Paris Hilton shows us around her three closets and previews of her upcoming clothing line

    Posted: June 16th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton nominated for the Teen Choice Awards

    Paris Hilton has been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in reality/variety star category:

    List of nominees: Teyona Anderson, “America’s Next Top Model,” Lauren Conrad, “The Hills,” Paris Hilton, “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” and Kim Kardashian, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

    Fans can vote once per day at Teen Choice Awards.

    Posted: June 16th, 2009
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    Inside of the mind of clueless Dubai residents

    So how do the Dubai people view Paris Hilton? Are they better informed about the Repo! actress than the average American? No, they’ve pretty much the same, maybe worse. Not much of an understanding! They’ve also absorbed and formed their opinions from watching the hateful media. One of them still thinks “all she does is party.”

    Asma Abu Baker, a 20-year-old Emirati student: “I am somewhat stuck between not caring and infuriated. I guess with her publicity and make-up, that is all she’s bringing to Dubai. But, it is not the good kind. She is not a good role model at all. Even before her arrival, you can see people following her lip gloss style and her blank look. When she actually comes here, I don’t know what will happen. Let’s hope she doesn’t stay for long! And that she doesn’t do any of her weird stuff she does back in America!”

    Mohammad Zeeshan, a 28-year-old Pakistani: “Quite exciting. Bumping into a celebrity is always nice. You never know what Paris Hilton will do. [She] lives in her own fantasy land, and has her own artificial bubble of life. If she’s still single when she comes here, I would be interested, but a BFF is another thing altogether!”

    Ana M. O’Reilly, a 34-year-old American: “[I’d] love to meet Paris. I wish they would allow older women to participate in the BFF show, so I could join, too. I wish she would come here more often. [She’s a] party animal and a cool chick, [but] all she does is party, which I like personally, but for a role model, she is not that great.”

    C.S. Sagoo, a 62-year-old British national: [She’s] outstanding and quite controversial. [I’m not] all that affected by her coming to Dubai. We have heard a lot of scandalous things about her from the press, whether they’re true or not, we can’t be sure. If they are true then she’s not a good role model. I don’t think her arrival would affect UAE as such, but a certain younger generation might want to go and see her, what she is wearing and all. But the mature majority of the public won’t be affected at all by her.”

    Svetlana F., a 35-year-old writer from India: “Her every move is being covered, what does that say about us and the society we live in? Not very positive, at all.”

    Credit: Gulf News

    Posted: June 14th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton’s first activity in Dubai

    Written Eye of Dubai

    Paris Hilton’s date with Dubai gets off to a clubbing start as she attends her first public social event on Wednesday, 17th June 2009 at the launch of The Bed Lounge at the InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City.

    The party will feature DJ’s Pierre Ravan and Danny Nevelle, and will also welcome the twenty contestants competing in Paris Hiltons own reality show to be her new BFF! (Best Friend Forever)

    A limited number of tickets will be available to the public, and can be purchased through Doors will be open from 20:00 onwards.

    The BED Lounge is a completely new venue which opens with three theme nights; Wednesday’s ‘Flo…’ featuring Danny Neville playing R&B and Hip Hop. Thursday’s ‘The Circus’ plays the latest in House by Pierre Ravan and Friday night brings with it the best of Asian Fusion.

    The BED Lounge is a joint venture between InterContinental Dubai Festival City and The Talent Brokers in association with Concept Events whose aim is to present an innovative and fresh approach to nightlife while promising to exceed all other clubbing experiences.

    The organizers reserve the right of admission, and only persons above the age of 21 years will be permitted entry.

    This event is brought to you by Splash and is organized and managed by The Talent Brokers in association with Concept Events.

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    Video: Paris Hilton’s surprise appearance on the Conan O’Brien show

    Posted: June 13th, 2009
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    Rex: A Show with Paris Hilton, Simon Rex and Jamie Presley

    Written by Ryan Brockington (NYPost)

    An online pilot called “Rex” was posted today, and Showtime better buy it or I’m gonna kidnap someones dog as ransom (Paris, I’m talkin’ to you).

    Created by Guy Shalem, who directed some episodes of Lifetime’s “Lovespring International,” the show centers around Simon Rex and his search to get back in the limelight. The brilliance of the show lives within the co-stars of the cast, and get this, Paris Hilton (as his fake girlfriend) is the best actor of all. Most people would argue that she may just be playing herself, but her comedic timing and delivery makes me want to take back every sassy quip I ever said about her.

    Thanks to Scot!

    Posted: June 12th, 2009
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    Video: Paris Hilton: Beyond The Tabloids

    Paris Hilton discusses the evolution of her brand and the real Paris. Interesting mini documentary!

    Posted: June 12th, 2009
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