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    Kathy Griffin: I Am A Paris Hilton Hater

    Kathy Griffin officially declares herself as a Paris Hilton bigot (and always has been)

    “Pursuing the Paris Hilton interview was a bad call,” Griffin says of Barbara Walters’s ultimately unsuccessful efforts to land Hilton’s first post-jail interview last month. “It’s just another chapter in the dumbing-down of America, and Barbara’s someone who’s interviewed every head of state and every president.

    “I know that the ratings for Larry King were good, but believe me, I guarantee that the next one-on-one sitdown with Paris Hilton will be a bust. We all saw it, it was boring, she’s a moron and a liar — people see through that.”

    Americans, in fact, want to discuss weightier issues than Hilton’s self-made messes-something proven by O’Donnell, whose fiery stint on “The View” significantly boosted ratings.


    Very smart Kathy! That’s all you have to say about the inteview? Another splendid example of how a hater thinks.

    Watch this woman! I saw her digusting attitude towards Paris when she was a guest on The View. She’s not like other hosts; she’s more of a hardcore hater who is full of herself.



    Comment from Sabrinia
    Time: July 9, 2007, 10:25 am

    Kathy Griffin is just jealous. She WISHES she had the success and fame that Paris has. And the only reason she is badmouthing Paris is to try to get attention. It’s like that Mika Brzezinski girl from MSNBC who refused to read that Paris Hilton story one day like a week or so ago. She just did it for attention and lordy she’s gotten tons of it since then. There’s been so many news articles on her refusal. It’s so dumb and it’s just a desperate cry for attention.

    Comment from jerk99
    Time: July 9, 2007, 10:42 am

    Paris Hilton is a talentless nobody who has used up her 15 minutes of fame. Warhol would be ashamed of this useless cunt co-opting his “15-minutes” diatribe… I wish rich, useless assholes like Paris Hilton would stop distracting the useless western media from IMPORTANT issues like hundreds of Iraqis dying every weekend to support this bitch’s worthless lifestyle.

    Comment from admin
    Time: July 9, 2007, 11:00 am

    Yeah, I’ve thought a lot of Kathy and her comments. I, too, came to the conclusion that jealousy is her problem. And it is a serious one.

    Also, those who praised Mika Brzezinski are all hypocrites.

    Comment from thewaymouth
    Time: July 13, 2007, 11:38 am

    I could go on about jerk99 but he’s insane. So I might as well get what insane mileage I can out of this instead. Try to get my fame from fifteen readers, if possible.

    Yesterday I was planning to maybe get a ticket to see Kathy Griffin locally tonight. But on a hunch, I decided to first google “Kathy Griffin Paris Hilton.” That’s how I came across the above story.

    (Along w/another one from last fall where Kathy claimed she made Paris her assistant for a day but Paris didn’t understand what the word versatile meant so she was fired.
    Not funny.

    BTW, man, there is some funny nasty snarky shit on Kathy out there. Hell, there’d probably be the same about me, about everyone, if anyone cared about the rest of us & our 15 min of fab.)


    After midnight I posted the following
    (albeit slightly edited/upgraded)
    first, onto Kathy Griffin’s MySpace Comments
    – she had been a Top Friend –
    in count ‘em, 5 parts.
    They’re all on there still, till she removes it.
    Then in 2 parts, on her Bravo D-List blog.
    They had to be approved, still have yet to,
    & I’m sure never will.
    Oh, look out!

    I WAS planning to go see you, Kathy,
    tonight (Friday 7/13) @ South Shore Music Circus, south of the city upon the hill, Boston. You should feel right at home looking down on everyone. Except me. There was a 7th row seat waiting w/my name on it. Until last night. When I read one of your latest interviews, where you were being asked ad nauseam about landing the empty seat on The View. But you say that The View ain’t throwing “the Griffin Money” your way, so instead you’re supporting Rosie O’Donnell/slamming Barbara Walters.

    O’Donnell left the view, saying she loves Hasslebeck. So how does she show it? By not letting go in the least, by “allegedly” drawing devil horns, a tail and a fiendish goatee on a picture of Hasslebeck. US Weekly quoted her as saying of Elisabeth – “her only f-ing credit was ‘Survivor!’ Come on!” Rosie went on to show more good sportsmanship by adding that their last “View” face off wasn’t fought on an even battle field, allegedly saying, “I can’t fight with pregnant people. Just go have your baby and have a nice life.”

