Download the sixth episode of Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend

    A new episode airs on ITV2 every Thrusday at 9 p.m.
    Watch the episode online at (UK users only).

    The remaining hopefuls must prove to Paris that they can be sexy without being slutty, as they test their flirting skills on Calum Best. Plus, they have to come up with an idea for a photo shoot featuring themselves and Paris, but there is trouble in store when two of the contestants fall out. Who will be eliminated?

    Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend – Episode 6 [XviD/AVI format, 349mb]

    Posted: March 5th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton comments about her scrapbooking line

    Extra footage of an old interview:

    In other news, Paris Hilton is inviting you to her birthday bash at the club Body English, inside the Hard Rock Hotel, in Las Vegas. The party is this Saturday, March 7th.

    Posted: March 5th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton finds a new boyfriend: Doug Reinhardt

    Paris Hilton confirms she’s no longer single:

    Posted: March 5th, 2009
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    Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack Deluxe CD back on Hot Topic!

    The extended soundtrack of Repo! The Genetic Opera in physical format is now available again for purchase on the Hot Topic’s website.

    If you plan to buy the new CD, you can save $10 by entering this special promo code during checkout: BDAY09HT

    The code was supposed to expire on March 1st, but it looks like it’s still working fine!

    Finally, the extended soundtrack is still not available on Amazon.

    What an extremely disorganized release, though!

    Posted: March 4th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton’s My New BFF 2: auditions have ended

    Brett Lazar, a casting associate for MTV, reported on the production process of the second season of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF:

    Just as I thought, the castings were a great success. The turnout was amazing, as the lines of hopefuls coated the sidewalks before they were allowed to enter the venues. The individuals who were auditioning were filled with excitement and were composed of very diverse individuals which always makes for good television, ESPECIALLY for reality shows. A lot of great pictures were taken and the interviews ran smoothly and according to plan. We were able to sign up a ton of people who were unique in their own ways which was great. Now, the next step is to take all of the footage and interviews we had compiled and bring it over to MTV. There, we will vote on who we think has what it takes and eliminate those who we feel do not. When this list is complete we will send it over to Paris herself, where her and her team will take a look at her potential cast members. We will then wait on her approval, and lastly contact the finalists and give them the details of the next steps that will be taken.

    Click here to learn more about the production of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF 2.

    Posted: March 4th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (March 2, 2009)

    Posted: March 3rd, 2009
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    Paris Hilton wins an award from the Fragrance Foundation

    Parlux Fragrances, Inc announced today that the Board of Directors of The Fragrance Foundation (the “Foundation”) have chosen Paris Hilton as their celebrity of the year. Ms. Hilton has agreed to accept this award, the first of its kind, on May 27th, 2009 in New York City, at the Foundation’s Annual FiFi® Awards.

    Neil Katz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Parlux, said, “We are extremely pleased that Paris has been selected for this initial prestigious award. Parlux has recently renewed its fragrance license with Ms. Hilton for an additional 5-year period and we look forward to the continued success of this brand.”


    Posted: March 2nd, 2009
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