Paris Hilton set to visit Poland this week

    Reported by Silesia City Center / Edited by PHS

    Paris Hilton will spend few days in Katowice taking part in events connected with the opening of the shopping mall. – Paris Hilton will appear in Silesia City Center a few times. For the first time on 12th October at a press conference and at a closed VIP event, then on 13th October at the opening in which everyone will be able to participate – explains Dominika Musialik, marketing manager of Silesia City Center.

    Paris will come to Poland for the first time. During her visit in Katowice, she will take part in the opening of the new part of one of the biggest shopping malls in Poland – Silesia City Center. The star will meet the residents of the region, fans and will do some huge shopping.

    It will be possible to take the opportunity to meet Paris on the 12th and 13th October. She will take part in a press conference which will be conducted by Olivier Janiak with the participation of the investor of Silesia City Center, then she will appear at the VIP event. On 13th October, in turn, everyone who comes to the opening ceremony will be able to meet the celebrity. We hope that the event will be “hot” – says Dominika Musialik, marketing manager of Silesia City Center.

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    Video: Paris Hilton and Petra Ecclestone leave Boa restaurant in West Hollywood

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    Picture: Paris Hilton arrives at the Mercato di Vetro restaurant in West Hollywood

    paris hilton

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    Paris Hilton does a photoshoot for her new sunglass collection

    paris hilton

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    Picture: Paris Hilton visits a medical building in Beverly Hills

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    Picture: Paris Hilton arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles

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    Paris Hilton describes her handbag collection

    Reported by Glam Sham

    Why were you named Paris? It’s an uncommon name but how did you get it?
    I was not born in Paris. My parents had three options for names. Paris, China and another name to choose from, and my mother opted for Paris. I am glad she chose this name for me. I couldn’t have been described or christened by a better name for sure. I love it and it’s so unique. I actually have a best friend named India and I hang out a lot with her. (Laughs mischievously)

    Do you love Indian clothes and have you tried wearing any in this trip yet?
    I love the interesting creations by Indian designers and I have worn only Indian designer’s outfits during this visit. I would love to visit India again and want to buy lots of saris and jewellery to take back home.

    I am very inspired by Indian designers and I love their saris. I recently shot for the cover of Marie Claire India in a sari designed by Rocky S who is an incredible designer. I am sure I will wear a sari back in the U.S. as well. I will take back good memories for my friends who have never been to India, and a few saris, bindis and jewellery.

    What do you have to say about the launch of your handbags? How would you describe your purses?
    I am really excited about launching my business in India. The bags that we have got are affordable luxury and can be carried with anything and everything. It can be carried to a party, when out shopping, with friends, just about anywhere. We have plans of opening two hundred stores of our handbags and accessories in the next two years in India.

    Read the rest of the interview here.

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