Video Coverage: Paris Hilton at Macy’s St. Clair Square

    Update: Unreleased Repo! songs were sent to everyone who was qualified to receive them (charlies, your email doesn’t work, contact me).

    Posted: March 15th, 2009
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    Download the seventh episode of Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend

    A new episode airs on ITV2 every Thrusday at 9 p.m.
    Watch the episode online at (UK users only).

    The competition hots up as two contestants are in line to be eliminated, and emotions are running high as Paris tries to make her decision. The hopefuls face several challenges, including trying to attracting the hottest men they can. The socialite also has a secret method up her sleeve to find out who really wants to be her best friend.

    Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend – Episode 7 [XviD/AVI format, 350mb]

    Posted: March 15th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton to release a new album and star in new movies

    At Macy’s, St. Clair Square, where she promoted her latest fragrance Fairy Dust, Paris Hilton said her future projects include an album, a couple of films, a sunglass line and her clothing line.

    She also said to the media: “It makes me really happy to see people. Everyone I’ve met (on the fragrance tours) has been so sweet. There are a lot of misconceptions and people start cruel rumors. They don’t know me. If they would meet me in real life, they would see I am down to earth. I’ve built this (fragrance and clothing) empire on my own.”

    Check the article written by BND’s Jaime Ingle where she decides the signing event and reports comments made by fans.

    Posted: March 14th, 2009
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    Unreleased Repo! songs from the movie will be released privately

    I’ve decided to do a private release for the unreleased Repo! songs I wrote about last night. I don’t want to release them publicly, because the producers of the movie might decide one day to sell some of the songs to the public, and they’re still trying to make a profit.

    I repeat that these are only songs and instrumentals from the movie that weren’t included in the original and extended soundtracks. I worked on them a few weeks ago, and the collection turned out to be pretty kewl! It would be fun to share them with other Repo! fans from Paris Hilton Site.

    It will only be send to PHS fans who meet a certain criteria. You must have participated on PHS by having made at least 25 posts in the comment sections (or on the forum) in the last few months. And I have to be able to fully recognize your username and 150% trust you that you will not share the songs with others. If you’re not selected, don’t take it personally! I know some of you will still hate me for doing this, but I just want to reward those who have participated on PHS and who I’ve known for a long time! If you think you meet the criteria and want the collection, make a post below.

    The unreleased Repo! songs from the movie will be sent to the selected few sometime on Sunday night, Eastern time.

    So far, scot, Math M and Jaime are on my list.

    Posted: March 13th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend beats American Idol in ratings

    Ratings were low for channel ITV2, which hosts Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend, last Thursday night.

    The episode 7 of Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend attracted 355,000 viewers. A new American Idol episode, which was followed by the BFF episode, pulled in 320,000 viewers.

    The finale episode of Paris Hilton’s UK show will air next week.

    Posted: March 13th, 2009
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    A few more unreleased deleted Repo! scenes

    Breaking News!

    Two unreleased deleted Repo! scenes from the Blu-ray Disc were leaked on the internet. We’ve seen “Needle Through a Bug” and “Come Up and Try My New Parts,” but not “Buon Giorno” and “Graverrobber and Shilo escape,” which stars Amber Sweet! 😉

    You might want to fast forward to watch the new deleted scenes.

    Posted: March 13th, 2009
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    Repo! The Genetic Opera returns to US theatres

    Repo! The Genetic Opera is currently playing in UK theatres, but it will also return to US theatres, starting on Friday the 13th.

    The movie will be played in Street Jackson, Atlanta, Brookline, West Hollywood, Seattle, Chicago, Oakmont, Phoenixville and St. Toledo.

    Click here to check out the full list of cities and theatre names.

    Also, I need to ask something… I have 29 “unreleased” Repo! songs that were ripped from the movie. I, sort of, “professionally” edited them to make them sound like original songs. These are only songs that weren’t included in the original and extended soundtrack. I had to do this, because I love Repo! music. I was thinking about releasing them on PHS, but I’m not sure if I should… Or maybe, I can send a copy to a few selected fans who really want them and promise not to share them with anyone else. What do you think? The list of songs include: Limo Ride, Who Ordered Pizza and Aching Hour.

    Posted: March 12th, 2009
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