CNN reports on Paris Hilton’s fame

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    Once a fixture on the red carpet and a staple of the daily news cycle, Paris Hilton has recently all but disappeared from the American consciousness.

    Has the socialite who became famous “simply for being famous” ceded her throne to a new set of up-and-coming reality stars and party fixtures, or has she gone purposely dark in order to resurrect her brand like a phoenix rising from the ashes?

    “She built the ultimate how-to guide on building a celebrity brand. Now she is in the second phase of the program, the disappearing act,” said Samantha Yanks, editor-in-chief of Gotham and Hamptons magazines, two publications which often featured content about Hilton.

    “Phase one was the ascension, seemingly out of nowhere,” Yanks said. “That came with a media frenzy, the antics, the partying, the music, the babe-like status and of course, the fashion label. Phase two, she disappears.”

    Paris Hilton broke onto the New York City socialite scene in 2001, more famous for her late-night partying than for the small modeling jobs she had started taking. But her fame factor really began to take off when she starred in the Fox reality television series “The Simple Life,” with her childhood best friend Nicole Richie, in 2003.

    Hilton leveraged her fame from “The Simple Life” by pushing the Paris Hilton brand into books, perfumes, shoes and nightclubs. She landed a minor role in the film “House of Wax” and a leading role in the straight-to-DVD movies, “National Lampoons’ Pledge This” and “Bottoms Up.”

    She was so pervasive that in 2004 New York Daily News gossip columnist Lloyd Grove banned her from his page and in 2007 The Associated Press conducted an experiment to try not reporting on Hilton for a week. Grove was successful for two years. The AP made it through its weeklong blackout and then reported on Hilton’s arrest for driving with a suspended license nine days after the blackout began.

    Now, two years later, most news outlets would be hard pressed to find a recent story about Hilton that they had to report.

    The gossip and tabloid news cycle typically responds to what the public wants. The absence of Hilton in public life could merely be a response to a new generation of tabloid consumers’ lack of interest in her.

    “Paris just doesn’t nearly have the mass appeal she had a few years ago. She shows up at events, but people are much more concerned with whether Robert Pattinson’s going to show up with his secret girlfriend Kristen Stewart,” explained Star magazine’s Suzanne Rozdeba, a senior editor. “She’s not working on a scandalous reality show, or groundbreaking project, or starring in a horror movie, or dating hunky Taylor Lautner, so people are honestly just tired of hearing about her partying. Maybe people are just simply tired of her.”

    It is hard to believe that after years of honing her ability to exploit herself and her name, Hilton has simply let the media forget about her. Perhaps dipping below the radar is exactly what Hilton is looking to do in order to rebuild her brand.

    “Paris invented it all — the whole famous-for-being-famous act,” said Jared Shapiro, executive editor of Life & Style magazine. “And since then others have taken the torch. But it’s not like she’s done. She knows she hit oversaturation and she’s taking a breather, working on a second album and developing some TV. I still firmly believe she’s one of the more famous people in ‘Celebrity-ville.’ The second she’s pregnant, has a baby, or gets married, major interest will peak.”

    Hilton, who has never been known to do anything discretely, did just that last week by quietly launching her line of hair styling products. The line includes the “Celebrity Styler” and the “Ultimate Styling Brush,” in Hilton’s signature pink.

    The launch at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, lacked the typical Hilton entourage of paparazzi, media scrum and celebrity friends. The guest list was kept to Hilton’s friends and family, including her sister Nicky Hilton and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.

    But in addition to her hair products, Hilton has also been in the studio recording her second album.

    “It’s smart for Paris to keep a low profile until she is ready to come back with a more defined and sophisticated brand,” said branding expert Rebecca Brooks, president of The Brooks Group. “Americans have proven to be extremely forgiving when it comes to stars and their shenanigans and I think they will be receptive.”

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    No news until Monday night

    There won’t be any news updates until Monday night. Sorry guys! End of term, way too busy with school work!