    Now that’s true love. But you are at least showing it to Rosie. “What Rosie proved is that soccer moms and stay-at-home women really do want to talk about the war and about how disappointed they are in this administration,” Griffin told Canadian Press (CP) from California, where she’s on tour for her standup act. “As a viewer, I hope that whoever they choose, they don’t stop talking about political issues. It was really exciting when Rosie brought up those issues.”

    Yes, & I say it’s exciting when you do, too, Kathy. But do you think that is ALL The View would want? You’re a comedienne. Rosie stopped being funny a while ago. But you haven’t. Except to CP apparently, as there wasn’t one single joke in the article dated 7/08/07. Were the laughs laughed out or just left out? Or are you leaving comedy behind, too?


    So what else did you talk about? Why the one person one can’t not talk about. Not if they don’t want the world to pay any attention to them, of course. Paris Hilton. The world haters are throwing rocks & you’re either with them or against them. & if against, prepare then to get the rocks thrown next at you.

    So where does Kathy line up? Even though w/out the bad girl celebs she would have no gig, she’s at the haters trough.
    – Bitch, don’t confuse hate with jealousy.
    – Oops, I did it again.

    KG is herself on the short list of candidates to replace O’Donnell. But that doesn’t stop her from taking shots at the woman who could one day be her boss. “Pursuing the Paris Hilton interview was a bad call,” Griffin tells CP of Walter’s ultimately unsuccessful efforts to land Hilton’s first post-jail interview last month. “It’s just another chapter in the dumbing-down of America, and Barbara’s someone who’s interviewed every head of state and every president.

    “I know that the ratings for Larry King were good, but believe me, I guarantee that the next one-on-one sit down with Paris Hilton will be a bust. We all saw it, it was boring, she’s a moron and a liar – people see through that.”

    Where’s the bah-doom? Oh, no joke. No just a beat-down. Just boring, straight, serious. A sitting in judgment call. How original. Where’s Sarah Silverman when you need her?

    To think I had admired you because you were funny but generous. Now I guess it is you who are always smart & honest, & can see through to when others aren’t. You are holier-than-thou, are God. You used to always offer the proviso,”allegedly.” Because we are all “allegedly” people. Right?
    Even Paris Hilton has got it.

    “We” all saw it. I didn’t. I love Paris but I knew it would be a mistake. She’s not an analytical speaker. A live 60 minute long interview, only on the day after just getting out of prison? The format should have instead been more like your show. Have an interviewer follow her around for a few days & then edit the best &/or worst, whatever bits. Show her in natural surroundings. See her as human. I mean, you do think she is, right? Human? She is real? Has feelings?

    She’s smart, just in an intuitive, artistic way. Then you say she’s a “liar.” Why is that? Because she hasn’t changed, doesn’t care? You can read minds. Because she said she doesn’t do drugs? I don’t know. There are no reasons offered, nothing to substantiate your claims. Maybe you were taken out of context. Like your jokes that must have been edited out. Because I know if I had a Kathy Griffin interview the one thing I would want to do is take out the jokes. I mean, she’s running for president, right?

    1), Paris was arrested for DUI, not drugs, so why was Larry King — who totally fucking sucks anyway, is boring as hell, a terrible interviewer — why is he even asking her that question? Have you ever taken drugs? Please. Well, pops, topsy-turvy: how many drugs are you on now, you old fuck? I would have told Larry to mind his damn business, to take a flying leap. Why the nerve asking that BS question. Is he America’s conscience? The Pope? My dad? Fuck him! But then I’m an analytical thinker & talker. I would have eaten him for breakfast & thrown him up on the camera lens.

    2) Who hasn’t lied to this question in their life? Unless you are in rehab or AA, you BETTER be lying about this question.

    3) Get w/it, Kathy. The only footage of her doing drugs is smoking pot, & that was taken, where? Amsterdam. Where it is fucking legal.

