Paris Hilton secretly testified in a courtroom

    Reported by the Associated Press / Edited by PHS

    Roughly two weeks before a judge would sentence her to jail, Lindsay Lohan sat in a downtown courtroom and recounted to a grand jury how a burglar’s black fingerprints on her wall left her so unnerved that she had to move.

    Moments later, Orlando Bloom told the same panel how a break-in at his home had left him distrustful of those around him, especially after he realized his carefully hidden collection of watches had been plundered.

    The appearance of Lohan, Bloom and four other celebrities in late June before a Los Angeles County grand jury went unnoticed. Yet their testimony helped indict five young people who authorities claim desperately craved what the stars had and were willing to cut through fences and climb through a doggie door to get.

    The stars’ reactions revealed in recently unsealed testimony obtained by The Associated Press offers the most detailed account so far of the personal toll that resulted from the rash of celebrity break-ins by the so-called “Bling Ring” between October 2008 and August 2009. One ring member pleaded out and served time; the five others face trial later this year.

    A Louis Vuitton bag full of jewelry was returned to Paris Hilton after several alleged members of the group were arrested in October.

    Prugo, another alleged Bling Ring mastermind, told authorities that Hilton’s home was actually targeted numerous times before a December 2008 heist nabbed the socialite’s jewelry and luxury clothes.

    Hilton told the grand jury that she first noticed something was amiss when she spotted dirty shoe prints leading up the stairs to her bedroom.

    “My closet where all my jewelry is kept had been ransacked and, you know, basically two full entire shelves were, I guess, pushed into a bag,” Hilton told the panel. Also gone was a topless photo of the socialite, which detectives said was recovered from Lee’s home.

    Hilton’s home was also recently targeted by a man who authorities say showed up at the residence armed with two knives. Prosecutors have charged Nathan Lee Parada with one count of attempted felony burglary, although his case does not appear related to the Bling Ring.

    Full report can be read here.

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    Legal expert: Paris Hilton expected to drop from felony to misdemeanor

    Just to be clear, Paris Hilton has never directly commented on the case, so the hateful media shouldn’t put words in her mouth without hearing her side of the story until the day comes. And it is not up to them to decide what the punishment should be if she’s found guilty.

    I’ve posted a video below of an attorney Amy Feldman who argues that this case is expected to be reduced from felony to misdemeanor. She says: “This isn’t a question of whether she was dealing cocaine. At most it’s a misdemeanor. And say it’s a felony it will get busted down probably to a misdemeanor because she really was not likely to have been dealing the drugs. And then she will probably just face probation or community service.”

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    Video: A Paris Hilton tribute video made by fans

    Check out this very nice fan video for Paris Hilton. It was posted on Paris’ Twitter.

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    Legal expert: Paris Hilton case harder to prove than it appears

    Reported by LA Times / Edited by PHS

    As Paris Hilton faces arraignment on a cocaine-possession charge after being arrested in Las Vegas, a legal expert says the case might be harder to prove than it appears.

    Prosecutors in such minor drug-possession cases face several hurdles, and even when they do get a conviction, typically the punishment is drug treatment, said Dmitry Gorin, a former L.A. County prosecutor and well-known defense attorney.

    “First they are going to have prove it’s her purse and then she had custody of it,” Gorin said. “When it comes to celebrities, often assistants and entourage handle things like that, so it becomes harder to show they are the ones with the item.”

    Gorin said Hilton’s legal team may also challenge the cause for the search in the first place. Police said they pulled over the SUV that Hilton was in after smelling marijuana fumes.

    He said that if her legal team can raise questions about whether the marijuana smell came from her SUV, they could get the evidence tossed out. Gorin said ultimately if prosecutors do succeed in convicting Hilton, the punishment would mostly likely involve drug diversion.

    The defense lawyer says there are numerous arrests of this nature on the Vegas Strip (minus the celebrity) and most finish in some kind of diversion program unless the person has a lengthy prior record. Las Vegas police said they had enough evidence to arrest Hilton, but it will be up to prosecutors to file charges.

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    Paris Hilton to be charged with felony and set to appear in court on October 27

    Reported by

    Prosecutors in Clark County, Nevada, filed a felony charge against Paris Hilton on Monday stemming from her arrest over the weekend on suspicion of cocaine possession.

    Hilton was charged with possession of a controlled substance. She is set to be arraigned October 27 in Clark County District Court, according to courthouse spokeswoman Jillian Prieto.

    The hotel heiress, 29, was arrested late Friday. Police pulled alongside a Cadillac Escalade in which Hilton was a passenger about 11:30 p.m. and smelled “a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle,” according to the arrest report.

    When the officer looked over, “the female passenger started to put the window of the vehicle up,” the report said. Police told the driver of the Cadillac to pull over, which he did, in front of the Wynn Hotel.

    The driver, whom police identified as Cy Waits, 34, was arrested for driving under the influence after he failed field sobriety tests, the report said. Waits is a Las Vegas nightclub mogul and Hilton’s rumored boyfriend.

    Authorities immediately recognized Hilton as the passenger, the arrest report said, but police did not want to release the vehicle to her following Waits’ arrest because of the continuing investigation and also because of the strong odor of marijuana emanating from the SUV.

