Paris Hilton drops LydianCoin endorsement?

    Reported by Cyptocoins News

    Paris Hilton has begun to distance herself from the controversial LydianCoin initial coin offering following reports that the CEO of the startup’s parent company is embroiled in potential legal trouble.

    Earlier this month, hotel heiress and reality television star Paris Hilton tweeted that she was “looking forward to participating” in the LydianCoin ICO, preempting skeptical comments by adding the hashtag: #ThisIsNotAnAd.

    The company set a $100 million goal for its token sale. While far below the record, this is still a significant sum. Luckily for the developers, the endorsement had the desired effect. Hilton’s tweet put the little-known LydianCoin ICO on the map, and the company began to garner mainstream media attention.

    However, this media attention has also shed light on some issues the company might have preferred stay hidden. As reported in Forbes, Gurbasksh Chahal–CEO of Gravity4, LydianCoin’s parent company–is entangled in several serious legal situations. Three years ago, he pleaded guilty to domestic violence. He is currently facing jail time for violating the terms of that probation by allegedly assaulting another woman, along with four harassment and discrimination lawsuits from former employees (Chahal denies the allegations).

    These revelations have raised ethical questions for many investors, but they also have economic implications. If Chahal does go to jail, there will be a direct impact on the company’s operations. Moreover, Forbes states that three of the former employee lawsuits list Gravity4 as a co-defendant, which could potentially set the company back even further.

    Aside from Gravity4’s legal issues, questions have been raised about whether LydianCoin actually solves a problem. By the company’s own admission, Lydian tokens can only be used to purchase services from cloud marketing firm Gravity4. These services can already be purchased with fiat currency, so it is unclear why a customer would go to the effort of obtaining Lydian tokens to purchase a service they can obtain through conventional means–for the same price. In fairness, though, this is a concern raised about a number of ICOs, not just LydianCoin.

    Amid this unfavorable environment–and speculation that celebrities who hawk token sales could be held legally responsible–Paris Hilton has quietly distanced herself from the LydianCoin ICO and has deleted her tweets about the so-called “Paris Coin.”

    Posted: September 27th, 2017
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    Paris Hilton still working on her upcoming projects

    In a new interview with the Inquisitr, Paris Hilton mentioned a few projects she has been working on lately:

    “I am constantly working on several projects simultaneously. I am about to release my 24th fragrance and am wrapping up work on my second album. I am also involved in writing my third book and am opening a hotel and my own real estate properties around the world. I am continually designing and creating for my 19 product lines and am currently working on a skincare line as well. I also have several tech projects that are in the works. I never stop, success is something that drives me in life.”

    Posted: September 23rd, 2017
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    YouTube star Emma Blackery wants to record a song with Paris Hilton

    Reported by The List

    YouTube phenomenon Emma Blackery wants a Paris Hilton collaboration after she followed her on Twitter.

    The YouTube star was catapulted into the spotlight after her EP artwork for ‘Magnetised’ – which was released in May 2016 – was unexpectedly shown during the launch of the new Apple iPhone X last week, and is hoping the interaction could lead to her working with the former ‘Simple Life’ star in the future.

    Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Emma, 25, said: “I grew up watching all of the shows she used to have.

    “She is an icon. It was one of the highlights of that day.”

    “If she is down for releasing a song together, her people can talk to my people. That would be nice.”

    Posted: September 18th, 2017
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    Video: Nicky Hilton’s comments on Paris being an aunt

    Posted: September 12th, 2017
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    Paris Hilton set to promote LydianCoin

    Reported by Bloomberg

    A decade after her hit reality TV show “The Simple Life” ended, socialite and perfume-purveyor Paris Hilton is embarking on a new venture. You might call it “The Crypto Life.”

    In a tweet on Sunday, Hilton said she was “looking forward to participating” in an initial coin offering run by LydianCoin Pte Ltd, which describes itself as a “utility-token that allows cryptocurrency-enabled purchasing of targeted, A.I. driven digital marketing and advertising services” to be operated and developed by Gravity4 Inc., an online advertising company.

    Such ICOs involve the sale of virtual coins based on the ethereum blockchain, similar to the technology that underpins bitcoin. Equity owners receive virtual tokens unique to the issuer, meaning returns are reliant on a given startup’s growth and liquidity potential.

    To critics of the booming world of ICOs, Hilton’s involvement is the latest example of a fad finance trend that has already seen the offerings raise $1.25 billion this year. To its supporters, it’s evidence of the networking effect that will quicken the development of ICOs.

    Lydian pointed out on Twitter that Hilton had a history of interest in ethereum, having dined — and instagrammed a picture of herself — with the blockchain company’s founders back in September 2016.

    Still, her timing may be, to riff off her old catchphrase, not that hot. Hours after tweeting her involvement in LydianCoin, China declared ICOs illegal. Meanwhile, U.S. regulators have said they have jurisdiction over ICOs, and companies that raise money through the sale of digital assets will have to adhere to federal securities laws.

    However, Hilton is far from the first celebrity to hype ICOs. Boxing star Floyd Mayweather and American rapper The Game have touted the diverse digital token sales over the past month alone.

    Posted: September 7th, 2017
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    Paris Hilton – Summer Reign (DJ Roger Summer Edit)

    DJ Roger Mancini recently reproduced Paris Hilton’s upcoming single “Summer Reign” using some of the snippets available online. This is not original full version!

    Posted: September 2nd, 2017
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    Paris Hilton fragrances continue to generate tens of millions of dollars in annual sales

    According to Business of Fashion, a source close to Parlux has revealed that Paris Hilton fragrances continues to generate $50 million in annual sales. The perfumes are especially popular in Mexico, Latin America and Asia. Parlux has been developing, manufacturing and distributing them since 2004.

    Posted: August 29th, 2017
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