    4) Get w/it again. Most young people, people w/any cred, don’t even consider pot a drug. Not to be listed w/other illegal drugs. It should be legal, and most hip people accept that, talk about it like smoking pot is an acceptable natural fact of life. You either do it or you don’t. Like eating meat. Like beating up on Paris.

    5) Liquor & cigarettes are both legal drugs, and the biggest killers. This is Amerikkka, for hypocrites’ sake. While we are at it:

    Paris’s alcohol blood level was just at the bare minimum above the legal limit. How many American adults w/driver’s licenses have NOT at least once in their life, driven while at or above the legal limit of alcohol? ALL but less than one percent I’d wager. The law you don’t break is getting caught.

    Paris has poor management. I myself would have strongly suggested locking the keys away after her first probation violation. Hell, I’d be her driver on-call, 24/7. I would have made sure she showed up for court on time. I would have appealed, I would still now sue the judge, who interfered w/the sheriff when he let Paris go home. Look it up. Paris should never have done time. Instead she did 80% more time than most for her “crime.”

    I would not have let her do Larry King Live. But then Paris is a spontaneous creature. She lives the life that we all want, we’re all jealous of. Maybe you would deal w/it better than her. I would have been dead long before 26. I’m analytical but I have a wild streak. Paris doesn’t give a fuck, but lives & let lives. I love that about her. She doesn’t care but ultimately she can’t help but care. She has a conscience, whatever you think.

    I love Paris. The more the beat-down goes on, the more it gets tired, my love will be alive for her only more so. She’s a Muse, a poet, a wild child. Is it her fault you bitches can’t stop talking about how much you can’t stand her being talked about anymore? She is your meal ticket so show some damn respect.

    I did a fucking Blingee of you, of all people. Yeah, a blingee. What was I thinking? It’s a kid’s thing, so being a crafty artistic fuck, mine are better than just about anybody’s I’ve seen. & I’m fucking old. Like all Kathy Griffin fans, I was dying to see you. But then I’m dying.

    I put that blingee on your MySpace on the 4th of July. You were my American Independence hero this year. I saw you the day before on the tube going after Ann Coulter. Ann is smart, but on a scale of justice/morality compared to Paris, it’s like comparing apples with Hitlers. Ann should swing from a lamp post. But then I’d cut her immediately right down because I don’t believe in the death penalty. & her crimes are of the speaking of the mind. I liked that you also showed Ann respect for being wild & outrageous.

    You even gave kudos to Lindsay Lohan. “Because at least she works.” I’d venture to say, however, Paris works more than Lindsay, & parties less. & Lindsay is smart in the same intuitive way as Paris. Not a great long live interview. That is not her strength. But Lindsay & Ann get cred from you but none for Paris. Are you a sacred cow, too scared to show respect? Is everyone afraid but me to say openly that she is a fellow human being. She has not hurt anyone. She does not deserve death wishes every tenth of a second on the Internet.

    BTW, maybe it’s because it’s not meant for men, but The View, Rosie or no Rosie, sucks. But may you get The Room Without A View gig if you want it. I saw you last year in concert so I’ve been contributing to the house of Griffin. But not tonight. Have a “Suck It” good show anyway.

    I think you’re smart & funny. I agree w/your politics. But I think you’re human. We’re all subject at times to thinking we’re better than the other guy/gal. Remember to try to have a little understanding. Even for the least of these. Paris was in jail for 23 days for a traffic violation. Your brother was in prsion, & you were not very compassionate then. Now he’s dead & it’s too late.

    [Matthew 25:40] “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'”

    I save my true vicious contempt, wishes for the death penalty, only for mass murderers. Like Bush. I’d like to see the old Texacutioner hung on the White House lawn. But you say what you will. & so will your fans.

    All right. Don’t forget tomorrow’s Bastille Day, celebrated in French Quebec, & yes, Paris. I’m celebrating w/Team Hilton in mind. Yes, they happen to be rich & I’m poor. What a sucker I am. All crimes are paid.

    [Smashing Pumpkins, “United States”]
    Revolution blues
    What will they do to me?
    [twm] & me?
    [KG’s Fan] I know.
    Honey, where’s that number for
    “Guillotines On Wheels?”
    OO OO OO

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