Paris Hilton goes undersea in Maui!

    Paris Hilton checked out the undersea world, during her stay in Maui:

    The Sun

    Posted: March 12th, 2009
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    Meet Paris Hilton at Macy’s at St. Clair Square this Saturday!

    Paris Hilton will be at Macy’s at St. Clair Square this Saturday (March 14th) to promote her latest fragrance Fairy Dust. It is located in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

    The first 300 customers, who buy the fragrance or a Paris Hilton package at the store, will get the chance to meet the Repo! actress.

    You can also reserve your purchase by calling 618-624-2000 ext. 3306.

    For more details, watch the video below!

    Posted: March 9th, 2009
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    Las Vegas crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to Paris Hilton

    Posted: March 9th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton interview on the Ellen Show (March 9, 2009)

    Paris Hilton vists the Ellen Show to promote the new season of Paris Hilton’s BFF.

    Posted: March 9th, 2009
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    Preview of Paris Hilton on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

    Paris Hilton is one of the guests on tomorrow’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    Posted: March 8th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton sings and dances to Stars Are Blind at Las Vegas birthday party

    Posted: March 8th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton Clothing line launched in the United Kingdom

    Fashion agent Terry Bates Agency is bringing the Paris Hilton Clothing Line label to the UK as the latest addition to Bates’s stable of young
    fashion brands.

    The Paris Hilton collection includes denim, jerseys, shirts, knitwear, T-shirts and dresses, as well as accessories including belts, caps, gloves and hats.

    A spokeswoman for Terry Bates said the range had been developed to target a wide age range of women from teens upward, with its mix of sophisticated and bright, playful pieces.

    Outerwear is a focus for the launch season, including milk white, 1960s-inspired silhouettes and colourful down jackets. The collection includes smart casual items as well as more glitzy styles, with T-shirts and vest tops embellished with motifs.

    Denim includes skinny and bootcut styles.

    By Drapers Online

    Posted: March 6th, 2009
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