Video: Long Paris Hilton interview recorded in November 2018 in Mexico

    Posted: December 7th, 2018
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    Paris Hilton discusses her business empire with Time magazine

    Reported by TIME (written by Kristen Bahler)

    I’m in a conference room in Midtown, Manhattan. It’s late afternoon, and the people nestled in the cubicles outside are starting to yawn, stretch, and launch into their end-of-day routines.

    Sitting in the swivel chair across from me is Paris Hilton. And she is not tired.

    “My schedule is insane,” Paris Hilton says. She’s wearing a black suit jacket, and scratching the head of a dog so small it could be a chocolate-covered Twinkie. A Bond villain with fake eyelashes.

    “I’m constantly traveling. I have 19 product lines. I just released my 24th fragrance. I’m working on a new show, and producing films. A second album and a third book … ”

    She trails off.

    “Like, I don’t stop.”

    We’re at the New York headquarters of Paris Hilton’s perfume dynasty, and that’s no hyperbole: At two dozen fragrances deep, she’s got one of the most successful celebrity fragrance lines of all time, reportedly falling only behind Elizabeth Taylor in sales. There’s an ever-so-slight rasp in her voice — she’s been doing promotional overtime for the just-released “Platinum Rush,” squeezing it in between publicity for The American Meme, a new Netflix documentary she stars in and executive produces, a new nail polish collection, and a new “virtual reality experience” that lets anyone with a VR headset travel, party, and shop like a member of her entourage.

    Paris Hilton is really good at assimilating to the people around her — fans, paparazzi, reporters who buy everything secondhand and don’t own a single bottle of perfume (I mistakenly call Chanel No. 5, probably the most famous fragrance ever, “Chanel No. 9,” and she doesn’t even correct me). But when I ask her why she needs 24 different perfumes with her name on the bottle (“Why not have just, like, one signature scent?”) it takes a moment for the question to register. Then a wave of comprehension washes over Paris Hilton’s face, and she throws her head back and laughs a deep, true, guttural laugh.

    “I couldn’t just have one,” she says. “The fans want more, so we have to meet their demands. I might have 100 one day.”

    Read the rest of the article here.

    Posted: December 6th, 2018
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    Video: Paris Hilton turned down role in reboot of “The Hills” show

    Paris Hilton talks with Access Live about being approached to be a part of the upcoming “Hills” reboot.

    Posted: December 5th, 2018
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    Video: Paris Hilton promotes “The American Meme” on KTLA channel in Los Angeles

    This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

    Posted: December 4th, 2018
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    Video: Promotional ad for Paris Hilton’s skincare collection

    Posted: December 2nd, 2018
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    Video: Paris Hilton comments on her breakup with fiance Chris Zylka

    Reported by ET Canada

    Paris Hilton needs some me time.

    The reality television star is opening up about her split from fiance Chris Zylka.

    “I’m just really having my ‘me time,’” Hilton told “The Talk” on Wednesday. “I just feel that when I fall in love, I fall in love fast and hard and it was this whirlwind romance…and I thought it was going to be my happy ending, and I just realized after time it wasn’t the right decision.”

    The 37-year-old celebrity did not close the book on a future with the 33-year-old actor. “I wish him the best and one day I would love to get married and have children,” Hilton revealed. “But for right now I’m just focused on myself and my work.”

    Hilton and Zylka were engaged for 11 months before calling it off earlier this month. Zylka proposed to Hilton with a ring worth an estimated $2 million USD in January.

    Hilton has had relationships with actor Edward Furlong and musician Nick Carter in the past.

    Posted: November 28th, 2018
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    Video: Beauty vlogger Karla Roccuzzo interviews Paris Hilton in Australia

    Posted: November 28th, 2018
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