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FallenMorgan - 2-3-2008 at 06:36 AM

The admin is going to post one of my poems about Paris on the poetry page. I write a lot of poetry about Paris, because it's my way of venting how much I care about her.

Stay strong,
Sweet angel,
Do not cry,
Your tears haunt my dreams

Angels like you,
Should not cry,
And you didn't,
Yet the visions,
Of you,
In my head,
Of you,
With tears rolling down your face,
Hurt me

I wish I could wipe away those tears,
But yet I will never be able,
To do that,
Will I see your face,
Anywhere except,
A tv screen

And when I hear your name,
It's something that hurts me,
Something painful,
Something that haunts my dreams,
Smothers all hope,
And brings horrible images,
Of tears,
Tears of an Angel

Would you like me to post any more?

Django - 2-3-2008 at 08:21 PM

That was a well written and touching poem. I'm sure I'm not the only other fan/male admirer that can relate to that feeling (I think people could probably relate it to others they care about in some way too - caring about someone makes you vulnerable). I think Paris would appreciate the thought and feeling behind that one.

FallenMorgan - 2-3-2008 at 09:31 PM

When I sent her another letter I included another poem that's less good than this one. It's called Angel in Darkness. It was also written while she was in prison.

In total I have sent her three letters. The first she didn't get because I sent it to her two days before she was released from prison, the second one I got an autographed photo in response, and the third one I hope gets me a written reply. I basically beg her to send me a written reply and whatnot.

Django - 3-3-2008 at 09:41 AM

I've seen the other poem on the main site now. I have to say that I liked that one too. Good work on both of them.

FallenMorgan - 4-3-2008 at 06:30 AM

Thanks, honestly even though it sounds creepy she means a lot to me.

Django - 4-3-2008 at 10:24 AM

I don't find caring for Paris creepy at all. I feel the same way. I wrote Paris a letter (and I hinted about it in my poem) about all the times she's cheered me up or helped me get through depressing or stressful times. Paris is a ray of sunshine in a drab and uncaring world and deserves love and support in return.

FallenMorgan - 5-3-2008 at 02:05 AM

I'm a bit more crazy though. I'm 16 and in my wild dreams she replies to my letter and we somehow become friends and whatnot, and when I'm eighteen or sometime before I inform her of my feelings for her in their full complete form.

I get freaked out when she gets a supposedly serious boyfriend because I feel that if she has a boyfriend when/if she gets my letter, my letter won't mean as much to her and whatnot.

FallenMorgan - 18-3-2008 at 08:40 PM

I have new poems, notice something about them...


It's true,
I'm in pain,
On the inside,
Because of you,
Where you are

I'm a casualty of capitalism,
Falling for my social opposite,
You're so high,
I'm so low,
You throw a crushing blow,
Without even knowing it

You're too beautiful,
Your light is too bright to look at directly,
It blinds me,
And makes my heart burn,
In the hot dead sun

I'll feel this,
Until you hold me,
I'll try to deal with this,


You don't know the truth,
About me,
Sweet angel

Find me here,
Don't let me die here,
Without you

Your heart is warmer,
Than mine,
And I can almost feel you,
So close yet so far away,
You hurt me

Property of yourself,
Nobody else,
I hate that evil bastard,
I feel that my hate just drives me down,
You deserve more than me

The agony,
Of reaching for you,
And grabbing nothing but cold dead air,
It hurts me,
Sweet agony


I can't feel,
You almost don't seem real,
Yet my heart,
Is black and blue,
All because of you,
Yet I revere you

I scratch and scream,
At diamond sound-proof walls,
I cry tears of blood,
And he laughs,
You laugh,
You don't know who I am,
You never will

Truely your blood is black,
You're poisonous,
Killing me with my own dreams,
Making me scream silent screams,
And cry invisible tears

I hope you'll care,
Know how much of you,
I truely,


I can't believe it,
Time is ticking away,
The door is closing,
You'll be lost to me forever,
And I'll feel forever,

I worship your image,
I cry over a few pixels,
Organized red, green, and blue lights,
You're my idol,
Of sorts,
I need you,
To breath free,
To be happy

When I see you,
It hurts,
When I reach out,
I touch a plasma screen,
Nothing alive,
You're always a step away

I hope you'll hear me,


I see it in your arms,
Yet I'll never feel,
Never see your ice cold eyes,
As more,
Than a few pixels on a screen

My own wanting brings me down,
He puts out cigarrettes on my arm,
I try to climb endless stairs,
The top,
I'll never reach

Hurting Inside,
Love me To death,
Obsession doesn't make sense,
No I won't let go

I won't let go,
Of Pain,
My Salvation.

enbis78 - 24-3-2008 at 02:26 PM

Really beautiful and emotional and very raw. I think they are great, and very moving. As Django says above, I too can sympathise with the idea of caring so much that it hurts. And it was an awful time when she was in jail, suffering, and we couldn't stop it. I'm sure many of us were yearning to put our arm around her and comfort and help her in some way (apart from just writing letters). It's something she should never have had to go through, and I'm sure many people would have done that time for her, if they could.

Great poems, though. I just hope you can eventually get to the point of balancing your deep and genuine love and devotion for Paris with your own personal happiness.

FallenMorgan - 24-3-2008 at 06:59 PM

That might be hard. It would be great if she was just a normal girl - maybe if my parents did it 11 years earlier than they did in real life, and whatnot. Generally I feel sadness that, as enbis said, I can't just put my arms around her and whatnot. The song "My Immortal" would be fitting, but a lot more if it was in a future tense:

When you cry I'll wipe away all of your tears
When you scream I'll fight away all of your fears
And I'll hold your hand through all of these years

She'll never know I exist.

Andrei - 24-3-2008 at 09:21 PM

She knows all !!!
I think if you wish to be closer to Paris, You must make account at ---> make your own page with cute desigen and with your lyrics...Paris page ---> ,she check it sometimes , you can send to her some poems... but don't be to much annoying with her,,, I think she will be glad to hear something about self ...

FallenMorgan - 25-3-2008 at 12:48 AM

I have a myspace

Good idea. One problem though is that some people get so many messages that they barely answer all of them.