanted to rip her MORE about her jail experience! That’s why he had told her before the interview ended, he feels like they were cheated out of the visit. Because Paris wouldn’t play along with his shit.

She is a woman. She has class. A woman with dignity does not talk in public about things that embarrass them, does not sit idly by and let herself get raked over the coals. Kudos to Paris.

Besides, he should have cleared his deck and scheduled this interview back in July if all he wanted to talk about was only her jail time. It was an ugly incident that she'd like to move on from. Show her some damn respect, bitch!

Before she left he asked her what she was going to do that night. So she told him was going to the Amfar benefit. He was surprised. Talk about not doing your homework. She was only chairing it. Does he then take the opportunity to talk about her charity work? No.

To Dave, she’s just a pretty prop for him to prod & poke. She has no other value.

Well, f#@% you, Dave. She’s a humanitarian, a model and an artist. A shining shooting star. THAT will be her legacy. Her damn work.

This is your legacy Dave. You had 9 years of great work, followed so far by 17 years of decline, becoming a total has been hack. Your former cutting edge has completely dulled.

You’re a doddering old biddy. You’re just mean and petty. You’re so over. You stuck around way too long. You soiled your former glory.

Paris is back in black. Dave is just full of black shit.


According to Paris Hilton said she will never again do another interview with him because “Dave started making jokes about jail and asked her how the food was.” Paris played along, but she was mad after the show. quotes a source: “She burst into tears and her people told the Late Show people Paris would never do the show again!”

Hear hear! Only do Leno, Paris. That would show Dave up.

You don’t talk to a woman like Paris Hilton like that!

Well, I'm off to post this on Paris's MySpace blog. Least I can do as I had told her friends to tune in to the show.

Paris herself was wise not to alert us to her appearance after all.

The only thing good that may come out of this is it will spur Paris on to do more great work. To show them all.

So these clowns will be less likely to say her legacy is that she became a role model for young drunk drivers. Or at least that there will be less clowns saying it. Because there'll always be people around ready to shovel shit on your grave.

Her legacy is already well secure w/me...
I'll always have Paris.

thewaymouth - 30-9-2007 at 03:56 AM

Django - 30-9-2007 at 10:35 AM

Nice one, thewaymouth :) I'd love to see Paris erupt out of the waves and bite that doddering senile old fool in the ass!