The Hilton family, including Paris, has dinner with Grandpa Barron Hilton

    By Paparazzi Henry

    The wonderful Hilton Family had a great dinner and get-together and they were very happy to have Grandpa Barron join them. Paris told [Paparazzi Henry] she had a really good dinner and [he] let her know that her Granpa is very cool. Paris looked so glamourous with smashing jewelry. She really is glamour personified! The Hilton’s are really close and are a top notch family!

    Posted: April 15th, 2010
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    It’s official: It’s over between Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt

    A spokesperson for Paris Hilton has confirmed that Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt are no longer together: “The relationship between Paris and Doug is over. She broke up with him more than two weeks ago.”

    A source reported: “Paris has been over him for a while and felt bad ending it. She broke up with him weeks ago. She hasn’t seen him in almost a month. She felt like he didn’t love her for the right reasons.

    Another source mentioned the reality TV issue again: “He was trying to force Paris into doing his reality show and that caused an argument. She has her own show going on.”

    Friends of Paris also told E! that Paris felt she was being used for photographs: “She felt like he didn’t love her for the right reasons.”

    E! also reported that apparently, her parents, Rick and Kathy, are “relieved” that Paris is no longer dating Doug.

    Meanwhile, Doug released his own statement: “Despite what many uninformed tabloid journalists are saying, Paris and I met at her house last night and have decided to split. It’s unfortunate that things are being said about us that are inaccurate. I continue to wish her only the best.”

    But it looks like Doug has moved on… While Paris was in Las Vegas, in Aspen paparrazi took pictures of Doug with his new girlfriend? Pic 1 & Pic 2

    Posted: April 15th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton slams TMZ’ “stupid rumors” and lies

    Posted: April 14th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton may have parted ways with Doug Reinhardt

    Paris Hilton confirmed that yesterday’s comments were referring to the fake Reggie story, first promoted by the unlikable TMZ site: “Obviously not everyone knew what I was referring to in my tweet yesterday. It was about the very untrue rumors regarding Reggie. Aside from being @ the same club, Reggie and I didn’t even say hi to each other. I was there with my sister and friend.”

    However, she hasn’t denied the story that she and Doug Reinhardt may have broken up, which would be kind of unfortunate after such a long relationship! Huh?

    Even though a source close to Doug told that “they are fine” (not very convincing), another source reported that they may have split because Paris didn’t want to particpate in Doug’s new reality show: ”Paris never had any plans to participate in the reality show, but Doug was pressuring her to be a part of it, and she flatly refused. Without her involvement, it’s a no-go.” Whether it’s true or not, we don’t know for sure!

    Meanwhile, Paris is still busy on set shooting…

    Posted: April 13th, 2010
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    Picture: Paris Hilton out in Los Angeles

    Posted: April 13th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton mad at the lying media

    So maybe “reliable” E! News was wrong, after all. Maybe, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt haven’t broken up.

    Paris Hilton recently twitted: “Can’t a girl have a night out in Las Vegas with her sister, without fake stories being posted. That story is a ridiculous lie. 100% FALSE.”

    Or maybe, she was only referring to another false article which suggests that single Paris hanged out and partied with Kim Kardashian’s ex Reggie Bush in Las Vegas. Silly time wasting stories.

    Meanwhile, Paris is busy shooting a new hair commercial in Las Vegas.

    Posted: April 12th, 2010
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    Video: Paris Hilton gone wild at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas


    Posted: April 12th, 2010
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