The Repo! Revolution is coming on March 19th!

    Press Release

    Every week fans are lining up in full costume to see the show that is being hailed as “Rocky Horror for the new generation” Come see what everyone is talking about.

    Times are changing for the little film that could. While REPO! the Genetic Opera opened into only a handful of theaters in November 2008, it has grown into a worldwide cult phenomenon. REPO! The Genetic Opera, with its fast growing and very loyal fan base, has been increasingly in the news recently, and here’s your chance to get in on the action. For a flat fee of $200 theater owners (or fans) can book a screening of Repo! the Genetic Opera on March 19th, 2010!

    This offer is open to any movie theater in the United States! (Terms and conditions below)

    This past January the creators posted a link on the official website www.Repo- to ask fans if they want Repo screened in their town, after receiving hundreds of responses from rabid fans with Shadowcasts in place and ready to go! We listened, and we invite you to host The Repo! Revolution in your town! Costume contests, live performances, themed events and more. To make this even better, we are extending this offer to the theaters by offering an exclusive deal. Book REPO! on March 19th, 2010 and we will send a special filmed introduction from Creators Terrance Zdunich & Darren Smith, & Director Darren Bousman. And, a special 5 minute video montage of behind the scenes footage, past REPO Road Tour moments, and (what everyone has been asking for)…UNSEEN FOOTAGE!

    REPO! The Genetic Opera has become a cult favorite amongst the midnight movie markets across North America, where it plays monthly with a full cast of live performers singing and dancing in the aisles and on the stage in front of the film. Nationwide, local (Rocky Horror-esque) groups of performers called Shadowcasts ( have been performing since January 2009 and often times with special nights, like REPO! themed burlesque shows, lingerie and costume contests, and regularly as a double feature with Rocky Horror.

    This evening is a must see, so everybody, everybody get-up, get-up now and TESTIFY!

    Click here for more info!

    Posted: February 28th, 2010
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    Picture: Paris Hilton’s Hair Product collection at a Sally Beauty store

    Pretty kewl, huh?

    Picture was taken by Kassidy!

    Posted: February 28th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton’s weather forecast: “Baltimore is like storms”

    A weather fanatic wanted me to post a clip from Simple Life 3 where Paris Hilton presents the weather forecast. Enjoy!

    Comments from Anonymous:
    That Paris Hilton weather forecast was especially applicable to this year, as there is a storm moving up the East Coast now, and one just left, so “Baltimore is like storms” as she said, with the most snow in recorded history already and possibly more on the way. There were also snowflakes in Texas, which is not a common occurrence, but nonetheless accurate for the past few days, and they may be approaching records there as well. Global warming you know.

    Posted: February 27th, 2010
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    Longer version of Paris Hilton’s “I Need You” song

    Listen to 1min and 28sec of the unreleased “I Need You” song:

    Posted: February 25th, 2010
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    Paris Hilton getting a record label and cover art for new album?

    Paris Hilton recently tweeted about having a meeting with Jimmy Iovine and Raphael Mazzucco.

    Jimmy Lovine is an American music producer, entrepreneur and chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M, which hosts artists such as 50 Cent, Blink-182, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, Enrique Iglesias, Lady Gaga and Pussycat Dolls.

    Raphael Mazzucco is a Canadian fashion, art and music photographer.

    Thanks to Scot!

    Posted: February 25th, 2010
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    Brazil wants to ban Paris Hilton’s Devassa commercial

    Reported by; edit by PHS

    Paris Hilton is giving blondes a bad name… says Brazil’s Secretariat for Women’s Affairs, which wants a sultry beer commercial starring the hotel heiress, model and actor off the air.

    The commercial isn’t very explicit – especially in a land where postage-stamp-size bikinis are ubiquitous. But Brazil’s regulations say beer commercials cannot treat women as overtly sensual objects.

    “It’s an ad that devalues women – in particular, blond women,” according to a spokeswoman for the Women’s Secretariat who said it received numerous complaints. She spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because she was not free to discuss the case.

    Many Brazilian beer ads feature women in bikinis – but a key difference is that those are set on the beach, said Eduardo Correia, a spokesman for the regulator Conar, which has opened three separate investigations into the campaign.

    “The problem with the ad isn’t a lack of clothing, but its sensual nature,” Correia said. “A woman in a bikini on a beach isn’t necessarily sensual; it depends on the context.”

    Conar is a private agency that cannot legally force a company to remove an ad. But Correia said that in 23 years of existence, Conar has conducted more than 7,000 investigations and not one of its recommendations has been ignored.

    Devassa, which means “naughty” in the most gentle of translations, is made by Grupo Schincariol. Calls to the company were not immediately returned Thursday.

    Posted: February 25th, 2010
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    New Paris Hilton TV show is in production

    So quiet in the world of Paris Hilton, but so busy behind the scenes! Paris Hilton annouced that she’ll filming a new TV show.

    As far as we know, she’s working on two TV shows, but she just started filming on of them. She recently tweeted: “I am getting ready to shoot my new show.”

    She’s also looking for new TV show ideas: “[I] want to hear your opinions. What are some of your show ideas that you would like to see me in? Comment [here] and let me know.”

    Posted: February 24th, 2010
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