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If Simple Life series gets cancelled...
Enkil - 23-7-2007 at 02:40 AM

If E! decides to cancel the show, what should they replace it with?

Since Paris wants to be taken more seriously, I thought they could to do a show about her music. Paris could discuss more about each of her songs. Everytime I see a topic about Paris' music on celebrity news sites, none of the commentators mention the songs, instead they say how bad her music is, etc. I never see the words "Turn It Up" or "Nothing in this World."

I guess what I really want is something like "This is Paris." I would truly love to watch a show like this, but I doubt that the public would be interested. Afterall, I don't think they feel the album they way we do about her music.

I know fans hate the idea of cancelling the Simple Life, a show which has been running since 2003, but what if it does? What should Paris do next?

thewaymouth - 23-7-2007 at 05:02 AM

How about
"This Is Paris"
A reality show about her music,
and her acting, her businesses,
her paparazzi, her friends, her loves, her family, her nights out,
her life.

That would be a reality show I would definitely watch.
Maybe then people would see her as a real person, a human being.

Loves it...

Here's my own tribute
to 06/26/07:

"I'm home.

Butterflies are free... to fly...
to be... Paree...

Django - 23-7-2007 at 09:52 AM

Those are good ideas. I like the idea from the comments on Enkil's main site that the show could be reimagined as a sit com (or even a movie version). I think a one off special delving into Paris's music in more detail would be a good idea but I doubt it would sustain a whole series (I know people like Sandie Shaw and Marc Bolan used to have their own music shows in the past of course but it doesn't seem to be an existing format nowadays for stars). A reality show about all aspects of Paris is a good idea that could have some longevity of course (although wasn't this more the kind of idea that Paris was first approached with for a reality show and rejected? Although I guess that was then and this is now).

Ultimately I'm fine either way whether The Simple Life continues or not. I continue to enjoy it, but there is always the danger of the format getting too stale (24 went so downhill in it's sixth season, that despite being a fan I didn't actually want it to be renewed). Whatever happens, the show has been a great success, has introduced Paris favourably to many new fans like myself and has been a great platform for the girls. I know if it is cancelled then Paris will find new projects for us to enjoy into the future.

hiram_hilton - 25-7-2007 at 10:53 PM

I hope it wont be cancelled, at least not without 2 more seasons...

this show is my favorite ever, tsl is the reason I became a Paris and nicole fan!!!!!!!!

besides, Paris has a lot of things to do but what would happen with Nicole????????

Paris89Hilton - 26-7-2007 at 11:36 AM

I hope "The Simple Life" won't be cancelled. It' always one of the best shows and it's always funny!!! When you're sad tsl can make you smile...I love all of seasons...
I wouldn't know how to do without tsl!!!!when can I see Paris makes French toast?!;)

enbis78 - 26-7-2007 at 01:01 PM

I've really enjoyed the Simple Life in the last few years and have most of them on DVD, but I just wonder if the concept is now coming to a natural end.

I think, as some other people have suggested, that the next step should be a general fly on the wall reality show about Paris' day to day life - the music (hopefully!), the business, the fashion, the parties, and (from what she said on Larry King) maybe her upcoming charity work. I would to see an in depth show that shows what Paris' life is really like.

parislover - 26-7-2007 at 05:48 PM

how about 'Paris Moving To London' a series about her big move to london and her new exiting relationship with me??
i think this would be the best lol, id wee?
no bt when i met Paris i said she should film Simple life here and she was like oh yeah we should well actually she said "that'd be hot!, i would cry if they cancelled its awesum