Press release about the launch of

    Media icon and entrepreneur Paris Hilton has launched her latest venture – – an innovative online destination that provides Hilton fans worldwide with a back stage pass into the fashionista’s life. Using state-of-the-art technology from leading social media platform TypePad, will be the ultimate online destination for Paris Hilton – from the shopping mall, to the board room and the red carpet, will provide a glimpse into the starlet’s life. will feature personal content from Hilton, with regular blogs, photos and exclusive video content along with all of Paris’ social media activity – whether Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or others – will create a central destination for all Hilton content, synergizing everything into one easy and convenient destination. Through a unique social community section the site will also encourage fans worldwide to connect, interact and share their favorite tips and stories.

    Hilton comments on the launch of “I am so thrilled that with this launch I can now directly reach my fans around the world and bring them the most up to the minute news, entertainment and accurate information on everything we are working on at Paris Hilton Entertainment. I’m very passionate about social media and new technology and plan to continually find new ways to innovate and bring my fans the most exciting and fun ways to communicate, share and learn together. I’m so excited to get started!”

    Paris Hilton’s talent manager Jamie Freed added “This launch marks a significant shift for us to fuel the Paris Hilton brand with cutting edge technology, this is merely the beginning for what we have envisioned will become Paris’ online empire.”

    Phase 1 of launches today and immediately enables fans to gain news, photos, video and exclusive blog posts from Hilton. Additional phases of the site will be launched in the coming months, providing additional features including a fan club, e-commerce and mobile applications. is powered by TypePad, Six Apart’s premier social media platform, social community and hosted blogging service.

    Posted: January 19th, 2010
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    Working experience with Paris Hilton

    The text below is written by Kay Pierre

    What’s it like seeing Paris Hilton in person? Is she as pretty as she is in the magazine? Yes, she is exactly like the way she is in the magazine. She’s very lovely in person. I saw her and Simon Rex one time on a movie set. I was from the movie industry several years ago but I quit now. I saw her and she was very lovely. She was tall, thin, and young looking. She was very thin actually. She was kind of spoil like the way you see her in the movies or magazine.

    She presented those same images in person. She smiles if you smile at her. She’s not that stuck up like I would think that she is. She’s very friendly actually. She was doing a movie at that one particular time. She was nonchalant about the whole deal. I guess she’s pretty bored on the movie set. I really like seeing her in person. She was Paris Hilton, the popular celebrity every girl or guy want to meet and I was working next to her. One thing that I remember is that she was very pretty.

    She was tall and young looking with blond hair. I also saw her bff Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie was exceptionally pretty in person. She was hot. She was really nice and quiet too. I happened to see her on another set that I was working on. When you’re in Hollywood, you will get to work with all the stars. When I met these celebrities, I learned that they are really nice, humble and sweet which is the complete opposite of what I would think about celebrities.

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    Final warning for those who copy PHS content!

    It still bothers me that people “steal” content from Paris Hilton Site and post them on other sites without credit. Some give credit to PHS, but others still do not. I’ve also warned some of you guys many times in the past. You need to contact me if you do this regularly. I actually take the time to come up with the research and writing!

    This is a final warning. Stop plagiarizing or contact me. Otherwise, next time, I’ll have to contact your webhost. Sorry to be harsh, but I think I’ve been too tolerant.

    Posted: January 19th, 2010
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    Kewl promotional video for a Paris Hilton Fashion Show (September 2009)

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    Paris Hilton shines at Vanity nightclub for the launch of new

    The detailed article on Paris’ visit to Vanity nightclub was written by Xania Woodman and posted on Las Vegas Weekly.

    If you were at Vanity Saturday night (or follow the tweets of anyone who was), then you already know that actress/singer/heiress/designer Paris Hilton was in the house. And if you know that then you also know she wasn’t exactly the one-woman, three-ring circus the tabloid reporters would make her out to be. The slim blond starlet was downright behaved!

    Hilton arrived around 12:30 a.m. in a sparkly, clingy, one-shoulder, black party dress, and assumed the place of honor at a VIP table on the stage next to the club’s DJ booth. There, she sat on the booth-back, flanked by at least 20 friends and handlers including perennial friend Jeff Beacher. She danced with beau Doug Reinhardt and with girlfriends, sang all the words to Snoop Dogg’s “Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None)”, and mugged for an appreciative crowd. (Hilton also visited Vanity the night prior, that time with LMFAO, Cisco and Shwayze in celebration of LA nightlife don Tony Daly’s birthday.) Despite the two bottles of Patron and liter of Grey Goose vodka, the heiress drank water. One source close to the star noted that Hilton rarely drinks in public nowadays.

    Meanwhile, over on the Strip, guest DJ Steve Angello was spinning at Tao. Angello famously brawled with Reinhardt and Hilton at Miami’s Liv nightclub last March therefore it is ironic that the three should once again be making headlines the same night in another infamous party town.

    At 1:15 a.m., Hilton headed to the DJ booth to join Vanity resident, E!’s DJ Clinton Sparks. Speaking in the third person, Paris announced herself as hostess and plugged her new website, After playing her own song “Stars are Blind,” Hilton requested Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire,” and later,” Chester French’s “She Loves Everybody.”

    Around 1:45 a.m. Hilton’s neighbors at table 54 purchased 500 shots of Patron for the crowd. The bottles were paraded to the mystery benefactor’s table by beautiful cocktail servers, the customary sparklers, and Nightlife Group’s own Cory McCormack with partner, baseball’s Jason Giambi leading the charge. “Anyone who wants a shot,” Clinton Sparks shouted to the crowd, “head over to table 54!”

    The $7,000 round of drinks was likely the icing on the cakes of Hilton’s fans, sure to be talked about back home by guests who showed up armed with cameras and photos just to ogle Paris and maybe snag a cell-phone pic. But without lifting even one pale, pinky finger, Hilton still managed to outshine even a Patron parade.

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    Paris Hilton plans to donate money to help the victims of Haiti earthquake

    According to X17, Paris Hilton will donate money to help the earthquake victims of Haiti through “her foundation” (would that be the mysterious Paris Hilton Charity Foundation?).

    Posted: January 17th, 2010
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    Video: Paris Hilton poses at Vanity nightclub’s Red Carpet event in Hard Rock Hotel

    Posted: January 17th, 2010
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