Download: Paris Hilton on the Turkish “Deal Or No Deal” game show

    Here’s the full episode of Paris Hilton on the Turkish “Deal Or No Deal” game show. Note that the episode is in Turkish, and its length is more than two hours long, so you might want to skip some parts. Paris speaks in English, but the hosts translates her comments in Turkish. There are some parts where there is no audio, this is normal.

    The video is in FLV format, so you need an FLV player to watch it. I included the setup of a FLV player in case you need one. But you can also find other FLV player on the internet.

    As always, the password of the .zip file is:
    Thanks to FullDizi.

    Click here to download [285 MB]

    Posted: June 1st, 2009
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    Video: Paris Hilton promotes My BFF 2 on the View

    Today, Paris Hilton was on the View to promote the second season of the successful reality show My BFF, which will air tomorrow night. The quality sucks, but the video is very watchable!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Posted: June 1st, 2009
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    Paris Hilton shooting a commercial for “The Ultimate Brush” in Malibu

    Posted: May 30th, 2009
    Comments: 6

    Promotional picture of the new Siren fragrance

    Thanks to Paris89Hilton (Ilaria)!

    Posted: May 29th, 2009
    Comments: 8

    A little video of Paris Hilton in Cannes

    A silly, but somewhat fun video of Paris Hilton in Cannes. Don’t pay attention to the narrator. He’s just saying dumb things.

    Posted: May 29th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton reveals more about her upcoming music album

    Paris Hilton told a few comments about her second album to MTV:

    I just talk about, you know … about things that have happened in my life — about friendship, it’s about love, you know, about certain instances in my life, and I think that people will get a really good insight on me and how I think.

    You know, they’re not all fast songs, there’s some, like, slow songs in there as well, but most of the songs are fast because I love going to clubs and I love that world.

    I love Kylie Minogue and I’m really inspired by her.

    [Only US members may view the video below]

    Posted: May 28th, 2009
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    News coverage about one of the new My BFF 2 contestants, Amanda Narcise

    Journalist Nicole Brewer introduces you to the local woman who could become Paris Hilton’s New BFF!

    Posted: May 28th, 2009
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