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    • Jen: Paris bought herself a new twelve-thousand square ft. house with a fab waterfall & pool. In Beverly Hills....
    • S7: What a sad news! We`re mourning too. Love you Paris. Your old friend Fri, Oct 10/04/2019
    • Dawn: No one was disinherited. He shrewdly put his $ billions into the family-owned Hilton Foundation. Big...
    • Mike: Nice Paris I would like to see you because we meet. Lumpi (Mike)
    • Jen: That was an EDM festival ,actually. Paris did great, along with many other topnotch DJs The crowds went wild for...
    • Dawn: “Lone Wolves” teaser is up on Paris’s instagram. Sounds really good & another summer hit,...
    • Jen: Very nice ! It’s always good to see Paris growing and succeeding.

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    “The Simple Life” reboot starring Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan not happening

    Reported by Yahoo! Entertainment

    Although the reality show “The Simple Life”’s official Twitter account posted a series of cryptic messages Tuesday alluding to frenemies Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan teaming up for a reboot, a source tells EW that there is no truth to rumors about a planned revival on Netflix. The Simple Life Twitter account has also lost its verified checkmark, calling the authenticity of its recent tweets into question.

    The account had stoked fan interest by sharing an old photo of Lohan and Hilton accompanied by the caption “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” It also tweeted emojis of a blond woman and a red-haired woman, leading fans to assume another installment of the show was in the works.


    Video: Paris Hilton Launches “The Glam App” at Cleo restaurant in West Hollywood

    Paris Hilton launched her new app Glam at Cleo in West Hollywood, supported by pal Kris Jenner and aunt Kyle Richards, among others like Chanel West and Patrick Starrr. She was surrounded by paparazzi and fans as she made her way into Cleo Mediterranean restaurant for the launch party where she celebrated the app that brings hair and makeup services to the masses, on demand!


    Video: Allure magazine visits Paris Hilton’s extravagant closet

    On this episode of “Beauty Spaces,” Paris Hilton gives you a tour of her extravagant dressing room and closet. Take a look inside her old Hollywood-styled dressing room, the shelves of her vanity, and her post-glam main closet.


    Video: Paris Hilton meets fans in South Korea


    Paris Hilton interview by W Magazine about the Glam App

    Reported by W Magazine

    Paris Hilton is nothing if not a jack of all trades—model, DJ, singer, beauty mogul, and now tech investor. On Tuesday, it was announced that Hilton has signed on as an investor and partner to the Glam App, a mobile tool founded by hair and makeup artist Joey Maalouf. Kind of like Postmates but for beauty, it allows users to book a number of services, from hair to makeup to nails, on demand. “The Glam App is the beauty app of the future,” said Hilton. “You can have top-tier beauty artists come and get you ready. For me especially, with my busy schedule, I don’t have time to drive to a hair and nail salon before an event. It makes my life so much easier.” Of course, Hilton’s blonde locks and glossy lip has been a signature for well over a decade. Here, Hilton breaks down her new role, and shares some of her best beauty tricks.

    How did you get involved with the Glam App?

    I’ve been a client of the Glam App for four years. I first discovered it through a few of my friends that were using the app and tagging them on Instagram, so I downloaded it and had a full glam team at my house within an hour—and had my hair, makeup, and nails done. I thought it was the most genius idea and immediately fell in love. We eventually ended up speaking and I told them I wanted to be a partner and invest in the company. This is such an exciting project for me and I’m so pumped to be launching today.

    What does your role entail at the Glam App?

    I am a partner and investor, but I also help to come up with creative ideas with the team. Like the new VVIP feature that we’ve added onto the app, which is higher-tier stylists and includes my favorite glam people that I’ve personally used over the years that have joined the app. Also being the face of the Glam App and doing events for the brand. I love anything to do with tech. I love being a CEO and businesswoman, so to have this be a part of my brand is a dream come true. I’m so excited for this new chapter. It’s the perfect addition to my beauty empire because it taps into everything that I’m currently doing with beauty, tech, entertainment—it’s the perfect fit as we get to use my skin-care and beauty lines that I recently launched. Beauty is something I am very passionate about.

    Read the rest of the interview here.


    Video: Paris Hilton talks about the new Glam App