    A large crowd began to gather at the side of the vehicle as people realized Hilton was inside, the report said. The police lieutenant who wrote the report, identified as D. Flynn, said he approached the vehicle and told Hilton she needed to get out, as police were going to search it for drugs.

    “Hilton told me that she was extremely embarrassed, due to all the people taking pictures of her, and she did not want to be seen by them,” the report said. She said she wanted to stay and see what was going to happen to Waits, but also needed to use the bathroom. She asked Flynn if he would escort her inside the Wynn Hotel to protect her from the crowd “and also asked to go somewhere private and out of the public’s eye until the investigation was over.”

    Flynn wrote that he took Hilton inside, and hotel staffers directed them to the security holding room, which was private and had a nearby restroom. The officer had Hilton place her purse on the table while the two awaited a female officer to accompany her to the restroom.

    “While we were waiting for the female officer to arrive, Hilton said she needed to put some lip balm on, and I handed her the purse from the table,” the report said. As she opened it, a bundle of what looked like cocaine in a plastic bag fell from the purse, and the lieutenant caught it. The officer put the bundle back insde the purse, waiting for other officers to witness it, he wrote.

    When other officers arrived, Flynn wrote that he opened the purse, removed the suspected bundle and read Hilton her Miranda rights. “She told me the purse was not hers, and that she had borrowed it from a friend,” the report said. However, Hilton did admit that a broken tablet of Albuterol, also found inside the purse, was hers and was prescribed to her, according to the report. Albuterol is commonly prescribed for diseases such as asthma.

    Hilton said several cosmetics inside the purse were not hers, but that $1,300 cash and credit cards in the purse were hers, the report said. She also said a package of Zig Zag papers, “which are commonly used to roll and smoke marijuana,” according to the report, were hers.

    “I asked Hilton whose cocaine it was, and she said she had not seen it but now thought it was gum,” according to the arrest report.

    Authorities placed her under arrest and transported her to the Clark County Detention Center, the report said. The substance was tested and confirmed to be 0.8 grams of cocaine.

    Hilton was released from jail Saturday morning after authorities determined she was not a flight risk, Lt. Wayne Holman told CNN.

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    Not clear if Cy Wait was fired from his position

    It was recently reported by E! Online that Cy Wait, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, was fired as owner of Wynn and Encore’s nightclubs. It is said that Steve Wynn, owner of Wynn, Encore and numerous other Vegas hotels fired him. Apparently, an insider said: “Wynn has a zero-tolerance policy with their club execs when it comes to brushes with the law.”

    However, acccording to Las Vegas Sun, this may not be true. The news site reports that the Wynn Las Vegas spokeswoman Jennifer Dunne said that “the company was not prepared to comment on Waits’ position with the company.” But when the time comes, they will issue a statement.

    E! also reported that Rick and Kathy Hilton are “flipping out” with Cy Wait.

    In the meantime, Paris is upset and continues to deny that the harmful substance belongs to her, says her longtime friend Michael Boychuck.

    It’s kind of late, but in these turbulent times, I have to wish everyone a happy Paris Hilton Day. August 29th is the day.

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    How Paris Hilton got arrested

    Believe it or not, today’s events turned out to be the most popular story on, according to CNN’s NewsPulse, even surpassing the story about the popular political rally held by talk show host Glenn Beck most of the time.

    In the afternoon, a press conference was issued by the Las Vegas Metro Police, and Sgt. John Sheahan had this to say: “While waiting in police custody, she extracted a tube of lip balm from her purse. At that time a plastic packet of a substance believed to be cocaine fell from her purse, directly in view of Metro officers.”

    For more information, watch this news coverage below.

    Earlier, a source told (which is not necessarily always a reliable news site): “The search of Paris and arrest was all captured on tape, which could help her tremendously. Her lawyer David Chesnoff is going to claim it was an illegal search, in part because she was taken away from the scene to this other location. Chesnoff will also be able to take apart every single thing that happened during the search and arrest because he’ll have the video to work off of. Furthermore, Paris repeatedly said while she was being detained that the purse wasn’t hers. Chesnoff is going to get the tape and use it to bolster his contention that the search was illegal.”

    Also, the woman who interviewed Paris hours before she got arrested for alleged drug possession had to this say: “She was fantastic! Very agreeable, very warm. She was very candid. When the limo took her back to Waits’, she was asked if she wanted the limo to wait for her. But Hilton said, ‘No, my boyfriend will be driving us tonight. I am wishing she had taken the limo.”

    Las Vegas journalist Robin Leach reported that Michael Boychuck, who has worked for Paris for 18 years, said: “She just doesn’t get involved with that kind of stuff. It’s totally out of character if you know her as well as I do. She’s already said it wasn’t hers, and that’s good enough for me. Stars get their things stolen from them when they’re mobbed in crowds. You have no idea what they get subjected to and how many things vanish and get swapped out for their own items when fans do crazy things to get souvenirs or cause problems out of jealousy.”

    “If you’d spent the time with her that we all did yesterday evening in my salon, you would realize there’s no way she’s using drugs or drinking. Paris is completely healthy and well and very happy. She doesn’t need anything else!” he added.

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