Picture: Paris Hilton having fun in Maui, Hawaii

    Posted: December 23rd, 2010
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    Picture: Paris Hilton and Cy Waits arrive in Maui

    Paris Hilton and Cy Waits

    Posted: December 22nd, 2010
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    Dubai businesswoman comments on Paris Hilton

    Sarah BelhasaSarah Belhasa is Dubai businesswoman who owns a renowned boutique Studio 8 in Dubai. In 2009, she was named businesswoman of the year at the Arabian Business Achievement Awards 2009. She met Paris Hilton during the latter’s stay in Dubai. In a recent interview by Masala.com, she was asked to comment on Paris Hilton.

    Paris Hilton spent a lot of time with you when she visited Dubai. What is she like?

    I met her when she was doing a photo shoot at my Palm Jumeirah house for her TV show. She did another shoot at the Belhasa Driving School, and we got to know each other better then. She is a lovely and warm girl, and we got along like a house on fire. She also has a little chihuahua, as I do. We shared little known facts about life, marriage and our beloved pets and really got to know each other.

    When she was doing a shoot at the Dubai Mall, we hung at The Chocolate Bar. That girl really eats everything by the way! Paris’ figure is the way it is because of a spectacularly fast metabolism!

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    Paris Hilton: A Biography (by Sandra Gurvis) coming out in January 2011

    Another biography book about Paris Hilton is coming out in 2011. It is written by Sandra Gurvis, and it will be released on Amazon.com on January 31.

    Paris Hilton: A Biography (by Sandra Gurvis)Description

    This revealing portrait of the real Paris Hilton gets underneath the hype and hate, the glamour and greed.

    Love her or hate her, Paris Hilton has made her mark on contemporary culture. She is both an enigma and a contradiction—a successful entrepreneur and a sexy yet vulnerable woman-child who flits from one tumultuous romance to another and searches on reality TV for that perfect BFF. But what is the truth behind the Hollywood veneer?

    Unlike other biographies that range from the exposé to the gushing, Paris Hilton: A Biography is both detailed and objective. It covers Paris’s checkered family history, her privileged yet surprisingly unassuming upbringing, and her explosion with sister Nicky as “It Girls” on the international social scene. Readers will learn how her family influenced her, why she made the decision to step into the limelight, and why she continues today, despite her many critics and setbacks.

    Each chapter of the biography provides an in-depth view of a specific aspect of Paris’s life: her relationship with men and the media, how she turned herself around emotionally and projected a new image, and what makes her such a smart businesswoman. The book also looks at darker moments, including the sex tape, her jail time, and her publicity faux pas. In the end, readers will understand what makes this complex young woman tick—and have a better sense of what it is like to walk a mile in her Manolo Blahniks.


    • Lists of movies, videos, television appearances, boyfriends, and products marketed and sold
    • Photographs


    • Provides a definitive biography of Paris Hilton, fully referenced and researched
    • Delves beneath the rumor and innuendo to uncover the basic reality and offer insight into Hilton’s life
    • Serves up an object lesson in developing one’s own identity and overcoming adversity, helping readers learn from her successes—and her mistakes
    • Draws from a wide variety of sources, including interviews, Hollywood insider reports, transcripts, books, magazine articles, and more

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    Paris Hilton loses a part of her buisness empire?

    It seems that Paris Hilton is no longer associated with HairTech and their products. It appears that they have parted their ways following the lawsuits between the two. Paris is no longer the face of Dreamcatchers. Go to the website, she’s no where to be found.

    Very few (if any) websites are selling the Bandit, the Clipin-Go, the Celebrity Styler and the Ultimate Brush. And it also seems that they are not being produced under her name anymore, although I’m just speculating without evidence. If this is true, then that’s really too bad. All these products were selling very well. Paris spent years to successfully build her hair product collection.

    This would also suggest that the Paris Hilton Nail Polish collection, the Paris Hilton Wet Care collection and the Paris Hilton Electrical collection won’t be released anytime soon!

    HairTech had written on their Facebook: “HairTech has had the pleasure of working with Paris Hilton for the past two years and can personally share with you what an impressive and professional woman she is. Working closely with Paris we have ensured that every product is designed and vetted to meet her personal requirements and to provide her fans with a product that is designed to the highest quality and standards. We have witnessed first hand Paris’ positive energy, strong work ethic and her personal magic, the reasons why she continues to be the Web’s most searched female celebrity. We know how excited her fans are to learn as much as possible about Paris, and so we at HairTech are excited to share with you her latest hair and beauty products.”

    Posted: December 21st, 2010
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    Paris Hilton lands in Maui safely

    Reported by CNN

    Travel safety waits for no celeb: Paris Hilton was among the passengers asked to deplane from a Delta flight headed to Maui from Los Angeles on Tuesday after a small knife was found on board.

    The cutlery was described by a Delta spokesperson as a “small catering knife,” the kind of utensil the flight crew uses “for normal things.” The spokesperson told CNN that the knife was left behind and then discovered, and in order to be cautious, the crew asked passengers to evacuate the aircraft so that they could do a security sweep.

    A rep for the reality TV star tells CNN that “Paris is safe and well,” adding, “It was a very frightening situation that a knife got on a plane, but thankfully no one was harmed.”

    The Delta spokesperson said that passengers have since re-boarded and the flight was scheduled for take off.

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    Paris Hilton strikes down bulk of claims in HairTech lawsuit

    Reported by Press Association (edited by PHS)

    A judge has trimmed several claims in a $35 million (£22.6 million) lawsuit against Paris Hilton by a company that claimed she didn’t properly endorse its line of hair extensions.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory Alarcon ruled that Hairtech International’s lawsuit did not properly plead several key claims, including fraud.

    He also ordered stricken several references to allegations of Hilton wearing competitors’ hair products.

    Judge Alarcon’s ruling also removes Hilton’s father, Rick Hilton, from the case and he is not allowing Hairtech to amend the lawsuit to try to restore some of the claims, court records show.

    Hairtech sued Hilton, 29, in August, and she has since countersued, claiming the company owes her $1.7 million (£1.1 million).

    Hairtech’s attorney, Chris Brainard, did not immediately return a phone message.

    Records show attorneys will now try to resolve the case through private mediation before a trial scheduled to begin next November.

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