Video: Paris Hilton excited about turning 30

    Posted: February 13th, 2011
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    An exclusive news update on the Paris Hilton fragrance collection

    On a nine month basis, the gross sales of the Paris Hilton fragrance collection are up by 11%. Parlux says that the line has been very successful and has helped hold the company together, especially since they’ve lost the Guess brand. The company has been currently trying go back to profitability because they’ve been recording net losses for past year or so.

    Parlux has managed to increase the sales of Can Can and Heiress over the last few years. Even though these two perfumes are old brands, they’ve temporarily been able to bring them back to life, which is something rare in the fragrance world.

    Regarding the new fragrance “Passport,” it was specifically created to generate international sales, hence the names Tokyo, Paris and South Beach. Passport will be somewhat lighter than traditional fragrances in the US. Also, prices have been reduced in order to attract a wider distribution globally.

    Interesting facts: The Paris Hilton fragrance collection has generated about $500 million in net sales and $1 billion in retail sales. The original fragrance Paris Hilton makes up 35-45% of the business.

    A few more statistics:

    Fiscal year 2005 – Limited introduction of Paris Hilton: $11.0 million
    Fiscal year 2006 – Full introduction of Paris Hilton and introduction of Just Me: $74.7 million
    Fiscal year 2007 – Introduction of Heiress: $75.2 million
    Fiscal year 2008 – Introduction of Can Can: $104.5 million
    Fiscal year 2009 – Introduction of Fairy Dust: $83.1 million
    Fiscal year 2010 – Introduction of Siren: $62.2 million

    Posted: February 12th, 2011
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    Picture: Paris Hilton at the Belvedere Vodka party

    paris hilton

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    Picture: Paris Hilton goes to the Beverly Hills Grill

    paris hilton

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    Picture: Paris Hilton out in Beverly Hills

    paris hilton

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    Paris Hilton’s Repo! The Genetic Opera poised to become the new “Rocky Horror Picture Show”?

    Reported by the Hollywood Reporter

    Every few years, film fanatics anoint “the next Rocky Horror Picture Show,” a movie that fizzled at the box office but found a cult audience on the midnight-screening circuit. Remember the horror flick Birdemic? Came and went like a dodo. The 2003 campy drama The Room? Still draws crowds, but mostly just at West Hollywood’s Laemmle 5.

    The latest cult phenomenon gathering steam is Repo! The Genetic Opera, a horror-musical-thriller from Darren Lynn Bousman, director of the second, third and fourth Saw movies. The $8 million-budgeted Repo! earned just $147,000 when released by Lionsgate in November 2008. “The film is bad — not good-bad, tacky-bad or fun-bad, just plain awful and nearly unwatchable,” the Los Angeles Times wrote.

    And yet about 150 people show up on the last Friday of every month at the Vista Theatre in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood, many in costumes, to participate in a “shadowcast,” where fans mimic the movie as it plays. Screenings of the futuristic tale of family secrets, botched plastic surgeries and genetic destiny now take place from Bakersfield to Toronto. It plays weekly in Portland, Ore., and quarterly in Chicago, and the first shadowcast in Grand Rapids, Mich., was Jan. 29.

    Fishnets and bondage suits are the preferred attire, and screaming phrases like “My legacy is not up to my genes” is encouraged.

    Bousman is partly responsible for the delayed success. When the movie tanked, he asked Lionsgate for a print and spent months touring the country by car trying to get it played at theaters. Inexplicably, people began showing up with tattoos of the movie’s characters. It was the goth crowd, the Saw crowd, the high school drama club crowd.

    A phenomenon was born.

    Lionsgate’s only involvement is providing the film rental (it gets a onetime distribution fee for that midnight screening). But if Repo! continues to spread, the dollars could add up. Rocky Horror opened in eight cities in 1975 but has since grossed $112 million. Post-2008 box-office figures for Repo! aren’t available.

    “What made this movie work was that it failed,” Bousman says. “Fans discovered it and made it what it is.” The filmmaker, who recently began shooting the supernatural thriller 11:11:11 in Spain, gets irritated when he meets execs who say “Sorry about Repo!” To him, the movie has succeeded in a way he couldn’t have imagined.

    “Just because you flop does not mean your movie is dead,” he says. “You can change the fate of your movie.”

    Posted: February 12th, 2011
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    A Cheshire entrepreneur comments about his day with Paris Hilton in Germany

    Reported by the Manchester EveningNews UK

    paris hilton RecardoFor former pop star Recardo Patrick was the man charged with entertaining the world-famous hotel heiress as she joined him for a hectic round of publicity in Frankfurt for the drinks company he promotes.

    Altrincham-based Recardo masterminded the audacious launch of a new range of Rich Prosecco drinks in Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange.

    And it ended up becoming a media frenzy that saw Recardo and Paris chased by about 300 paparazzi across the city.

    The Diary checked in with Recardo to see how it all went, and he sent us some of his postcard moments from his time with Paris – including their trip out to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart where the 29-year-old blonde tried out this rare £7m sportscar for size.

    Recardo says: “It was hectic and a logistical nightmare, but Paris had a great time and the pictures of her have gone all over the world, which as brand director is what it’s all about.

    “I don’t think she could quite believe all the public attention.

    “Everywhere we went there was a police escort, thousands of screaming fans and the paparazzi.

    “At one point there were 330 paparazzi chasing us down the road.”

    Recardo, once a singer with the Manchester soul band Sweet Sensation, has arranged a host of media launches over the years, including with former US President Bill Clinton and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

    He says: “I’d love to do a launch at the Vatican with Paris. I’d really like Paris to meet the Pope, now that would be a great shot.”

    But before that audacious move, Recardo says he aims to head back to home turf, and organise a launch in Manchester with socialite Paris – or perhaps an even bigger global star.

    He says: “There are lots of talks about launches back in the UK, because people know I can get anybody.”

    Posted: February 10th, 2011
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