Paris Hilton to launch her new False Eyelash and Press-On Nail lines

    Paris Hilton was at a photoshoot today for her upcoming False Eyelash and Press-On Nail lines.

    Posted: September 23rd, 2009
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    Paris Hilton’s new single will be released around Christmas time

    In a new video, Paris Hilton told paparazzi that her album will be released in a few months and that the new single will be out around Christmas time.

    Check out the video! A couple of fans meet Paris Hilton and a sing a little song for her! It’s worth watching the whole clip!

    Thanks to Nathan!

    Posted: September 21st, 2009
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    Episode five of Supernatural will air on October 8

    Episode 5: Fallen Idol (Paris Hilton guest stars) | October 8 | 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET | CW TV |

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    Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) decide to start hunting together again and their first case leads them to a small town whose inhabitants are being killed by famous dead icons like Abraham Lincoln and James Dean’s car. However, after two teenage girls come forward and claim their friend was kidnapped by Paris Hilton (in a cameo role as herself), the brothers aren’t sure what they are hunting anymore. Jim Conway directed the episode written by Julie Siege (#505).

    Posted: September 21st, 2009
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    Hallmark wants court to dismiss Paris Hilton case

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    Lawyers for Hallmark Cards Inc. asked the full 9th Circuit to rehear a decision last month allowing Paris Hilton to move forward with a publicity-rights claim over the use of her image and catchphrase, “that’s hot,” in a birthday card.

    In a petition for rehearing filed Friday, Hallmark argued that the card qualifies for First Amendment protection as a spoof on the hotel heiress and her trademarked phrase.

    The card shows a cartoon waitress transposed with a photo of Hilton’s head. The cartoon Hilton tells a customer, “Don’t touch that, it’s hot?” The customer replies, “What’s hot?” and Hilton responds, “That’s hot.” The caption below the scene reads, “Paris’s First Day as a Waitress.”

    Hilton accused Hallmark of lifting the concept from her reality TV show, “The Simple Life,” in which she and friend Nicole Ritchie, who had a similarly privileged upbringing, do things an average person might do, such as work at a fast-food restaurant.

    A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit refused to dismiss the case in late August, saying Hilton “has at least some probability of prevailing on the merits” at trial.

    Hallmark attorney Lincoln Bandlow of Lathrop & Gage said the ruling departs with precedent by “incorrectly limiting and failing to properly apply” the transformative use test.

    “The Opinion’s conclusion is also contrary to well-established law under which parodies and spoofs of other works are regularly deemed transformative and protected by the First Amendment,” Bandlow wrote.

    He quoted Chief Judge Kozinski’s concern about courts giving celebrities a “right to keep people from mocking them or their work.”

    “The Opinion does exactly that,” Bandlow said, “in direct conflict with numerous decisions by this Court and others, and to the detriment of the fundamental right of free speech.”

    Posted: September 21st, 2009
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    Paris Hilton goes grocery shopping in LA for her BBQ party

    Posted: September 20th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton’s second album “sounds amazing”

    Yesterday, Paris Hilton was in the studio working with her voice coach Roger Love in preparation of her upcoming music album.

    According to X17, a source close to Paris said:

    “Paris is preparing for album #2. She’s super excited about it and the stuff she’s started working on sounds amazing! There is NO question she’s going to have another hit off this album, just like ‘Stars Are Blind’ was from the first one.”

    And who’s Roger Love? I’ll let Scot answer that question:

    “I looked him up and I was quite shocked to see who he had worked with. The first person on his site I noticed was Missy Higgins who is really quite big in Australia. She has an absolutely gorgeous, natural voice. Also reading up some more he was the one that helped Paris with Repo!”

    Roger also vocal coached the cast of Repo! and co-produced the vocal performances for the soundtrack.

    Posted: September 18th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton interviewed by T5M

    As a bonus:

    Posted: September 17th, 2009
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