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    Posted: January 2nd, 2010
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    How Paris Hilton saved one endangered species

    Reported by Mother Nature Network. Article edited by PHS.

    Back in 2007 a small, but ambitious film project called “The 11th Hour” was released. It was innovative in several regards. It featured narration by a major A-list celebrity, Leonardo diCaprio. It included a massive compilation of over 100 interviews with leading environmental experts, and it was also one of the first films to link to an “Action Campaign” website.

    The producers of the film hoped it would rouse a new generation of environmental activists. For a variety of reasons, the film did not do well at the box office and it didn’t deliver on the first count. But the film was far from a failure. As Tzeporah explained, the film’s premiere which was attended by a host of A-list celebs, was just the ticket she needed to save one of the most important carbon sinks in North America.

    Forest Ethics, the nonprofit co-founded by Tzeporah, had been in a several year battle with the Canadian government to prevent logging of an ancient forest in Northern Canada, the last refuge of the endangered Caribou. Despite very successful campaigning and widespread public support, Forest Ethics’ cries fell on deaf ears. The government was unmoved and it seemed logging would proceed.

    That’s when “11th Hour” was released. Tzeporah came down to the premier where she briefly met Paris Hilton. It was a 2 minute meeting that would alter the fate of one endangered species and pave the way for a new kind of celebrity-fueled activism.

    The photo of their meeting quickly landed on the front page of hundreds of newspapers across Canada, followed by 2 weeks of nonstop interview requests. British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell then made a sudden about-face on his previous position and signed to protect the 2.2 million hectares of threatened rainforest.

    Play the clip below to listen to Tzeporah’s comments about her meeting with Paris Hilton:

    Posted: January 1st, 2010
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    Happy New Year 2010!

    For the first time in many years, instead of hosting a party, Paris Hilton has decided to simply “[spend] New Years in Aspen with Doug and his family.”

    She recently said to Radar Online: “I love Aspen I have been coming here since I was a little girl.”

    Happy New Year 2010!

    Posted: December 31st, 2009
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    Ivana Chubbuck’s advice to Paris Hilton

    Ivana Chubbuck is an acting teacher who has trained professional actors/actresses such as Halle Berry. She aso worked with Paris Hilton for the Hottie and the Nottie. The Age AU reports:

    “Ivana Chubbuck was recently asked to work with Paris Hilton. She refused several times, she says, but ”after I met her, I thought, ‘This is a person who is quite misunderstood by the public. She’s not stupid. She has not had – without revealing her secrets – an easy life.’ ” It wasn’t Hilton’s acting that Chubbuck worked on, she adds, but her view of herself. ”She is much less in the media at the moment, and that has a lot to do with me saying to her, ‘Respect yourself’.””

    Posted: December 30th, 2009
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    A shoe company suing Paris Hilton over the design of the heart shaped insole

    Nearly two years after building up the successful Paris Hilton Footwear collection, a company shoe is suing Paris over a heart-shaped pad on the insoles of Hilton’s shoe collection, according to The Sun and a lawsuit filed in Seattle.

    The document claims the heart cushion was patented by them in 2007, before the launch of Paris Hilton’s shoe collecton.

    In the document, the firm also boldly mentions that they want Antebi Footwear, Paris’ shoe company, to deliver them “all goods, signs, advertising, and promotional materials relating to the Paris Hilton Footwear Line Collection containing a heart-shaped shoe cushion.”

    But there’s more to the issue, read it here.

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    My little complaint about

    If you’re bored or plan to buy the Celebrity Styler from, read this.

    Last week, I decided to buy the Celebrity Styler from as a surprise gift for my cousin. The Celebrity Styler is being promoted on the main page, and Sally Beauty gives you the Ultimate Brush as a bonus for free if you buy the Celebrity Styler and enter a certain code.

    So I bought the Celebrity Styler with the Ultimate Brush as a bonus. Yesterday (Monday), I received an email from Sally Beauty stating that the items were being shipped. But when I carefully looked at the statement, I noticed that only the Ultimate Brush was shipped because the Celebrity Styler is out of stock!

    So the geniuses at Sally Beauty shipped the Ultimate Brush without the Celebrity Styler, and my cousin will receive this as a gift. Last night, I sent an email to Sally Beauty explaining the situation, but it’s been more than day now that I haven’t heard back from them.

    I don’t know if the Celebrity Styler was out of stock when I bought it (didn’t check). I also don’t understand why Sally Beauty allows its customers to pay for something that they don’t have.

    But I’m still very frustrated! 🙁

    If you read this, and plan to buy something from, send me an email, and I will send you a code that you can use to get 20% off your entire order. Code expires December 31, 2009 (I think).

    Posted: December 29th, 2009
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