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The Hottie and the Nottie - Homepage !
FrankDrebin - 7-11-2007 at 08:08 PM

They just started a homepage for the movie:

and here you can see a promo pic with Paris and Christine Lakin (also a synopsis of the movie story)

hiram_hilton - 8-11-2007 at 06:37 PM

thank you!

I hope the movie is also released in Mexico, I cant wait to see it!
actually most of all the movies listed there look great LOL but of course the most interesting for me is THATN

kevinareblind - 11-11-2007 at 06:19 AM

I saw this a while ago, can't wait until they update the site with the trailer and pictures and stuff. Feb 8th isn't that far away, they should be doing more promotions.

Heiress - 1-12-2007 at 08:43 PM

Oh, cool! I will SO demand this to Finnish cinemas.