Paris Hilton was misled by talent promoters

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    The bosses of top store Mediastar, where Paris Hilton was supposed to appear on September 12th to choose the winner of a contest, are suing Paris for $7.3 million and now it looks as if others she let down are following suit.

    German newspaper Bild reports a $34 million class action suit is planned.

    Michael Marx, who organized the events in Germany, tells the publication:

    Mediastar is not alone with the lawsuit. Paris Hilton also pulled out of appearances in Italy, postponed flights, threw the whole program over. After examination of all the facts and contracts it (suit) can even become more than ($34 million).

    What really happened

    A spokesperson for Paris says:

    There are a number of inaccurate reports and stories circulating about Paris Hilton’s recent trip to Germany and Italy that we would like to correct.

    Miss Hilton was visiting Europe as part of a business agreement with talent promoters Pietro Tavallini and Simone Oliboni’s Euro Fashion Management SRL for which Miss Hilton had agreed to make two nightclub appearances in Italy, appear on the Italian beauty pageant “Miss Italia” and make a personal appearance at one nightclub in Germany. The agreement clearly stated that the venues would be nightclubs with a straightforward personal appearance.

    On arriving in Germany Miss Hilton’s security visited the ‘night club’ booked for the appearance and discovered it was a strip club, the venue had been misrepresented to Miss Hilton by the talent promoters. Miss Hilton does not support or endorse strip clubs and this type of establishment. Given this blatant and exploitive misrepresentation, the promoters were in material breach of their contract and Miss Hilton was, consequently, excused from further obligation to appear and instead remained in the privacy of her hotel. Any other reports of events from this night are fabricated and false.

    Miss Hilton did honor the remainder of her agreement with the promoters and attended the additional three events in Italy. One of the night club appearances was part of a gay rights rally, a topic Miss Hilton has always openly supported and has regularly voiced her support and love for her gay fans around the world. Miss Hilton was fully supportive of the event and any other reports are exaggerated.

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    Exposed: 10 Years in Hollywood by photographer Mark Liddell

    Written by Exposed: 10 Years in Hollywood

    Exclusive photos of Paris Hilton and interview will be released in the new book by top photographer Mark Liddell.

    “Exposed: 10 Years in Hollywood” is due out in Oct 09 and available on and

    The book features over 65 of todays top celebrities and is raising funds for Women’s Domestic Abuse and Suicide Prevention for teens.

    Liddell has shot all Hiltons perfume campaigns including the new perfume “Siren.”

    Read the press release about the new book here.

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    Paris Hilton in trouble for dishonoring appointments and contracts by Mediastar?

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    Paris Hilton is at the center of a legal spat in Germany after reportedly pulling out of a series of events she was scheduled to attend on Friday and Saturday.

    Promoters booked the socialite to appear at a number of industry events in Frankfurt, but mysterious circumstances led to Hilton refusing to leave her hotel room in the city. She then reportedly flew to Italy early on Saturday to judge a beauty pageant, snubbing one party she was supposed to attend with Frederic Prinz von Anhalt’s adopted son Marcus.

    Sources tell German newspaper Bild that Hilton pulled out of her scheduled appearances due to an argument with her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, suggesting the hotel heiress was instructed not to attend the Saturday night event because it was being held in an erotic table dancing club.

    Michael Marx, the organizer of one party at top club Mediastar, tells the publication, “Paris Hilton has dishonored all appointments and contracts – the dinner with 18 high-ranking guests, the appearance at the bar, the autograph session at Mediastar. We are incredibly disappointed.”

    Mediastar bosses are seeking legal action against Hilton and her handlers.

    A spokeswoman for the socialite had not replied to WENN’s request for a comment by press time.

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    Paris Hilton didn’t attend Marcus Prinz von Anhalt’s club

    I recently received an email from someone who wanted to know why Paris Hilton didn’t attend Prinz von Anhalt’s club. I don’t have an answer for the question. This is information I got from his email:

    On the evening when Paris was supposed to show up at the club, the “prince” von Anhalt said that she was “drunk” and went to bed early, so she couldn’t make it.

    The next day, she was booked by Mediastar for an event. Some worker explained that she was upset by von Anhalt’s behavior and decided not to show up. Another announcement explained that there were some issues with security guards. It was also said that she was feeling sick and that she would later show up. At a press conference, people were told that the organizers had no clue why she was a no show.

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    Old video: Paris Hilton unveils her handbag line at the Scandinavian Style Mansion

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    Paris Hilton promotes the fight against homophobia

    Paris Hilton showed her support for the gay community in Milan at the to Borgo del Tempo Perso.

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    Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell win the Boomerang Pet Personality award

    Press release: Paris and Tinkerbell celebrate Tweet battle by asking Cheryl and Buster out on a date

    Just like Paris, her pooch Tinkerbell can’t help but steal the limelight pawing her way to win the ‘Favourite Celebrity Pet’ category at today’s Boomerang Pet Personality Awards. Paris & Tink accepted the award via a live satellite feed from Los Angeles to the event in London:

    “Hi London. Thank you so much Boomerang for this fantastic award. If Tink could talk she’d say “That’s Hot”. Thank you again and Cheryl when you are next in the US with Buster, Tink would love to hook up”.

    Gnawing off competition from Her Royal Highness the Queen and her Corgis, Tinkerbell stormed to victory swiping up over 60% of the votes. Not even the nation’s favourite girl of the moment, Cheryl Cole, and her dog ‘Buster’, stood a chance.

    The landside was helped along by daily tweets from Paris urging fans to vote, Paris wrote: “Hey guys can u support me & Tink and vote us for this adorable award show?” with the link to the site

    If Cheryl Cole accepts the offier of a Tinkerbell and Buster meet, Boomerang has offered to pick up the check on their pooch meal.

    About Boomerang

    Boomerang offers an exciting mix of family favourite cartoons such as Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes and The Garfield Show, alongside movies that include Cats and Dogs, Willy Wonka and Dennis the Menace Strikes Again. Boomerang is available 24 hours a day on digital cable and satellite in the UK and has localised services throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (where it is available in 11 languages and in over 28 million homes.) Boomerang is operated by Turner Broadcasting System Europe, a Time Warner Company.

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