Paris Hilton Site announces ‘World Paris’

    World Paris, a two-month event, will be launched today. This will be something like the 2007 “Extra Paris.” On each Saturday night, I will post video clips that you probably haven’t seen before. Some of them are leftovers that I haven’t had the time to post. Others are special clips, and you’ll undoubtedly find them interesting! The reason why I named it World Paris is because the videos are not only in English, but also in other languages. Other than that, it’s just a name for the event. I hope you’ll enjoy it and the surprises it has to offer!

    Here’s a summary of the list of some of the videos that will be posted during the World Paris event.

    Week 1
    An Paris Hilton interview from the early 2000s before she started filming the first season of the Simple Life!
    Language: English

    Week 2
    An unseen music video! (that’s all I’m going to say)
    Language: English

    Week 3
    You’ve seen the 2008 Turkish beauty queen show where she belly dances, but you didn’t the parts where she’s introduced and crowns the beauty queen.
    Languages: Turkish and English

    Week 4
    Three unseen 2006 interview videos about her debut album. Interesting comments you haven’t heard before. Dedicated to the fourth anniversary of “Paris”!
    Languages: English and French

    Week 5
    You’ve seen the video she interviews Lady Gaga, but you haven’t seen an extended footage of the interview.
    Language: English

    Week 6
    A 2008 interview (16 min long) that you probably haven’t seen before.
    Language: English

    Week 7
    A few comments on House of Wax. A very old autograph signing event. And another 2008 interview!
    Language: English

    Week 8
    A final 2010 interview, but this one is in Serbian!
    Languages: Serbian, Portuguese and English

    Posted: July 30th, 2010
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    Video: Paris Hilton dances on the set of the music video in Ibiza, Spain

    Posted: July 30th, 2010
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    Video: Jimmy Kimmel and his ramblings on Paris Hilton

    Posted: July 30th, 2010
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    Video: Paris Hilton at Papagayo nightclub in Saint-Tropez

    Posted: July 29th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton films a new music video and “I Need You” song is leaked


    Update: The new music video was not filmed for a new single

    Paris Hilton announced yesterday that she has started filming a new music video for her new single (presumably)! It has been reported, though unconfirmed, that the new song will out in August. Paris recently tweeted: “The music video shoot went amazing today! So many incredible dancers and the clothes were so hot! Had so much fun! Can’t wait to see it!”

    Remember the “I Need You” sample that I posted a couple of months ago? Well, a few days ago, leaked the full version of the song and said that it will likely appear on the upcoming sophomore album. Actually, I didn’t expected the new album to feature the “I Need You” song, which is kind of strange and unexpected. But if this song was recently leaked, wouldn’t it suggest that maybe “I Need You” is the new song? Unlikely, I’d say! Check it out! It’s a kewl song!

    Posted: July 28th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton’s new album ready to be released in a few months

    Paris Hilton recently told Heat magazine:

    “My record is just in production now.  I recently finished recording it.  It’s very like dance, club music. The album’s going to be out in a few months. I really have always loved Kylie Minogue – She’s, like, one of my favourite artists. I’ve just been really inspired by her.  I just wanted my music to kind of… emulate her.”

    Posted: July 27th, 2010
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    Media claims Paris Hilton gave the Nazi salute

    The stupid hateful mainstream news media, like FOX News, reported that the picture below shows Paris Hilton giving the Nazi salute. They say that she is imitating Adolf Hitler, one of the mass murderers of the 20th century, by using her finger to simulate his mustache. Laughable, isn’t it? It is clear that it is simply a bad picture that happens to show something else. I think this was first reported by Britain’s Daily Mail, a fake newspaper.

    Here’s what Paris’ rep told Daily Mail: “This is totally false. The photos are misrepresented. Paris did not make a reference to Hitler. Much of her family is Jewish as are the majority of her friends and she is very upset and offended at the allegations. She was wearing a captains hat given to her in a club, it was not military — and that the photos show her with her arm up, she was dancing with both her arms up, scratched her face with one of her hands. That provided the basis for photographers to make these erroneous claims.”

    Interestingly enough, if this picture was taken in Germany or Austria, my guess is that there would be a major investigation because this particular form of Nazi greeting is considered to be a criminal offence in those countries!

    Posted: July 27th, 2010
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