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    Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt out in the snow in Vancouver, British Columbia

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    Paris Hilton is DJ Ro Ro on CBS’ “I Get That A Lot”

    Julie Chen, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Rachael Ray, Gene Simmons and Tony Hawk are taking part in the next U.S. practical joke special “I Get That a Lot.”

    The one-hour program is to air Jan. 6, CBS said Wednesday.

    “‘I Get That a Lot’ features celebrities tricking everyday citizens in a case of supposed ‘mistaken identity,'” the network said in a news release. “Working ordinary jobs, these celebrities confuse customers who can’t decide if it’s the actual celebrity or an astonishing look-alike. As these celebrity jesters continue to deny their true identities, various reactions from their customers solicit exasperated and hilarious responses.”

    The first edition of “I Get That a Lot” debuted April 1and was a ratings hit, CBS said.

    Preview of Paris’ role:

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    Meet Paris Hilton at Macy’s Glendale Galleria, California!

    Paris Hilton will be making a rare public appearance this Thursday (12/3) at Macy’s Glendale Galleria located at 2100 Glendale Galleria Glendale, California.

    Be among the first 300 customers to personally meet and get your picture professionally taken with Paris. Pre sell your Paris Hilton Gift Collection for $89.50 and get the rare opportunity to meet the socialite in person. There will be a professional photographer there to snap the shot for your life long memory. One photo per customer. No personal items will be accepted.

    This event is already selling out. Please call 818 240 8411 ext 2327 or 2328 for more information or to pre sell your purchase to reserve your space in line.

    Please pre sell your purchase to the event prior to Thursday to ensure your space in line.

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    Story of one lucky fan who won the “Celebrity Styler” contest and met Paris Hilton

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    Luck runs in the family for 25-year-old Cheyanne Diaz.

    “My dad used to win contests all the time,” said the Pasco woman. “And everybody would ask him how and he said you can’t win if you don’t enter, so if I come across them, I enter.” Last year, she won a Fender Stratocaster guitar from Grammy-winning musician John Mayer by following Mayer’s posts on Twitter. So when celebrity Paris Hilton tweeted about a contest to bring five lucky winners to her beauty line launch party in Beverly Hills, Diaz didn’t hesitate to enter.

    The contest required fans to buy Paris’ new all-in-one hairstyling tool from Sally Beauty Supply. And Diaz, an X-ray technician, came up a winner again. Last week she and her friend Tami Gonzalez of Pasco were flown to Los Angeles, where they got to schmooze with Paris and her family. “We got to meet a bunch of her BFFs that were on her show. It was the best night,” Diaz told the Herald.

    Paris is her favorite celebrity and despite past negative publicity, Diaz thinks Paris is a strong and smart businesswoman. “I was so nervous, I couldn’t eat fro two days beforehand,” she said. “She was really sweet, and she hung out with us longer than I expected. She liked my dress.” Paris also liked the fact that Diaz was wearing her brand of high heels.

    But Diaz’s luck nearly ran out at the Beverly Hills party when she learned that all the bags with Paris’ beauty products had already been handed out to partygoers. “They ran out of gift bags by the time I found out about it, but (Paris’) hair colorist gave me his,” she said.

    She befriended the celebrity hairstylist, Michael Boychuck, and continued her contest-winning streak after she returned to the Tri-Cities. “After I got home, that hair colorist put on his Twitter that he’d send products to the first five people who wrote to him, and I won, so he’s going to send me hair products,” Diaz said. “I sound like all I do is read Twitter, but I don’t — I just see it at the right time.”

    Diaz can use her new hair products for when she goes to the John Mayer concert in Seattle in March. Just don’t ask her to play the guitar, which she keeps in its case in her bedroom. That’s just a lucky reminder to herself that if you don’t play, you’ll never win.

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    Promotional video of Paris Hilton’s latest perfume Siren

    This was posted before, but here’s a slightly better quality of the promotional video of Siren.

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