Paris Hilton’s pets jealous of new dog Prince Hilton

    Reported by CTV News

    Paris Hilton says her new dog has made her six other pooches jealous.

    The 33-year-old socialite recently paid a Calgary breeder $13,000 for miniature Pomeranian pup Prince but since she introduced the adorable mutt to her other canine friends, they have not been happy with the preferential treatment he has been getting as top dog.

    Exclusively speaking to the MailOnline, she revealed: “They are jealous because I am taking Prince everywhere these days. Peter Pan is especially upset because I used to take him everywhere. He was the top dog. So there are some sad feelings there. Prince is just the new one, so he is getting the most attention.”

    Although she is totally besotted with Prince, Hilton insists she is still giving the rest of her pet pack – which includes Chihuahua Tinkerbell, her most famous dog – lots of love and attention.

    Hilton said: “I give them all attention, I am good to all of them, so they really don’t feel that bad. I think Peter Pan might want some more trips out, so I will work that in.”

    Hilton even claims her love for her dogs is what stops her from re-locating from Los Angeles to London for an extended stay in the U.K. capital.

    She admitted: “I love London, it’s my favourite city. I have so many friends there and I really like the atmosphere. But I would never move to England because I love my dogs so much. I just couldn’t leave them. At heart I am a California girl.

    Posted: October 29th, 2014
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    Video: Paris Hilton introduces her Rouge handbags collection

    Paris Hilton presents her new “Rouge By Paris Hilton” handbags collection.
    They are exclusively available across all Lifestyle stores in the Middle East.

    Posted: October 28th, 2014
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    Picture: Paris Hilton attends Nicky’s “365 Style” book party in Beverly Hills

    paris hilton

    Posted: October 25th, 2014
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    Picture: Paris Hilton attends a Halloween party in Beverly Hills

    paris hilton

    Posted: October 25th, 2014
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    Deadmau5 pissed off at Paris Hilton’s successful DJ career

    Reported by E! News

    Just a day after it was revealed that Paris Hilton rakes up to $1 million dollars per performance—beating out other DJs like Deadmau5, Tiesto and even Calvin Harris—Deadmau5 slammed the heiress on his blog.

    “So Paris makes a billion dollars playing a CD at a club. That’s great. How is this news again?” he began his war of words against the bubbly blonde.

    “Look, as much as she’s probably loathed by the EDM world… and me, you can’t possibly hold it against her for involvement in the electronic music scene…I remember back when, at the Cosmo in Vegas, she attended, and I guess I was accommodating (as far as that usually goes for me) I could see she was having a fun time, liked the music, and just wanted to be a part of it all… so of course, why not… even I couldn’t hate on that.”

    Deadmau5 continued, “But, let’s get real here for a second…There’s being involved / enthusiastic about something…and then there’s just being a straight up ass.”

    He also compared her foray into the EDM world to someone without any experience entering into the Indy 500.

    “So Paris, thank you… were actually not even mad you’re enthusiastic about electronic music… we love that you’re a part of our party. But please, get the f–k back in your go kart.

    “No need to prove that you found someone stupid enough to consider paying you a million dollars for something the world knows you aren’t… because here’s what you actually are to everyone who knows better…Ticket sales. Nothing more.”

    Meanwhile, neither Hilton’s mood nor career seems to have been affected by the diss.

    She tweeted earlier today, “Yay! Exciting news! Just signed a huge residency deal at one of my favorite cities in the world! #LovingLife #KillingIt.”

    Posted: October 24th, 2014
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    Page Six: Paris Hilton renews herself as a DJ

    Reported by Page Six

    Paris Hilton — long derided as a celebutard joke — is having the last laugh as one of the top DJs in the world.

    The hotel heiress has a residency at Harrah’s in Atlantic City and spins about twice a week in places like Dubai, Vietnam and Shanghai.

    Last month, she was given the Paris fashion week stamp of approval when she performed in sunglasses at Carine Roitfeld’s A-list bash.

    Paper magazine reports that Paris made $2.7 million spinning four nights in Ibiza, which works out to $347,000 an hour.

    “I am working a lot as a DJ and getting paid very well and having a ball,” Hilton told me on Wednesday from the home in Los Angeles she shares with seven dogs, three cats, four ferrets, three flying squirrels, one pony and a pig.

    Is it true she sometimes makes more than $1 million per gig?

    “My mother always told me it’s not polite to discuss money, but it’s true,” she said. “I’m very proud. I’ve worked hard. I love music. It’s my passion.”

    Hilton will be spending more time in New York, since she just made an offer on a full-floor loft in Soho, after having looked at more than 50 places.

    Next she wants to buy her own Gulfstream because she’s tired of chartered jets.

    “I don’t want to be bragging, but it’s great to be paid well for what you love doing,” she said.

    But no one to share it with? “I’m single and I’ve never been happier.” Take that, haters.

    Posted: October 22nd, 2014
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    Video: Paris Hilton interview on what she’s up to

    Paris Hilton rocked the DJ booth at Harrah’s The Pool After Dark 10.18.14. Prior to pleasing the crowd, she chatted with Entertainment Reporter Whitney Ullman about her new potential Bollywood role, future business projects, the ultimate birthday gift and more.

    Posted: October 22nd, 2014
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