Paris Hilton too busy for a new relationship

    Paris Hilton recently told Access Hollywood that she’s “enjoying being single” and that Doug Reinhardt “is just angry because [she] broke up with him.”

    She said: “I need more positive people around me and people who love me for me.”

    She also added: “A lot of guys have obviously hit on me and I am getting thousands of calls, but I’m not ready to be with anyone. Maybe in six months or a year but, right now, I’m just too busy for a relationship.”

    Posted: April 25th, 2010
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    Video: Paris Hilton dances at Coachella party

    Posted: April 25th, 2010
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    Picture: Paris Hilton attends the 2010 US Weekly Hot Hollywood party

    Posted: April 25th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton out with former boyfriend Jason Shaw

    Surprise, surprise! Paris Hilton used to date Jason Shaw in the early 2000s.

    Posted: April 25th, 2010
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    False fire alarm at Paris Hilton’s house

    Reported by Access Hollywood

    The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a 911 call from the home of Paris Hilton on Tuesday.

    Authorities confirmed to Access Hollywood that at 3:08 PM on Tuesday, a single fire truck responded to a call from a home in Beverly Hills in the Mulholland Estates gated community.

    The incident was said to be “possibly electrical in origin,” a rep for the Fire Department told Access.

    The issue was quickly resolved and the fire truck left the residence.

    A rep for Paris confirmed the incident to Access Hollywood in a statement on Wednesday.

    “The fire department was called to Paris’ house as a safety precaution due to an electrical fault. Paris was not home at the time and everything is fine.”

    Posted: April 25th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories Spring|Summer 2010 Collection

    The Spring|Summer 2010 Collection is the most exclusive and trendy handbag and accessory line created so far. Every single piece in the collection is a reflection of Paris’ personal style and taste.

    That she is proud of her signature line is crystal clear: she always wears an item whether it is for travelling, shopping, clubbing, going to an award show or just going for a walk.

    Says Paris Hilton about her new fashion line: “The Spring|Summer 2010 Collection is particularly special as it has a variety of looks for different occasions. There are handbags that you can take when you get all glammed up and go out at night and there are bags you can use every day. I wanted handbags that would make you look great no matter when you were carrying them.”

    In terms of materials, models and styles, the SS10 Collection is innovative and daring. On what was her main inspiration while designing the line, Paris explains: “I wanted a design that was going to be fashionable and attention grabbing. I think with the unique material and style, the line is very eye-catching.”

    “I especially love the Montenero”, she says referring to the line’s black Montenero Handbag Group created in modern 3D material and a shiny pyramid surface – a specific group which Paris has been carrying for several occasions. “It has a special look and stands out whenever you are carrying it and people always notice the unusual material and pattern of the bags.” She concludes: “A handbag is any girl’s must-have and I wanted to design an amazing line!”


    The new Paris Hilton Spring|Summer 2010 Collection is now available in 25 Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories shops around the world and can also be purchased at and

    Thanks to Elisabeth!

    Posted: April 20th, 2010
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    No news updates until Friday

    There won’t be any news updates until Friday night. Yes, I’m serious! I won’t post anything until Friday or Saturday. Very excited about Spring and Summer. I’m gonna post some kewl stuffs!

    Until the day the news updates resume again, ask yourself this question: What’s wrong with Paris and her phone?

    Posted: April 19th, 2010
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