Paris Hilton excited to start filming My Dubai BFF show

    In an interview, Paris Hilton also revealed that she is planning to release her sunglass, lingerie and swimsuit collection.

    Posted: June 9th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Check out Paris Hilton’s appearance as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

    The show airs on ABC, at 12:05/11:05c. Also, for those who have MTV, the second episode of My BFF 2 will air at 10pm, eastern time!

    Posted: June 8th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton interviewed about My BFF 2 by Reality Wanted

    Posted: June 7th, 2009
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    Video: Paris Hilton promotes My BFF 2 on the David Letterman show

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Posted: June 6th, 2009
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    Video: Barbara Walters mimics the way Paris Hilton walks!

    Posted: June 5th, 2009
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    Inside the mind of Paris Hilton

    A really kewl video put up by TV Guide. Check it out!

    See what’s really on Paris Hilton’s mind as Reality Chat gives the heiress the Inside the Actor’s Studio treatment in this exclusive interview. Paris reflects on her trade mark phrase “That’s Hot”. She also reveals her new favorite and least favorite words in a TV Guide World Exclusive. Finally, she reveals to us what she would like to have god say to hear when she arrives at the pearly gates of heaven.

    Posted: June 4th, 2009
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    Apply for Paris Hilton’s My Dubai BFF!

    Written by Ahlan Live and Gulf News. Edited by PHS.

    [Paris Hilton] is still accepting applications from lovely ladies who are just dying to met her and become part of her glam life.

    More than 500 girls have already entered and have been whittled down to 20 by the lady herself, but the heiress is still on the lookout for more.

    Creative consultant Mary Ghobrial says paris and her team are looking for 50 girls in total who will be reduced to a final 12 – only one of which will be crowned Paris’ BFF and win a trip to LA to hang out with her.

    “We now have around 20 girls of different nationalities, including Arab, Asian and Western – a mix which nicely reflects Dubai’s cosmopolitan feel,” she said.

    “But we need more so Paris has a wide range of talent from the region.

    “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be best friends with one of LA’s finest, experience Hollywood glamour, but also learn life in the spotlight isn’t always as you’d think.”

    Producers have revealed they arealso on the lookout for people with plush pads to play host the star and her wannabe mates.

    Paris will land in Dubai with her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt and her entourage, including a business manager, two fashion stylists from LA, a hair stylist and make-up artist and security guards in tow.

    Filming will take place all over Dubai and will last approximately 20 days.

    Ghobrial added: “Contestants can expect lots of surprises, but we are certain nobody will be left disappointed. We don’t care how you look, its all about personality.”

    Open auditions have been held for the past two months at locations including The Four Seasons Golf Club, Dubai Festival City, where girls from all nationalities registered, underwent psychological exams before given a series of tests by the panel of judges.

    Potential BFFs are first required to record a message for Paris Hilton as to why they think they’ll be a good friend.

    “They need to show their personality, how they interact in the group, how they can make decisions, how they act under pressure, and what their special talents are,” says creative consultant Mary Ghobrial.

    “It’s not easy but if you really want to be involved, it’s worth it. It also helps to show a knowledge of Arab culture and Dubai in particular.” Those chosen will then return for a second day for a one-on-one interview with the executive producer and a psychologist.

    “If these parts are passed then a final screening is done which will go directly to Paris in LA so she can chose her favourites.”

    “Paris Hilton is a global phenomenon. Behind the celebrity is a genuinely sweet girl who wants to find her best friend on her trip in the Middle East,” [judge Jake Attwell] said. “I came here with a full team from LA and the UK to find the right girls.”

    Having worked on previous seasons with Lionsgate, the company producing the show, Atwell says the crew knows Hilton very well and know exactly what she’s looking for.

    “Our first job is to introduce Paris to girls with style, humour, intelligence, and who can share with her key tips of Arabic culture, and show her an exciting time in Dubai.”

    If you think you have a strong personality, you believe you have something to offer Paris Hilton – and bear in mind, she says she’s looking for REAL friends – then send e-mail to to apply. Contestants must be aged between 18 and 30 and auditions are only open to girls.

    Anyone who owns a fancy home, car or business which could add to Hilton’s experience in Dubai should send e-mail to at the earliest opportunity.

    Posted: June 4th, 2009
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