“Hills” stars: Paris Hilton should apologize for “fake” comments

    According to MTV News, “Hills” stars Frankie Delgado and Stephanie Pratt attacked Paris Hilton for claiming that the show is fake.

    Apparently, Paris Hilton told US Magazine: “[Doug Reinhardt] doesn’t even want to be a part of it. They make up relationships when they’re not there, and he just thinks it’s lame. I’ve never seen the show in my life. I have no idea what it’s about. But he just thought it was cheesy.”

    Pratt replied: “Doug’s not even on the show, so I don’t even understand that. And in real life he is friends with those boys, so it’s not fake. I would never call her show dumb, so I think she should apologize.”

    “She knows that it’s not fake. It’s not fake at all. It’s a real show. It’s as real as it gets. There’s no way to create that kind of drama. Nothing can even be scripted like that. Things do happen and they happen for a reason […] She should understand it’s all entertainment. It’s all business … Paris, it’s all business.”

    Posted: May 28th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton to appear on a Turkish show!

    Paris Hilton will appear on a Turkish show on Sunday night, according to this promo video.

    Does anyone know if Paris Hilton recently visited Turkey or something? This is a bit weird. I understand Turkish, and I can tell you the host in this video is definitely speaking in Turkish!

    Posted: May 28th, 2009
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    Scott Lazerson talks about Paris Hilton’s charity work in an interview

    Here’s an old video of Scott Lazerson, Interface Foundation Charity founder, interviewing Paris Hilton and mentioning some of her charity work. This interview was done at the┬áLeeza Gibbons 2008 Oscar Night at Mr. Chow’s.

    Posted: May 28th, 2009
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    One of the My BFF 2 contestants, Elena Miglino, speaks up about the new season

    Elena Miglino, one of the new contestants of My BFF 2, which premieres on June 2, said in an article: “The thing we do in the show is definitely crazy. You’ll just have to watch the show to find out what they were.”

    She also added: “Paris seems like such a cool person. She’s so sweet, and every time I see her on TV, she makes me laugh. She’s so pretty and smart, smarter than people give her credit for. She’s this huge empire, with perfumes, shoes and clothing. Who wouldn’t want to be her friend?”

    Read more of her comments here.

    Posted: May 28th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton receives the “Female Celebrity Fragrance Of The Year” award

    So I was wrong. Paris Hilton just received the “Female Celebrity Fragrance Of The Year” award at by the Fragrance Foundation at the US FiFi Awards. More Paris Hilton news ahead, stay tuned.

    Posted: May 28th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton heading to Dubai next month

    According to AhlanLive.com, Paris Hilton is getting ready to start filming My BFF in Dubai next month.

    She is planning to stay in the Intercontinental, Festival City, during filming.

    She said: “I cannot wait. I’ve never been to Dubai, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

    Posted: May 26th, 2009
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    Old video of Paris Hilton working on pre-debut album songs + listen to an unreleased song

    Breaking News!

    Check out this very kewl video of Paris Hilton working in a music video and listening to her old songs. This video must have been filmed before she officially started recording her debut album “Paris.” It must have been during the time when she was recording a rock album, which means sometime between the first and second seasons of the Simple Life.

    Listen to a sample of an unreleased song. And see a bit of Paris’ drawing work!

    Posted: May 25th, 2009
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