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OMG!!!!Got a Prop Form The Hottie & The Nottie!!!
PARIS-HILTON-LOVER™ - 10-2-2008 at 01:49 AM

I swear on my sole!!!!The actual pillow from the movie Paris was laying on!!!Got it because my teacher's friend made the movie!!!And my teacher said she would try and get something for me!!!!

PARIS-HILTON-LOVER™ - 10-2-2008 at 01:51 AM

Here it is!!!

Enkil - 10-2-2008 at 02:08 AM

Hehe PARIS-HILTON-LOVER™, that's really kewl! Thanks for posting!

parishiltonfan4life - 10-2-2008 at 05:25 AM

Aww you're so lucky :cool: